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  • Posted by LadyNeptune
    What did she do to you?

    That’s not the case in my telling here really, but she treated me bad for real.
  • Tell me how you react on people close to you disrespecting and hurting you? In situations like this one with my cousin, I withdraw and become silent! I can’t even feel love when I look at her anymore. I feel nothing and her reaction to me these couple of months is me being aloof. She told me she’s sorry and that she knew what she was doing at the time??? Who the hell does that tho😒 It’s like.. the heart I had for people before, we can never fix a relation because I literally lost the lust to ever try to get back what we had or try on a new path with them and I also can’t feel sad that we’re not talking I just keep on going but she obviously hangs around cuz our families do but i’m not talking to her because when she acted the way she did for months I literally was trying and when I got butter back for no sparkle motion reason she disappeared from my mind and heart. 🌹
  • Our houses and planets are great when it comes to difference and similarities.
  • Thanks guys🌹
  • Posted by LadyLuna19
    For the geminis I've dated, I would be blunt with them and their expectations and oddly enough they enjoyed it? The ones I was serious with enjoyed that I wasn't their doormat

    Lol we never had that kinda problem, someone being the doormat.
    We both not only him tho, I know genom guys that are and have been in relationships with my friends and they this way too. I know they gotta feel comfortable well me too. But it kinda never happened so both of us acted this way in the end even more. He could show me
    Love when he wanted to though. It’s a really weird behaviour I can’t explain it better than this.
  • I do this, not all the time though. I don’t feel bad about it afterwards, It’s not a priority among other stuff, when it comes to hanging around with friends. There may be a reason for not saying goodbye like if i’m about to miss my bus then I just say that I can’t miss it then leave. And I also walk away when nobody notice, not planned though!😅 sometimes it could be that I wanna leave or have to so I chat w them and then leave so it’s not a ”why did she just leave” It goes along with the conversation. Other times I just don’t mind it, I just walk away and none of my friends ever complain about it, they notice i’m not there anymore but it’s not a commitment, I don’t wanna feel that with alot of people so it plays out by actions or words by me in some situations. It may be a different thing how they felt about me leaving without saying goodbye but I don’t know.
  • Posted by bkbella86
    I can get lost in love but I can’t seem to find someone who can too. My relationships haven’t been too deep or satisfying. I still want to get married one day though. I need someone who is passionate like me. Otherwise it’s just boring.

    Please do😅 I like to read stuff I can relate to!
  • Note: i’m also passive-agressive as a person. But I can think smarter when it comes to someone i’m involved with, if I really care I can in the beginning get the problem out of the way by discussing but it all comes down to how you behave in problem solving situations. How mature u are with your conversation.
  • Posted by Lioness18881
    What's your venus and do you relate to the corresponding description below? Is your venus reflective of your recovery time and it's description, or are you more like your sun or moon in this regard?

    Capricorn (December 22-January 19)
    Breakup recovery time: 1 – 2months

    Being a level headed Capricorn means that you approach a break up like you would anything else in life; you recognize your heartbreak and acknowledge it, but choose not to dwell on it. You take time to grieve for the relationship, but at the same time you find a way to balance that with things that make you happy. You either hide them on social media or delete and block them, whatever makes it easier for you. You make sure that you are taken care of, instead of what would make them the happiest.

    Aquarius (January 20 to February 18)
    Breakup recovery time: 3 months

    You have somehow managed to perfect the art of ignoring your feelings and compartmentalizing them. You refuse to acknowledge your true hurt and anger, and continue on with your life. You chose to ignore your pain, and distract yourself the best you can with anything else in life. This ultimately leads to you feeling that you are over it, and then suddenly it is back at the forefront of your mind.

    Pisces (February 19 to March 20)
    Breakup recovery time: 1 – 2 months

    You manage to be very open and honest with those close to you about what went wrong in your relationship and this in turn helps you recover relatively quickly. You have no problem admitting how you really feel and spend a lot of time talking about your feelings and thoughts with your friends; this in turn allows your heart to heal and your mind to grasp everything that happened.

