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    So just thought I would ask, how do cappy men feel when being ignored through text or in public ? I broke up with my ex a few weeks ago and told him we aren't suited for each other but last weekend I ran into him and he tried to come my way and said hello but I just ignored him, he has also tried to text me but I have not responded... how do you guys react to being ignored ? Or doesn't it bother you ?

    I'm curious....why do you care?

    If you cut ties...you cut ties. You shouldn't be concerned about his reaction or lack of.

    Are you doing this to get a reaction?

    Not being snarky.

    You are right I shouldn't care, I guess I just though he would react the same way I did and just leave me alone.... I wasn't expecting him to speak to me again so when he did and I ignored him I felt bad like maybe I should have just said something but it's exhausting going back and forth with him the whole time which is why I cut ties completely.... I don't want him to think I'm a rude b#### or that I'm heartless which is why I was asking how cappy men would feel being ignored... hopefully he didn't care and let it go... make sense ??
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    I don't think some Caps look at break-ups the same as others. Someone can ignore me, and cut me off, but if I see them I have no problems saying hi and speaking. There's over a billion people in this world, and if the two of us connected at some point then that means something. A person would have to do me horribly to not speak to them.

    He probably felt bad you ignored him, but he'll know what to expect if there's a time he ever see you again.
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    Wow, rude much?! He was being polite, relax.

    Another example of someone reading far too much into a situation, while assigning an almost universal reaction to a sun sign they obviously know very little about...

    Sounds like shes hoping for a reaction. She doesnt want him anymore but she does want him to be grieving and hung up on her to feed her ego. So childish!
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    That's what I'm thinking and was trying to find a way to put into words. Like if you dumped him, AND ignored him, I'd think you don't care about him at all anymore, so who care what he's thinking or feeling?!
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    In my experience, he is probably out of his mind right now. Caps hate to lose and you ignoring him means that you won the breakup game. If you were clingy or emotional at seeing him, he would be walking around in his glory.

    Rubbish. Everyone has pride, to a certain degree.

    Your post makes it sound like men of the other 11 signs would react differently, which we know is completely untrue...

    The question wasn't about the other 11 signs, it was about Caps.
    Are you going to tell me that Cap man aren't competitive?

    You're touching on qualities that could easily apply to most of the other 11 signs. That shows how little you really know about Caps or are willing to learn about them.

    Competitiveness... Leo? Aries? Scorpio? Virgo? Taurus? These (and other signs) can be just as competitive. The differences are in the nuances, which you've woefully failed to acknowledge.

    Maybe try and be more specific, next time. But, then again, without relevant experience and insight, that's going to be somewhat of a challenge...

    Its 9am on a Sunday. I cant even pretend to care enough about the topic to argue.
    You are feigning outrage over a very noncontroversial post. Drama much?
    I choose not to engage with a stranger on the internet over an issue that I give zero treetrunks about.
    Maybe you should spend your Sunday at church. Jesus may help with those anger issues.

    And I have plenty of experience with Caps. Married one, two cap sons, cap close friends.

    Why don't you stick your projecting tactics where the sun doesn't shine...

    You've proven, over the years, that you're a bona fide drama queen, so don't even try projecting your issues onto me.

    At least when I comment on Scorpios, my opinions are based on personal experiences with at least eight of them. What are your Cap viewpoints based on? One... maybe two Caps (one of which is probably an ex)? How very logical and rational of you.

    I have no problem with dxpers butterting on Caps. There are many Caps I've met that I am highly critical of as well. But when someone starts speaking butter, because they obviously don't know what they're talking about...

    Jesus? Church? Most people of the faith are nothing more than hypocritical scum. Thanks but no thanks...
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    Why do so many of you Cap guys on here love to argue with women? I'm not sure if I see this from the guys towards women on the other boards. I don't get it. She was just stating her opinion, and all you had to do as a Cap was answer the OP's question smh.
  • I think you should abandon ship.

    Some caps are kind of weird, and can be the go hard or go home type.
  • A few people thought she was really mean here. I didn't at all

  • Its weird that they have her husband, Andy, with the same birthdate and year. Dec 24th 1962. I'm not sure if that's right.
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    A few of you have mentioned that Cap women are selective, and quality over quantity. My wife is a Cap, she married me, so that must say something, right?

    She's not a gold digger, as far as I know, even though before we met, she had on her dating profile (yep, we met on a dating site) that she was looking for a man who's 'average to wealthy'. So I thought I would take a chance with her. I'm not wealthy, I'm doing okay but I'm not rich, and I'm more independent than my wife, and I'm the bread winner in the family, although she does contribute a percentage of her salary to household things and towards our daughter.

    She can be fooking cold at times, to the point where I wonder why she married me and to the point where I wonder why I married her. I work for my families company, and I will be the next in line to run the family business, and she knows that, and sometimes I wonder if she's still with me because of that. As I said earlier, as far as I know she's not a gold digger, but sometimes I think about the things I've read about Cap women being gold diggers - and as I've mentioned, she can be cold, ie: not very loving at times. So, why did she marry me and why is she still with me? C'mon Caps, can you shed some light on the subject?

    Was she always cold, or did it worsen after marriage?

    If she's always been this way, then that's a part of her personality that I'm sure she probably thought you accepted.

    I had a guy friend, who I thought knew my feelings for him, tell me that he felt I abandoned him, so I think the coldness is just a part of us, and it's hard to change a part of yourself that is so normal to you.

