Gem Sun Scorp Moon

VA law enforcement are notoriously douchey
Cinnamon life or peanut butter capn crunch
Get high or sing and dance it off
Gem sun scorp moon
Mars in Leo, 3rd house 18 degrees
I've known some Aries and libra couples that work well
Gems and gems isn't underrated imo. Very well known best combo
Gems and virgs
Or a gem sun and a gem moon
Posted by Miamia13
My Aqua Sun wants to do whatever she pleases. She says whatever is on her mind and doesn't mind being different. She's independent.

But my Libra Moon likes to please others and is often cleaning up after the Aqua sun. Trying to keep the peace and not be judged too harshly. She's also always looking for a relationship in people...😑

They fight soooo much
I've never seen that show, but I can see it now considering his character, kylo ren, in the new star wars trilogy.
Posted by Mimi24
Anyone who is or have been in this type of relationships, how did it work? What are the positive and negative points from your perspectives?

It was a summer fling. I think it only worked because I have a Gemini sun asc and merc with my Scorpio moon.
She had a scorpio rising too I think
Gem sun and rising
Scorpio moon
Leo Mars

Life of the party (sadly this is me sober too so no real change)
Posted by Scruffles
I'm drunk af so I just don't care

All I know is he's a Gemini. I noticed him since I first joined but idk if he likes me
Before I drunk PM him I need to ask how to approach him because I don't think he even knows I exist

What do you Gems like?

Ur gonna have to wing it lol
Gather any ammunition u can and get ready for war.
U might even have to "play the game". Mind games will work wonderfully but be careful not to lose the objective of the games, fun.
Look at ur crushes chart and go from there I guess. Don't freak out keep it simple.
Gems aren't that intimidating, we are fun

Gemini suns and moons fasho
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Posted by Kjk62
All the time lmao

I can feel why you said this. 😌

Gem Sun + Scorp Moon= 'Nuff said.

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Just out of curiosity... how could you tell? Lol
Can you guess my ascendant?