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Weren't you told before that you will die in labor?

yes actually or that it happened in a past life

ty for all the positivisty guys
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this is the butter
no.....butter we all got the same answer
DXP you are meant to arming us with wisdom and guile to get through this hard world not judging the size of our dogs ..geeze

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I am really happy cuz his wife is a like a make up artist and i am going to be her best friend and get aalllll the tips!! see immma smart!

Don’t count your chickens before they hatch
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She already said she would
I am really happy cuz his wife is a like a make up artist and i am going to be her best friend and get aalllll the tips!! see immma smart!

One of my best friends is a sag guy...he did propose fast to his now wife. Within a year. But we always knew he was the type to fall fast.

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As a Pisces woman myself I would like to think I am, I am very guarded I do not like people to really get to know me so easily. Anyone else?

Yes to me you are. In an intriguing way though I like Pisces.
My pic is ghosting ...i need a halloween ap
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So I don't really know if this is an advice thread or just one created for the sole purpose of me venting, but either way my Leo brother is always making life hard for me and I feel like I'm about to snap on him.

To start off, I'm pretty certain he has a form of autism, like aspergers or something. He is the definition of the absent minded professor. Very well versed in certain subjects, but definitely lacks certain social abilities and it seems that 90% of what you say to him goes in one ear and out the other. He is very nice looking and well liked by people, but I think the attention has turned him into a complete douche bag. I love him a lot, but I reeeealllly worry about how he will function in the real world.

Some examples of why I'm frustrated:

-He's 26 and still lives at home with no real plans of leaving any time soon.
-He has a car (I don't), but I'm pretty sure my dad pays for it. I don't ask.
-I don't know if he even pays for his phone bill.
-Just went back to school for television and film production, but isn't making any money now because he left his job at my dad's company (which my dad obviously got for him)
- Goes out every single weekend and parties with treetrunk knows what money.
-He's loud and abrasive and expects everyone to listen to and appreciate what he says
-attacks my political and spiritual beliefs all.the.time. I am almost always uncomfortable in his presence because I just KNOW he's going to ask my opinion on a certain topic only to shut it down.
-Always wants to hang out with me and my friends even though he acts like he hates me most of the time.
-cookiemonsteres and moans if he doesn't get his way and then manipulates the situation so that I feel like a tota c*nt.

And yeah... there's more but that's where i'll start. I'm dying over here.

Well you are a lovely person. And you are not allowed to let him make you feel like a bleep or like he hates you. There is not a lot you can do about the other stuff. But say to your Dad...look i feel the brother is treating me badly right now i need some support from your side to signal to him that you need a bit more respect from your brother and some understanding.
A lady was so kind to me I forgot my token for the trolley and had no coin so she just gave me her trolley i gave her a euro in change and hat to make her take it ...but when i put the trolley back i realized she had put 2 euro in ...and never even told m   Read more
You are so sweet true.
I am so happy for you! take pics!

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