    Aries (March 21-April 19)
    Breakup recovery time: 9 days

    As an Aries, you do not want to give yourself time to even think about the break up, much less grieve over it. Whenever you find yourself becoming sad or broken, you find it easier to keep yourself moving, believing that if you sit still for too long you will begin to dwell on the relationship and what went wrong. You find yourself constantly on the move, seeing friends, redecorating, reconnecting with old associates. You do not give your heart the choice to do anything but adapt and adjust.

    Taurus (April 20-May 20)
    Breakup recovery time: 10 months

    You know intense emotions of any kind like the back of your hand. However, you are not so sure what to think or how to deal with the break up emotions. It takes you a while to figure out how to handle them, and in this time you feel the past is going to take over your life. You remember the good and the bad, but you really seem to focus on the past in general. You just keep wanting things to “go back to the way they were,” which leads to you living in the past. Face forward and it will get better.

    Gemini (May 21-June 20)
    Breakup recovery time: 6 months

    A Gemini is known for their two sided personalities and this is one of those instances that it comes in handy. One part of you is broken over the lost relationship, while the other side is convincing those near and dear to you that you are perfectly fine. The downside to this? You spend so long trying to convince yourself that you are over the relationship and keeping your feelings and heartbreak internalized you get in the way of your own healing. Handle your emotional health and things will go so much smoother.

    Cancer (June 21-July 22)
    Breakup recovery time: 2 – 3 months

    You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve and your feelings run deeper than anything else in life. You tend to allow your heartbreak to be out in the open and don’t try to hide your emotions. You are able to move on quickly because you talk about what happened and allow others to know how you are feeling. This is surprising considering how head strong you are, but you will be better before you know it.

    Leo (July 23-August 22)
    Breakup recovery time: 3 weeks

    Leos are known to not allow themselves to wallow in self-pity or depression for long periods of time. As soon as your relationship ends you seem to be able to focus on things that improve you and your life as opposed to what went wrong in your relationship. You know that having a pity party is not going to help you at all, so you find some friends who will bring you up and go out and have fun.

    Virgo (August 23-September 22)
    Breakup recovery time: 9 months

    As a Virgo you seem to believe that no matter what happened to cause the break up, that ultimately everything is your fault. You seem to tell yourself that since your relationship failed this time it will fail again, and you resign yourself to being forever alone. This hinders the healing process, and ultimately makes it even harder to recover. You want to turn to friends or family, but feel guilty about bringing them into this situation. Eventually you do seem to get better little by little, day by day, but it takes you forever it seems.

    Libra (September 23-October 22)
    Breakup recovery time: 6 months

    Oh, Libra, you seem to let your feelings take over your life and lead you to feeling lost all the time. You are completely indecisive on how to handle your feelings and thoughts. You don’t seem to be able to find the best course of action for you to get over the break up. You let your thoughts wander to what your partner is feeling and wondering if they have found someone new instead of focusing on you and your feelings and thoughts. This leads you to taking a longer time to get over the break up.

    Scorpio (October 23-November 21)
    Breakup recovery time: 1 year

    You are one of the worst people to get over anything that upset you. Dealing with a breakup for anyone makes you feel totally out of place, but a Scorpio internalizes everything and does not want to admit their feelings or thoughts. Instead of facing the pain and problems you go through a period of rash decisions and closing yourself off from things that make you happy. You feel that you deserve the pain and that it is something that makes you ashamed and unable to recognize not everything is your fault. This makes getting over the break up last that much longer.

    Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)
    Breakup recovery time: 2 days

    A Sagittarius seems to be able to give themselves space to grieve while also making an effort to get past it. You find small ways to bring yourself back up, while not forcing yourself to move on at the same time. You have no problem going out with your friends and treating yourself all the while accepting the changes in your life. You roll with the punches and keep pushing on. Every sign wishes they had the ability to get over a breakup like a Sagittarius.