    It can have a lot to do with Caps being loners, imo, but I just think that if she's always been this way then you gotta deal, because she's always shown you who she was and it's not her fault that you've grown to not really like it. As time passes, maybe she'll start to warm up.

    If she's not a careless spender, then the money thing can be no more than security for her, but unless you shared with her your possible inheritance on the first dates, then it's I'd think she continued to date you and marry you because she liked you and nothing more.
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    Are they sure it was suicide? I know they said apparent suicide, but in this instance, something just doesn't add up to me...

    Im thinking this too..
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    I gotta rant here:
    So you guys are fearful when it comes to vulnerability. No offense, but you are covering. You gotta take a risk.
    You cannot be super aloof, difficult and dressed like Marlene Dietrich and not get some kind of negative reaction.

    Why do woman expect us to handle their defense mechanisms, their cookiemonsteriness etc and get through that bs to your true self?

    Why are there so many (seemingly or actual) masculine cap woman, who secretly yearn to be outmanned and make feel like a womanß

    Why dont you gals face your fears? Vulnerability makes people likeable and relatable. Its not that dangerous.

    The older I get, the less Patience I have for that kind of crap. Life doesnt have to be difficult. We all
    want to love and get loved. What about being nice and playful?

    I think the people that say this are the least vulnerable themselves.
    I don't see where we have issues opening up to vulnerable and transparent people, but if you have walls up yourself then there's no way that you are going to get through to us.
    For example, Sags usually can get me to open up.
    They are usually open minded and transparent or at-least that's what they give the impression
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    I don't know about poison, but maybe cold and at times, evil.

    What's the most evil thing a Cap female you know has done?
  • Oh gosh, this is my situation. Its been 8yrs and we are on round 3 as well. He's disappeared twice and keeps popping up.

    I'm honestly never ready for a relationship, and this time is no different and I told him that.
    It seems like serious business when a cap and taurus gets together, and I don't think I'm ALL the way ready for it. I kind of live a lackadaisical life, that's been pretty stagnant and a hindrance I'll admit, but I don't want to change for him, and the pressure is there and it's a pressure that I don't necessarily like. I kind of get away from my thoughts on what I want for myself and my life and start thinking about where he'd probably like me to be, and it's not a head space I'm ready for. Idk, timing is just not right...ever.

    I wish you luck. I do think Agent has a good point in figuring out what you want because it plays a huge part in this.
  • I agree with perfume maybe. Is she at all crafty? Knitting use to help me out of the blues...

    Maybe a customized journal, or a house plant, or a beautiful crystal...like the big amethysts, or a nice book or two, or a vinyl record player, or her favorite artist record collection.
  • They are going to end up hating eachother real soon.

    I guess this was his revenge after she drug him with Nyquil.
    They will keep pushing it until it's hate between them.
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    Sorry I don't agree to the op. I think water signs tend to age the worst. And if you doubt me, just take a look at bill Cosby for example.

    Bill Cosby is 80 years old. How is he suppose to look?

  • Born January 8th
    'He gave himself so others would have a chance': Heartbreaking open-casket funeral is held for heroic Santa Fe school shooting victim, 15, who was shot through a closet door while shielding his classmates from bullets
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    Christian was a history buff who dreamed of pursuing a career in the military

    Christian Riley Garcia, 15, was one of the ten people gunned down in an art class on the morning of May 18.

    His classmates have said that Christian used his body to barricade against a closet door in the classroom to prevent the shooter from getting inside.

    An open-casket funeral service was held on Friday in Crosby, Texas, in remembrance of the 15-year-old who had displayed bravery 'far beyond his years' during the tragic massacre just one week prior.

    '[Christian] grabbed me and my teacher and got us into the closet,' Christian's best friend Courtney Marshall, 15, told ABC News.

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    'Christian saved my life - he's a hero.'

    'The sacrifice of his own life, others were allowed to escape and had some time to get away,' Pastor Keenan Smith said of the teen's bravery.

    'We know there were several lives lost but his story is a story of true heroism. He gave himself so others would have a chance.'

    #ixzz5GctwQOw0" target="_blank">http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5773537/Open-casket-funeral-held-heroic-Santa-Fe-shooting-victim-shielded-classmates-bullets.html#ixzz5GctwQOw0
  • Funny you mention Caps and Gemini's, because I've noticed that Trump has been picking on Jeff Bezos. Of course it's jealousy, but I think he's going to find a way to really cut into Bezos billions before he's out of the white house.

    I like Cap leaders through out history. They are usually forward thinking and ahead of their time. Of course they are loved, but not always liked, however they tend to leave a lasting legacies and people seem to appreciate them more once they are gone.

    I remember reading a little about this guy, Gamal Abdel Nasser. He had one of the biggest funerals in history. "Nasser suffered a heart attack and died. His funeral in Cairo drew five million mourners and an outpouring of grief across the Arab world."

  • Azealia can say whatever she wants with this talent.

  • Azealia music is so nice.
  • Trump does,

    But I love Azealia and Kanye.
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    oh and please wake up lolol he came back to you because everyone else left his ass and you must be the only one he knows that’s hooked on him. don’t be the last resort. respect yourself.

    Mine just returned after two years, and I'm starting to feel this way, but I'm keeping it strictly platonic this time.