"Love child "

I DO love kids though! AND I would like to get married....at least once. Heh heh
I'm not drawn to having kids. Been like that since I was a kid, so it was something I decided early on - that I would likely adopt. That way, I can take the time to grow into the human being that feels good and more importantly, READY, to raise another being. That's just how I see it. There are ways that I'd like to contribute to the world, make it a better place, and having kids will likely deter me (Midheaven in Aquarius). Some folks see having kids as leaving some permanence in the world... When I was in my early twenties, my opinon on the matter opened the eyes of two friends that didn't see not having a baby as an option. It IS and should be a responsible decision. Especially in this day and age. But really, who the f knows where life will take me.
I'm happily in love with my sag man.
His degree of happiness is not your responsibility! Yours is.
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Thanks everyone.
I understand the harsh comments and I need them. The "What the treetrunk are you doing. You know what's going on!"
As a matter of fact, I don't.
He's manipulative and once I got stuck into his games, it got hard to leave. Always making me doubt my own thoughts.
Always making me think that they were wrong.
I'm not stupid, he's just good at twisting my own ideas into non sense. Like he told me that I didn't respect him if I didn't let him treetrunk other girls, or that it was my fault he was unhappy.
Kinda like an abusive relationship I guess

Sorry hun. It can be hard, I know...Trust me. But you need to do what's GOOD FOR YOU. Don't degrade your values to fit the mold of others. It's a journey, but you can do it. Realization is the initial step. There are MANY people out there that would be happy to create a healthy, loving relationship with you. No need to waste your time or energy with jerks or losers. Take responsibility for yourself, your actions and what you create. His 'unhappiness' is his own doing. He sounds like a real marker.
Venus in Scorpio. Aren't I lucky?
style > Fashion

All. The. Way.
Who is 'Sharpe'? And how can I manipulate you to think otherwise? Bwahaha
He wants his cake and to eat it too. It shouldn't be a struggle...not like this. Respect yourself and respect your love. You CAN find someone else, someone better for you, someone that WON'T conflict you and love you the way you deserve. But first, know what you want and hold your ground. No is an answer.
I'm living with my sag bf... we'll be 2 years soon. I love him to bits...it's pretty disgusting. LOL.

How did I win his heart? Hmm...
Much like one of the themes in this thread - He found me and made me his. I was myself...Open and receptive.

Keeping him is another story, lol.
Good ol' Angelina Jolie. Stirring up the big soup pot that we inhabit. Bless her soul. At least for keeping things 'interesting.'
Everyone I know with a brain will do/has done this at some point. Maybe you've noticed Gems are more prone to it? Geminis are actually pretty stubborn than we may come off. Hehe.

As for being very manipulative... I can't say much more. I've grown into more of a direct communicator. :3
Emotions are healthy...they SHOULD be expressed. If they are pent up---NOT GOOD! They'll come out in other ways. Be true to yourself and stand up to what yer feeling. Just cause you're feeling something doesn't mean that you need to react...they are like the tides - up and down. It's all information that can be used to your advantage. Perhaps as Gems we have a habit of using our noggin too much and analyzing our emotions. So you're feeling good one day or bad the next - ride it out and just ask yourself why. Only you know.
It's human nature to try to get what you want, no?
Cap women have domineering personalities, imo. They don't often like being 2nd best - it's like a pride and self-esteem thing? Very driven people. I love most of the cap women that I know. They are very beautiful people when it comes down to it.
@dofacc - "the person I now have to deal with is my old friends "doppelganger." That's a brilliant way to put it. I feel like that too... I don't even know who this person is anymore! It's hard and painful, but it's for the better. I believe that.

@Nicrobliz - The things people will tell themselves to live in blissful deception. *GAG* They clearly can't face the truth...or they have an awful ear for listening. It's like trying to communicate with wall.

I'm still somewhat upset, angry, frustrated, sad, humored...whatever. But each day is looking lighter & brighter
@PotHead - Yeah, I can tolerate a lot I guess. Ha! It takes a hefty chunk bullbutter for me to throw down the towel after so much commitment, but I'm learning. I wish I could smack the evil out of her a big, gelatinous, neon pink dildo. Sadly, things are not that simple.

@everevolving - No, we don't work together. Social settings.

Thanks for the support y'all. She was like a sister to me for a long time. It's been rough dealing with it, but I'm officially ready to move on. Hey, I tried my hand and no dice! Absolutely best for us to go our separate ways. Amen to that!
I have this 'frenemy' that has over the past year become more & more mean-spirited. There were some early signs, but I chose to ignore them and have a good time with her, hoping that she would grow up; grow out of it. Woe, I was wrong. Her ego revels in the fact that she can put others down and belittle them. Her behavior has escalated and I want to let go. It's been hard for me considering she's been my BFF for 20 years (yes, we go waaaay back) and I'll be seeing her around (social circles are intertwined). Tried to talk it out with her, but her lack of self-awareness and stubbornness made it difficult to get the point across. I've wasted a lot of time and energy on self-doubt, wondering if I did anything wrong, etc. But then I realized that its not me. She's angry, insecure or unhappy and she's projecting it. Its hard for people to change, especially when they DON'T WANT to. She likes it, it makes her feel good to make me feel bad and hold me back. Honestly though, I'm over it and realize that she's a bleep. Like a fly buzzing around your food. She's on the ice now. It's hard because I'll still be seeing her around. And practically any chance of interacting with her opens the opportunity for her to be a cookiemonster. I'm sensitive, she knows this, and takes advantage of that. I'm giving up on her. It's over now.

Open to words of wisdom.
Y'know, I like a lot of the saggies that I've met. The ones I've met have been so honest, blunt and I really appreciate that. The only time that they will deceive you is when they are deceiving themselves, which is pretty much only when they're either young or confused! They do have a temper though, but it diffuses after they mouth off and kick their legs around a bit. Other than that, many of the sags I've met have hearts of gold. Seriously.

I've been with my saggy over a year now. He's a double Sag (sun & moon). One of the most loving people I've ever met!

To think that Air signs don't have emotions is a bunch of fluff. I think air signs try not to carry unnecessary baggage for long because it weighs us down or we may communicate it differently. But believe it or not, we know how to feel too. (cancer moon/mercury/mars here, duh.)
Yeah, but she called herself an 'intuitive counselor'. I've also had my palm read by a re-knowned psychic. They were both very talented. I asked them anything I wanted. It was validating in ways and gave me some direction.

You just gotta weed them out of all the Miss Cleos out there in the world.