"You have to find out for yourself. Take the leap. Go as far as you can. Try staying out of touch. Become a stranger in a strange land. Acquire humility. Learn the language. Listen to what people are saying."
I admire your spirit in any form it takes. Be well.
just keepin' us on our toes

2 months
Those fish, they're good people
Find some friends or family tonight and make each other smile and do clumsy things (that make you all smile even more). Nothing that can't be cleaned up in the morn. Be well gang
I've had it several times and it's quite an experience to feel trapped in your own body for a moment. As soon as I am semi-awake and aware of this, I have to put conscious thought into regaining muscle control. I liken it to a car or a computer in the winter that's slow to boot up. Wild stuff.
As one stands at the edge of the world
Gazing all around at the past, present, and future
There's no reason not to dance
Listening closely to the stars will reveal beautiful music
In full arrangement it is more than the sum of its parts
The words are futile; the sounds, infinite.
i didn't know she covered this; good on her
oh the webs we weave. him being public with her isn't the same as being honest
He is quite an entertaining character. He did loosen up his guard a bit (just a bit) on Joe Rogan's podcast, since Joe was willing to give him a platform to have regular conversation, unlike his usual frantic self on his show.

Halfway in, as soon as he finished his theory of man merging with machine in order to feel better about themselves, he slips in the disclaimer along the lines of "i don't believe any of this stuff, i just relay what i'm told by high level operatives, etc etc." What a great hook after all that.

I think he enjoys telling his narrative and trained himself to believe a lot of things based on circumstantial evidence, but to make it a marketable business venture (as his show is, with the man pills and models touting his clothing), it's tempting to blow it up and exaggerate what may be sensible ideas by themselves.
I just watched the documentary he's in, good stuff
Be honest about what you want, what ideas you have. Let him mullet over. vice versa for any interests he'd like you to participate in. It may take some prodding to snap 'em out of the bubble. For the introverted among us who need to take it slow (while having plenty of time and space), perhaps plan something together in the house within a general time frame (no particular deadline so to ease the pressure of rising to the occasion when they're less than ready) where it's still within their comfort zone. And venture out from there. Baby steps.
If you all live together, I would think you spend quality time talking to him (and listening) on a usual basis. Learning the context of his moodiness. keyword listening.