I think that 'dark' side shows itself when there's not enough self-reflection about how one handles certain situations. Some decisions, big ones and small (disguised as big ones), really paint one's world-view and it's an ongoing thing, influencing every decision thereafter. Like those books that direct you to one page or another when choosing a path.

I think there's always some level of misleading going on and it's arguably OK on a certain level (white lies, living a double life, not always practicing what you preach, etc.), but the context matters. Whether you guilt trip someone in order to feel better, withhold feelings to keep the peace only to be a passive-aggressive jerk, or being bluntly honest to clear the air and set boundaries. There's some Piscean buzzwords in there.

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The more it's written or talked about, the further its meaning slips off. Though It'll just as easily sneak back when I focus elsewhere. It's just a feeling that belongs in the abstract. That's the only place it seems to make sense. Symbols which don't jump out or ask to be seen, but sit still and wait for a wandering eye to cross its sights.
Despite all the help one may or may not get, they won't change unless they want to. The "giving them fish or teaching them to fish" quote applies here. They ultimately make changes (or not) when they are "ready." Some get used to their daily suffering so that it feels familiar and safe, not easily understanding that it can be different (and better for them). I've been there. Granted, something or someone can snap them out of it, but some are stubborn and don't let go easily. It's really up to the person.
In a way, they're like Pisces' doppelganger. Both can be indecisive because they see multiple sides, both may seek a certain peace and beauty in things. Both are intelligent and witty when they find their groove. Similar traits, different attitude, especially with handling emotions.
Mars in Sag. Not all who wander are lost. Taking the time to find durable shoes because I gotta keep moving. And trivial knowledge is my thing. Serves well for crossword puzzles.
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Happy x, y, and z. Be well
The existential dread and anxiety that seems to accompany a Saturn return urges one to pick a few important things to focus on and leave out the rest, for now. That's been the plan, stan.
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There is no death, just crossing over another place and continue living in another form.

I believe in this too. Our souls will never die.
About our body growing old and eventually cease to exist...it's part of life and natural.
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Tom Campbell did a talk on the inefficiency of suicide, echoing the things mentioned here. Good stuff.

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