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  • It's so sad Sad lol x
  • Damn.
  • This is a guilty pleasure for me. I don't even think anyone I know knows this song or listens to it. lol.
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    Oh my gosh I will never forget this song. I was in Kindergarten when it came out. I heard it everywhere. Big Grin
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    I don't get the meme either. I have this one downloaded

    Damn, yes!!! I love this one too. They are catchy. And this one has a lot of energy and fierceness in it. I don't get why they're so hated but whatevs. Even my big brother likes this song Tongue
  • I don't know if I have any "guilty pleasure" songs because I listen to whatever I listen to and don't really give a treetrunk what people think about it, but I'll try... Devil

    I never knew Nickelback should be a guilty pleasure but I recently found out how they're an internet meme and how everybody hates them. So I guess they fit the bill. But I'll still listen to some Nickelback tracks. They are so catchy and good to me.
  • Sorry but Taylor Swift is so underrated. Her lyrics are soooo good and her songs are such bops.
  • People have done some really, really horrific things to me... Things that made me very bitter and angry for like 7 years. And then not too long ago I met up with some of these people and we just partied and had fun like old times. lol. I think I am good a   Read more
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    If I cheat, its because I'm hoping they leave so I'd tell them.

    Lmao dead
  • How do you even live with yourself without telling the truth? It would eat me up inside. And the relationship would feel fake. Would this person even want me if they knew the truth? That would haunt me.
  • Cheesy pop masterpiece
  • Do you have any Gemini in your chart? I feel like we have the same taste!! I also love Selfish on the deluxe edition and Scary!
  • Every song is flaw-free. I love the Femme Fatale album.
  • Omg lol!! I need to be on here more often. I am sad I missed the thread. lol!
  • Lol TheHeavyEntertainmentShow told me he got banned! Big Grin
  • Anyone know why Terramine was banned? lol
  • Wow, I am so behind. I didn't even watch the second one. Is Reese Witherspoon in the second one? I need to catch up. The first one was hilarious! x
  • Omg it's sooo good lol
  • I still want someone to dedicate this song to me, run through a rain storm, stop me from leaving at the airport last minute and kiss me while people at the airport start clapping
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    Should not be allowed. I don't care how many hormones you took, you still have a big advantage. And I think it's stupid how this is even an argument or a debate. I am gay, love trans people, but this is too much. I even heard of a male to female transgender person being an MMA fighter, and she looks all buff and butter, knocking women out, LMFAO. Sorry this is too much for me.

    She did lose a fight to a biological woman tho so its can;t be thaaat unfair click to expand
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    OMG she did? She looks more masculine then your average gay twink. I need to watch her fights. Tongue