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I have venus in virgo too.

I never play hard to get. If I like you, you'd know. Virgos are the ones that keep me guessing.

I don't have aquarius moon but I dated a Virgo with libra moon for almost 10 years. It was a great relationship and I think our personalities complement each other. I love how practical and analytical he was, and he kept me grounded. Not all leo girls are the same. I don't care about guys buying me "nice things" or being wined and dined. I valued all the big and little things he did for me that showed he cared, and the quality of time we spent together. However, one of my leo girl friends expects flowers/upscale dinners/trips/gifts from her boyfriend for all special occasions and stuff.
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To the leos that dated virgos: What caused your relationship to fall apart?

After about five years, our relationship became a long distance one. I moved to somewhere (3 hours flight) away for school. He was supportive at first, but I wasn't able to start that program right the way so I started working. He didn't want to move to where I was, so I told him I'll move back once I'm done with school. Eventually I think he just lost faith of the relationship and started saying things like "I never should've agreed to let you move there." Also, his friends were telling him he should dump me because long distance relationships never work, etc. I think he wanted to break it off with me for half a year but didn't have the guts/heart to do it. I found out from a friend that he's been telling people that he's single, even though he hasn't broken up with me.... So I confronted him and he admitted he wanted to break up, and it eneded.

He tried to get back together with me a year after we broke up, but at that point I had already moved on.
If she wanted something more than friends, you would know.

Otherwise, take her word for it and be a friend.
FYI he tried to get back together with me a year after DESPITE being in a relationship with a scorp girl... I was already over him though and I saw how that would never work so I said no.
Missionary with my legs over his shoulders
Flatiron (?) It's like doggy but I'm on my tummy

Honestly sometimes a man staring into my eyes gets too intense...
Me: Leo sun/Aries Moon
Him: Virgo sun/Libra moon

In a relationship for 9.5 years. The last 3.5 or so years were long distance. I came to the states to study a program. He stayed in Canada. I thought maybe he could find a job here in the states. He never wanted to. Towards the end I told him I'm fine with moving back...once I finished the program. He got tired of waiting and said he couldn't take it anymore and broke up with me. meh...
I went through a period of time where I was really depressed and I pretty much just slept all day when I didn't have to work. Some of the things that helped were doing chores(somehow I find that soothing), cooking, reading, and spending a lot of time with friends. I had to force myself to get out of the house and not turn people down when they invite me somewhere. I also took a solo vacation and checked out a bunch of places/restaurants that I wanted to go to. Exercise is supposed to help but I just didn't have the energy for it. Hope you feel better soon!
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what bothers me the most is this.

she flat out said "i dont want you to like me because i dont like you like that"

What kind of person says something like that?

Not as rare as you think. If she doesn't like you that way, your affection is likely smothering and annoying to her. I'd say that to someone who is not getting the hint. I don't like to lead people on and waste their time.
nope, and don't want them to get the wrong idea.
If she never accepted your proposal, how are you so sure she is interested in you?
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I know if I constantly ask her if she's alright she will get angry with me. What can I do?

stop asking her. i know i hate constantly being asked if i am ok, especially when i just want to be alone with my thoughts and feelings.

if you tell her that you will be there for her, then do just that. when she is ready to talk to you about it, be there for her. but give her the space that she wants...or else she will unleash mufasa on you
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Be consistent and patient. When she's ready she will.
They do like woman on top
I really think appreciation is a big thing. No one is perfect but if you can't see and appreciate what the other person has done for you, neither one of you will be happy in the relationship. Unfortunately some people only see what the other person isn't doing for them and endlessly comparing with other couples.
I agree with trying to be mindful. There are only a handful of people I truly trust for them to see my intensity.... because you can only hold it in for so long and it's against my nature to do so. People that know me well know that I'm just direct and honest about my feelings, no games.