I like to think the square gives me a resting cookiemonster face; technical term for a brooding frown
Good point, brickle. A transit to the MC is also to the IC (4th). If it's nothing so wildly dramatic as people dying or changing jobs (which I've done in this transit), it could be little more than just heightened tensions with the home/family/relationship or within oneself (since IC means your "soul" or the side you guard from others more or less) that need not be perpetuated by anything other than some insecurity or yearning latent in you. It's all very subjective indeed.
Not so much telling the future, but more a law of attraction thing. I take psychic (psyche) to mean a keen awareness of yourself and others to where you attract certain circumstances.
The proof's in the poo poo
"No such thing as spare time
no such thing as free time
No such thing as down time
All you got is life time"
If you can honestly debate both sides of an issue, you are a master.
Exploiting a charitable person when they can't handle their own cookie butter mess.
Yes. I'm not the finger pecker type. Takes too long to convey things
If the little things fire me up
The big ones are sure to set me ablaze
This is great news for a pyromaniac
Unrecognizable to all but a few
Since layers are lost and replaced
It shows how little the appearance held true
And how much words and actions keep the lights on
And why landing on the hot seat makes or breaks
Choices in the heat of the moment can simmer for a time
Consequences are the little fires coming up the cracks
From sparks of joy and pangs of resentment
To the unexpected hellos and goodbyes in places far and wide
I try to find the warmth in things, big and small
That's one way to break the ice

The light rises down below
Gradients play like an old tape
Left on repeat since who knows when
I merely walked in on it

Nothing in particular stands out
Yet the painstaking rehearsals seemed to pay off
Because everything flows together
Words are futile, but here I am
It's quite a sight if I merely look where I dare not see it
Just for a blink as it drains into memory

And at such a peak moment, the end begins
The air grows quiet and the usual noises soon take their place
I merely listen
It's easy to get too literal and judgmental with this astrology stuff. At that point, it's not a good time. It's something that I keep at a distance only as a guide, one of many. Human behavior is not easily categorized.
“I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me.”
I'm a bit detached and attached, depending on the mood. I think I'm more emotional than I come off because of my poker face
Can't speak for appearance other than possibly an eye for detail that goes into giving a strong, mature impression, a conservative wardrobe unless other aspects spice it up; a professional look. May be of a reserved temperament, perhaps a loner by choice. The trine may make them more comfortable in their solitude, whereas a square lends more self-doubt and insecurity.
I think that 'dark' side shows itself when there's not enough self-reflection about how one handles certain situations. Some decisions, big ones and small (disguised as big ones), really paint one's world-view and it's an ongoing thing, influencing every decision thereafter. Like those books that direct you to one page or another when choosing a path.

I think there's always some level of misleading going on and it's arguably OK on a certain level (white lies, living a double life, not always practicing what you preach, etc.), but the context matters. Whether you guilt trip someone in order to feel better, withhold feelings to keep the peace only to be a passive-aggressive jerk, or being bluntly honest to clear the air and set boundaries. There's some Piscean buzzwords in there.
The more it's written or talked about, the further its meaning slips off. Though It'll just as easily sneak back when I focus elsewhere. It's just a feeling that belongs in the abstract. That's the only place it seems to make sense. Symbols which don't jump out or ask to be seen, but sit still and wait for a wandering eye to cross its sights.
Despite all the help one may or may not get, they won't change unless they want to. The "giving them fish or teaching them to fish" quote applies here. They ultimately make changes (or not) when they are "ready." Some get used to their daily suffering so that it feels familiar and safe, not easily understanding that it can be different (and better for them). I've been there. Granted, something or someone can snap them out of it, but some are stubborn and don't let go easily. It's really up to the person.