Not threat / the** oops :/
I feel like caps have an effect of being a good influence to certain people and bring out threat truth in a person and that's amazing
What do you Capricorn women out there tend to do when you like someone?
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She sounds like a typical cap who was hurt or offended by your avoidance of her & when you ignored her & walked away. Not to sound rude, you’re lucky she's even still glancing in your direction tbh. She could avoid any eye contact with you at all & just act like you never existed.

I'm not really sure what you're specifically looking for or would like to know. She is the only person who knows whether she likes you or not.

He got hurt because the cap girl stopped hugging him in public and started avoiding him.

I would be traumatized also I think.

Really hard to find a guy that likes a cap women for who she is and not her good looks and cute ears!

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Lol. I mean. Honestly she would alway point out her flaws when I complimented her but I always told her otherwise that she's gorgeous and perfect and she would just kind of look away smiling. Honestly I can name millions of things to describe how amazing she is and her beauty would be a bonus I never noticed her beauty until after I fell in love with her qualities I really need to apologize and tell her the truth she means the world to me and if I messed up for being an idiot and let her ever fall into someones arms it would kill me I was just kind of hurt at how she was acting and I didn't mean to hurt her i just have a bad habit of repeating any action that was kind of done to me. So I felt like butter and wanted to apologize but never could.
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How about have an open honest conversation minus the playfulness to apologize and let her know that you're interested.

Why don't you ask her out on a date?

I haven't seen her in a while plus I don't want to feel like an idiot asking her something if I feel she may not feel the same way or she might feel the same way I'm just kind of looking to see a clear understanding or point of view to this and see if I'm not the one seeing that she's acting a little out of charactaer because she does have her exact Capricorn traits but it's kind of confusing
So I've been in love with this Capricorn woman for..around 2 years? And I still am. So we've had our awkward rough patch at first where she would just kind of think about things like if she was just analyzing me. So over the time period we've gotten closer to eachother we have a form of flirting that seems like we're just goofing around or being sarcastic and sassy with eachother but we both consider it our way of flirting and we love it because no one sees that it's just flirting. We always get close and then there's a drift. We used to hug like nothing when we got closer. But lately she's been acting different with me. Before she used to always mess around with me and we just got along then things went off. She wouldn't hug me in front of people like she used to (which had me thinking she didn't like me) but I remember one time I was gone for a while kind of a long while she noticed more and more and would ask my friends and a whole bunch of people if they know where I was and if they had talked to me lately. So for her character she isn't the type to show she cares. Other people around her she knew would be gone long periods too and she wouldn't know where they went or anything either but she never asked about them or anyone but she always asked for me and showed that she was worried or upset and concerned but when I'm around she never shows that to me as if she's hiding a part of her that she feels makes her seem weak. So she would kind of push me away and I got hurt and I wondered why she worried and asked for me when I wasn't around but treated me coldly when I came back. I then didn't talk to her and I kind of avoided her and I would just walk away if I saw her coming towards me. I remember that we have our way of flirting which is playful and we just pick on each other playfully and she tried to do that after talking with a friend that was with me she looked at me and I was avoiding her and she made a playful joke picking on me about something and I just looked at her and she stopped smiling and just said "why aren't you saying anything.." and I just walked away to another friend that was near by I felt bad and I still do that I treated her kind of crappy ish but I was just so hurt she kept pushing me away and stuff before all of this and I thought maybe she didn't want me around. I would catch her looking at me and she didn't look away she just kind of kept watching me with a kind of sad look on her face she looked like she wanted to go up and tell me something but she was hesitant. I looked at her making eye contact for a while and I walked away. I remember one of my friends telling me that she seemed quiet and sad one time and it wasn't like her she seemed kind of off and they told me to go apologize but I really didn't do anything and they don't know the whole story and that I'm in love with her. So I never exactly apologized I remember I did apologize when I was in a bad mood and we were both stressed and I went off and she laughed it off and hugged me and she didn't let go until I did. But this was before this whole thing happened honestly I miss her, everyday. And I hate it. Cause I really fell in love the first moment I laid eyes on her and it had nothing to do with the way she looked she's perfect to me for who she is I fell in love with her attitude and personality she's the person who can piss me off at time and make me sad but she always makes up for it because she makes me the happiest I've been in my entire life and I've tried to date and move on but only leave the people I date because I can only think about her it's always her. I remember my friend mentioned me and told her I had said hi but I never did tell my friend to tell her hi from me but then my friend told me that when she heard my name first be mentioned she smiled and and looked surprised about the fact that I said hi and my friend thought it might of had to do with what happened with us. BUT IM SO CONFLICTED I DONT KNOW WHAT TO THINK BECAUSE PART OF ME IS LIKE YOU IDIOT SHES FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU TOO AND PART OF ME IS LIKE IDK..HELP!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