Libra sun, Scorpio moon, Leo Ascending
Well, Im a Snake, and a libra...nuff said

7 yrs, still in it, he is an Aries, we love and hate each other

4yrs with a very sweet loyal, guy ( high school sweetheart ) worshiped the ground I walked on, he was a Capricorn still talked up until 2yrs ago until my jealous Aries put an end to that and he is married and been in another state for 8 yrs lol
Long term relationship advice, or Any insight from you guys would be appreciated I'm at a loss here?
Putting out how you feel isn't complaining, you must be a complainer cause your complaing about me.
Eventually...I will have to shed my snake skin of a life...and start over anew.
Well unfortunately I'm a libra and all I do is worry about everyone else, or how they are thinking or feel. That's just me I care more about the people in my life then myself, As a child I used to take clothes shoes ect. Or whatever they didn't have. to t   Read more
I guess, I'm most def still denial. I don't have leg to stand on, it's scary cause I know it will be ugly, I just don't know if I'm ready to go thru what I need to go thru. I'll loose everything I've ever known for the last 7 yrs, I will be stripped bare.   Read more
No he is and I know, but that's the problem I can't talk to anyone I know, cause then it looks like something is wrong with me.for continuing to put up with it, ..and there is obviously, he has major temper issues has since he was a child. But I tell myse   Read more
Me and my Aries man have been in a monogamous relationship going on 7 yrs. the love is undeniable, but I STILL feel like he doesn't really know me, get me. He is the only guy I can't read. It's so unbelievably frustrating? Idk what to do anymore. The figh   Read more
I'm so sorry, my parents divorced when I was 3, I remember everything, but I didn't tell my mom cause I knew it would hurt her, lots of petty fighting ( I just remember everything from my childhood). It was very hard, my father was the kind of guy that did twist words, their battle was ugly. There actual divorce didn't affect me. It was them talking bad about each other in front of me which gave me an adult view of my parents being a child it was very confusing. I was holding secrets for them both that's what tore me in half, not them separating they were miserable, and they are better as friends ( even tho my mom still finds him gross ). But my point is, is your child going to have a better home life in the future with you guys together or divorced.
I feel like I'm in some gloomy gray depressing, black n white soap opera....except I'm alone and nobody's watching me.
We are extremely loyal and loving and we will always know when something's wrong, you can call at 3am for anything cause we are usually up anyways!( well I am anyway)
I'm all about kissing, teasing, and a lot of foreplay, sometimes bigger isn't always better, I just want my man to pretend my body is a giant Popsicle?....and I'm good!
Lol I sure do!?
It's a game he probably really likes you, he waits for you to text first so he doesn't seem to eager, us Libras over analyze everything. I'm sure he checks his phone constantly, that's why he writes back right away! He might really be into and doesn't want to scare you off by showing how feels. Idk if that helps, I've done these exact things myself!
Well I've only lived in Utah 65% of my life...Seattle ( too young ) & California, so I have comparisons my whole family on mothers side lives all over Cali we go there often! AND I cry ever time I leave.
Saddly there could literally be any reason, but Libras won't tell you if you turned them off either...they will just stop talking to you, or maybe you hurt her without knowing, somethings may be hurtful to her but not to you. But I am a Libran woman in hopefully all the best ways. But I can show you the way we see. It's very different from most.
Me, but I'll remember every mean thing you said, and a couple days later I'll casually bring it up to remind you!☺️
My sag bff were you been all my life, I seem to always get close to Virgos... But they are all married with kids, n well I still lookin for a sleepover buddy lol?
It's exhausting sometimes.