Just abandon the stuff. Avoid the mind treetrunk all together.
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He's screwing around so you're not exclusive. Just dump him and fk supporting him and his feelings he obviously wasn't considerate of yours.

Yes in what world do you download tinder for ‘friendship’
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Is this a thing?

Have you ever had a man mash your clit with his nose?

We should ask @mr_pinchy. I hear he’s an expert.
Treat her to coffee and a bagel during break/lunch. Don’t overthink. She may really be super busy rn.
You should be proud. Hold onto your heritage.
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I’d be fine with whatever.

I just posted the same thing ☺️

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Just want a healthy baby if I’m blessed to have one.
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And to all the people who think flirting is harmless and doesn't mean anything you are dumb.
If you're with someone you should never flirt with anyone else in any type of way not even once..
If u feel the need to flirt you should just stay single.

So, in your opinion, your girlfriend should not be allowed to make eye contact with anyone and touch her hair around anyone, because that is flirting.

Yes, as someone else said... Your loose definition of flirting is very unrealistic and says a lot more about you, than about her.

Good luck finding literally any woman who won't ever touch her hair or talk with eye contact.
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*Finds woman
*Creates thread about her not making eye contact with his friends and being rude to them. Doesn’t she care about making an effort to get to know my friends?
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Probably. Gemini flirts.A lot. So does Leo. It doesn't necessarily mean anything though.

I can't be with hoes man

I don't want to accidentally murder anybody in a fit of rage

No leos or Geminis for me

I will not stand for that butter
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My Gemini doesn’t flirt and he’s Leo dominant. Don’t believe the hype.
Bought a mattress topper in honor of the holiday today. Being a good American rn
delete all your old profile images, then try again
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petty gods in order...

3. pisces women

Ermmm maybe. But we forget things quickly cause fishbowl memory.
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Taurus woman - Pisces man

Taurus man - Cancer woman

She just said she finds Pisces weak non decision makers

I can't stand Pisces energy unless they have aries moon

The men are very weak
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Posted by Caramel_Princess
Posted by LadyNeptune
Posted by Caramel_Princess
I think we should all pitch in and sign CC up for a dating website and try to get some bone in this woman before she completely loses it.

I’m sure there are plenty of men with no standards waiting.

Who will create the Go Fund Me? It’s for a good cause.

Send me your P.O. box CC. I have a rabbit and a 23 and me kit for you I’m sending.

Can I send you mine too?

Slid into my inbox baby girl. Do you prefer glass dildo with a heart handle or anal beads?

HAHAHAHA. I almost chocked on my water reading this.
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You could be choking on something else soon...

I don't even know....
We celebrate mattress sales today. Very important holiday.
except hannah