    Sun sign in Aries kinda right, and Venus in pisces is right too! 😄
  • Posted by aroolibra
    So any Aries woman I've dated has been able to move on so quickly. I just personally can't move on so quickly.

    The way I've seen all of the ones I've dated move on, like the relationship was another Monday. Very chill about it.

    It depends on your behaviour and how you made us feel which makes us wanna end up far away from your company all together. And we forget about you but it’s all on you and the situation for me. Because if i’m not in control of something or someone’s behaviour that needs change we leave it. That’s usually it for me.
  • 😊
  • Posted by Berzerker
    what is your birthday? because i feel i work way easier with march aries

    I’m march in Aries👌🏼
  • Posted by AerialView
    Posted by Berzerker
    i think that is the reason why it's interesting 😁, "bad love" can make things hotter

    I might be wrong but I've never seen Aries woman asking about taurus man here vice versa.
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    I’m an Aries, been asking about Taurus guy on here😊
  • TENSE🤯
  • Posted by The_Mad_H8R
    How do you measure up to your sun sign?

    I got the air sign Libra, wrong cuz i’m an Aries though my moon sign is in Libra
    My element is fire not air as I got
    Quality said Cardinal which I am (Aries) smile
  • Posted by tiziani
    Seriously, stop texting and instant messaging. It kills everything. By the time you are done he won't even won't to see your name on his phone screen. Take up the offer to use the phone while it's still civil. Unless you just don't want it to work.

    We don’t text or send instant messages. That’s not how we work. 😒
    I want it to work but I don’t wanna tell him over the phone how I feel like he’s reacting to stuff and why and what we still have to keep in mind. The circumstance. I don’t think he thinks for later he just thinks for now. I mean come on u gotta think furthur. The circumstance is what it is..
  • I mean I see right through that behaviour.
  • Posted by MoonshineLeo
    Posted by JJ4568
    Posted by MoonshineLeo
    Sucks when you feel like you cant be yourself around a guy you really like, as a aries moon i totally relate to this

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    Idk how old you are but as you get older you’ll know when to tone down your fire, a lot of people won’t like all that fire and you will have to simply respect that and send them on their way. Don’t change yourself the right person will like all of you even when you’re being extra lol chin up! click to expand
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    20. Yeah I kinda get what u mean even tho thats what I already stand for but when u wrote that it sucks when you feel like you can’t be yourself around a guy you really like because of reasons u can’t do anything about. Even though we’re more like 90% ourselves w each other mixed with some goofyness I feel like those 10% is all this in this thread. There’s nothing to do about it so u gotta act all cool and have ur limits when it comes to staying friends. And that’s what hurt my heart a bit when I started thinking about that now.
  • Posted by MoonshineLeo
    Sucks when you feel like you cant be yourself around a guy you really like, as a aries moon i totally relate to this

  • Posted by tiziani
    Posted by JJ4568
    Posted by tiziani
    It looks to me like both of you are trying to prove something that isn't worth proving.

    He reacted like a prick to your video, obviously out of insecurity.

    And others are right, it's no point trying to get anyone, Taurus or any sign, to try and face their own bad reactions when they're not ready to be honest about why.

    But instead of just letting it slide and working towards what's good about you both, you are more concerned with getting him to keep his pants down with his vulnerabilities. In the end he will only resent you for that.

    Lol u got it all wrong, u think u some sort of behaviour psychologist tho? 😂 I won’t explain myself since this comment makes me realize that some people only understand with their level of perception so i’m being cautious 🌹
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    That's why I started off my post with "it looks to me like"

    Because I don't want to make the time to write in longhand. Just getting to the point of what I see. If it's wrong it's wrong. click to expand
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    Sounded more as a statement to me.