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I give zero treetrunks.

fml I'm slow.
Oh my God, who is that boy
That's smart!
Who tf?? Old men??
Not here. On my phone.
Nono, it wasn't on dxp. It was some dude I matched with on Tinder a few years ago who's been texting me throughout the past year and he's kind of creepy, so... boi bye.

I'm just using this form of social media to vent because it's   Read more
Hairy and wrinkled, amirite
I'm gonna say it again.

Unsolicited dick pics are ugly and unwelcome. Stop sending them because I don't want them.

That's all. Have a nice day. 😊
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Happy birthday, twin.

Hello sweetheart and happy belated to you too, sorry I missed it xo
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Thank you.
Come watch me eat my leftovers from lunch.

https://tiny chat.com/dxptalk
LOL that was me.

Just don't come now because I'm on then.
It's pouring outside again... ^_^ Feeling dreamy...
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any man says he never
go so quick before lies.
will always be fast man.

Do you ram your head into a brick wall every day?

I bet she does!
That's how she cums...πŸ˜‚
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There's two people on there now but not effy. I'll see if he's free right now to join.
You should realize that as hoebag-ish as this behavior is, some of us do that and think it's normal. Don't take it too seriously.

We like our men. Or whatever gender we're interested in. We're also attention hoes, so we'll try to get everyone's attention that we want on ourselves. It doesn't mean anything related to romantic interest or even sexual interest.
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Fast and clingy, but as much as I love fast and clingy texters, I need to get my butter together and stop talking to get work done most of the time, especially while home with my mom.

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Virgo Mercury

Same my mom is one of my biggest distractions too😭😭
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Lol girl, you crack me up.

I just have butter to do and I get distracted so easily *cue crying* so it takes forever for me to get it done.
Tfti, Patrick.