I'll be matter of fact and cordial in texts when I feel obligated to respond, but I don't go out of my way to be fluffy or warm. Depends on my mood, but I don't typically like to be glued to my phone. Face to face is preferred so you hear my tone and get a better idea. With that, I think I sound more dry and serious in text. That's partly because I resist emojis and most of the acronyms (i.e. using lol if I actually laugh... usually). Call me out of touch, but I devote myself to more intimate settings.

There's just small windows of time where I can hold a conversation with ease and go toe to toe, but it takes a lot of preparation. Sometimes eons go by. I don't feel a need to prove anything or push my ideas; it's my prerogative and I do it when something compels me.
A yin/yang may be fitting, but maybe that's Sag territory
A fear of aging or a fear of irrelevance?

The first may soothed by healthy habits and the second by a certain self-perception and confidence to go against cultural expectations which makes the idea of relevance irrelevant.

I, for one, would like to be the 80-year old silverfox doing his usual saturday skydive.
Planets that trine/sextile the ascendant.

Their actions (mars)/personality (sun) connect easily with people.

1 month

1 month
More weird, less beards

(I wanted to look cool by adding a rhyme, carry on)
I had a biology professor in college who was very passionate about her field of study. She was quite enthusiastic and animated, arguably full of herself and demanding to those who didn't share the passion, but I admired her energy, much like many Leo women I've been around. I rather have someone who cares that much about teaching the stuff than anyone else.

She would proudly say how she'd jog 5 miles a day, show off her pictures of class field trips to various countries for charity work and how proud she is of her top students, plug her talks at these various seminars among authors and other dignitaries, and that she's read the textbook front to back (1400 pages) several times, among other grand feats. Again, it's probably a bit boastful and vain, but yet, she loves what she does and wants to share it (and bask in the appreciation I'm sure). When I straight up stopped her one day after class and found out her birthday (she already knew her sign, lol, she was two steps ahead of me), I just smiled, made small talk and we carried on.

So, I'd say a ride-or-die passion drives them.
heavy feelings are heavy. keep it casual and lively.

that's my inner aquarius.
So many opinions, so many ideas, growing more and more neutral (than I already was), very little in the way of debate when I can easily step in their world the more I listen. Don't be offset by my stare. I'm just listening; in fact, I think it may be a lost art. So I will listen. Everyone has a story.
I think solitude saves me a lot of trouble, mulling over things and getting in touch with myself before I jump into situations because I can be famously out of touch.
Anything in the 1st house is visible and plays a active role in the way you come off (and choose to carry yourself). A capricorn/1st house combo lends the usual Capricorn traits (self-controlled, self-deprecating, professional, pragmatic, etc.) to be the first things others see and also your default response to the world.