OP, we are still in da house...

If the Taurus is for you in the long run, do not take the advice above which states you need to be more "Libra with her"....

The libra men I have had to dealt with I had to amputate them ie cut their heads off....

Libra plays tooooo many games...
I LOVE my ascendant.. Leo but I despise my decendant aqua...
Posted by rockyroadicecream
I want to know why you can't spell Taurus right when it's right there at the top of the forum?

Also, you're not confused. You just refuse to see the reality of whatever it is that's going on- he's not into you.

Confused = almost always not into you.

Move on.

Lololololololol Lololololololol Lololololololol

I love you... Lol lol

The fact she is asking for "Taurus male" as if that is going to make a difference to her situation.

U are correct Rocky, confusion does mean "not into you" and 10 out of 10 times the OP's who say that know the brutal truth but yet they come here for some kind of validation which is simply wasting our time..

OP, Taurus is never confused. If we are into you, you would not have to ask...
Posted by TaurusBull1977
For Taurus Men
1. Create Financial Stability for them and their parnters.
2. Love
3. Potential for Longevity.

For Taurus Women
1. Love
2. Financial Stability
3. Potential for Longevity

It's difficult for Bulls to have one without the other.
We're Earth signs...AND Venusian signs.

Yes, that is definitely my bull and I
Possessive... Yes
Clingy.... No

There is a distinct difference

My Taurus bf is the same...
Posted by LazyK
Posted by gabriel4life
Virgo and taurus girls seems to boring to me, scorpio girls i find hot (only water sign i get along) but like capricorn girls, i am really attracted to leo girls too, sometimes geminis.

Capricorns are the single most boring sign of the entire zodiac.

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I totally agree... Pretty lifeless..

But the OP, unfortunately, has so much earth in his chart that a taurus like myself who has a lot of fire and air would find him way too dull..
Posted by jeane
mine embraces routine. absolutely loathes any sort of change to it.

it's actually worked in my favour. i realised all i needed to do to embed myself in his life is to become part of his everyday. now he can't get rid of me!

Posted by bebelou
on pretty much all websites, I read that Taureans love routine... I really dont agree, routine stresses me out, I like adventures, risk, change - I've also never had an actual comfort zone, mine has always been the uncomfort zone so... why are Taureans seen as enjoying routine so much?

Because astrology when you get deeper into it has us as set fixed and fixed means (non movement) routine. But what astrology does not delve into is placements. I think those of us with more fire and air placements as well as mutable placements will have more change and less routine than the earthy water tauruses.

My bull is very firey and airy as I am and he is far from routine...
Astrology lies...

I can't stand water energy other than scorp...
My Gemini Venus in Taurus friend however can eat till the cows come home. She is food obsessed collects recipes is always in the kitchen cooking and talks non stop about food. I call her "CG" aka "Carb Girl" ,,,
Posted by nanobyte

I dated a taurus once upon a time, and he was a big guy. He was 6'5, standing almost a foot taller than me, and "big boned" (he wasn't fat), and he would order these dainty little salads when he went out to eat. My go to.... burgers and fries but damn, not once did we ever go out to eat that they didn't put that little salad in front on me and the burger in front of him. It was hilarious!

Your bull sounds like me and my bull... I would eat a salad over carbs any given day of the week. I am very active and so is my bull. He's very athlethletic without an ounce of gat on him and I am proportioned, curvy and firm as I exercise about 2 hours of cardio every day...
I watch people eat but not out of joy but to see if they have bad table manners ie eating with their mouths open, sloppy noises etc. Which is totally nasty. Also how quickly they eat their food ie had etiquette
Posted by Mandy27
You go on a date & the guy lets you order your food first, as you observe him you realize he orders but doesn't order much food and only gets water you realize he only had enough cash to feed you and he used the rest of his cash for what ever he could afford for himself...

"Sweet or Lame"

Honestly.. What are you thinking ?!!

He dumb as well as lame and needs shooting...

Not the kind of guy id be dating as he is not open and upfront..

Posted by Virgo_m
He is totally gone, he changed 360 all of a sudden....

Virgo "analytical" mode is in da house...
Posted by youngali
He has hoes. He has to outgrow his just like me stage. All u can do is move on and let him. Live your life, don't wait on him... if things are meant to be then he'll come back around. And when he does... make him work for you.

Sags never outgrow their "hoe" stage... They are s(l)ags in their heart....
Posted by gabriel4life
yes it's strange at the same time i like stability my heart always want adventures, and new people and places to conquer.

I am a Taurus and i have a fire moon which is in Leo and my Taurus SO has a fire moon and has two other placements in sag..

The moon is the emotions so you will feel and have the traits of a sag sun person but will be stronger as it is the moon.

My bull is extremely outgoing, energetic and lively, travels alot and speaks five different languages.

We are very similar as I have my sun and mars conjunct in Taurus and in the 8th house and my 5th house is in Sagittarius. So I am also travel obsessed and have visited 21 countries and 61 locations....

My Taurus and I get on so well because of our firey parts. He also have a VIG and I have a Jupiter in Gemini. I get bored of situations and boring people.

I find the earth Taurus that I have been friends with for 27 years to be staid, lacking in energy, monotonous and boring. He has a Pisces moon. He is exactly one year older than me so we share similar traits but he is very earthy....

Fire is great.. Live life! There are big adventurous world out there.. Go and explore it

You are blessed with the stability of earth and the passion of fire...
Posted by Goodtimes
"They get along really well, he trusts her, he is open with her about his life and problems, he always helps her without asking (goes shopping with her, helps her around the house, picks her up and drives where necessary and etc), is very nice and kind with her, always keeps in touch, always a gentleman, asks her out, comes to see her, cooks for her, takes her on vacation and so on, but doesn't sleep with her, not had even kissed her... " THIS IS CALLED A FRIEND

Yes, this is what we have tried to tell the OP in all the other three threads she created.

It feels like a Taurus courtship, but the problem with a Taurus, unless you make your intentions clear, you get friend zoned. Once there, a Taurus will treat you as above as we care for our close friends male or female but don't expect to get out of being friendzoned...
OP, it doesn't matter how many different threads you try to open here the answers will remain the same..

I cannot do your job for you and if you spend that amount of time with the person but yet you are not OPEN enough to ask him then a Taurus is not for you!!

This Taurus you describe is not shy he has a harem ffs! If he was the slightest bit interested in you for more than friendship trust me he would have made a move on you by now!

Taurus hates weak people... U are too weak to even put your own mind at rest by asking him yourself. We cannot do that for you.

Based on your weakness, a Taurus is not for you...