i broke up with sag man almost a month ago.
i am finding it too hard to move on. i am unable to stay stable.
in between this one month we patched up for 2 days and again fought and ended breaking up.
Right now my mindset is lie... when he is with me i feel suffocated but when we break up i want him back.
What to do
Posted by SentimentalCrabby

I am fully aware that it's really hard to let go. Considering the fact that you've invested all your time and efforts with this ex.
There's urges that you want to call and you know you shouldn't do it. It's time to face being solo, and enjoying your own company again.

yes you are right. but nights are the worst time of the day. while trying to sleep you can't help but keep thinking about our ex
my sag ex man is posting pics related to hurt and breakups. but its almost 9 days since we broe up. is there any change he might turn up again
My parents are of same signs. my mother was scorpion sag cusp. Dad picesian
they had an amazing bond and compatibility. Dad has always been so much fond of mum and love her to no limits. On the other hand mum has always been supportive and his biggest inspiration.
Even though its been 4 years since my mum passed away. there has never been single day when he doesnt miss her and talk about her
i was dating a sag man since last 1.5yrs. Unfortunately we spent most of the time fighting and finally we have ended this relationship.
every second day i get this urge to call him.. and sometimes i did called him.. but that made things worse.
please help.. how can i overcome this break up.
i am finding it impossible to move on
Posted by MyStarsShine
If your Saturn conjuncts his sun...you will probably put his fire out.. This indicates a serious tone to the relationship..

I was with someone whose Saturn was in the same sign as my sun...felt quite oppressive and like he was judging me a lot of the time

how to find that if my saturn conjucts his sun?