Sleeping w/ the moon & the stars
Sag sun, Libra moon, Aries mars, Scorpio Venus.

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Stupid question but im guessing not to pack my non texas fake cowboy boots??

Yeah... don't.

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I say, "why not?"

Be who you are and wear what you own!

I brought a surf board to Texas thinking I could surf the gulf.... Um well the gulf is flat and has no waves lol. Still, a great conversation starter.

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Ok so i am going to texas i decided. Someone told me to dress like a million bucks while there cause they do everything huge in texas. People have said everyone there is rich. Dont shoot the messenger thats only what soneone said to me, i have no clue if its true.
Ok so my questions
1. Whats the weather like at this time of year
2. What do people dress like - the upper class people i mean because thats who i will be around mostly.
3. Are there any faux pas of how to act? I heard the women are the meanest there but i also heard they are the nicest ?

Its just a different culture and when i travel somewhere new i try to figure out whats acceptable and not.
For example- i once went to Miami for business and had to buy a butter ton of bright colored clothes cause apparently those cookiemonsteres like bright colors. Anywho. Please tell me about Texas. ??

P.s its north eastern area

First off wishing you a great adventure!! What part of Texas ?

1. This time of year it's a dry hot. Low humidity usually.
2. The upper class folk I met wore what they wanted, they never had to dress to impress however, in Texas and if it's your thing, embrace their gear! There was a spanish/country feel to the attire when I lived there. Maybe wear a classy jumper and wedge style boots in case the get together becomes more rugged? Gotta be up for whatever, right?
3. The only faux pas I know of is pretending to be someone you're not. Just because you're not from Texas, doesn't mean you can't bring your own spice

The women I met were authentic as they come and respect the same in kindness.

We've talked. I don't care. I want monetary value.
treetrunk my job! I've given all the help I have. He asks me, "what can I give?'

It all! I scream.

But I'll leave because you suck.

How to make a boss see reason.
Hey! I sprayed my cat in the eyes with a fresher spray accidentally. I was trying to teach her that biting me = spray and Sweetness = good rubs.
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now really. Aries? their the bullies. it's like what sign would knock out Aries.

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They're **

As in, they are.

Txt a funny pic instead
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Well I'm due march 6th, so I'm about 10 or 11 weeks (gonna have to recount)
Well I sleep alot.
I'm horny and have alot of sex dreams so I usually wake up masturbating.
My dog grows at other animals and has some sort of protective bond over me now, think he knows and gets extra defensive.
The day I took the prego test all the cats in the house took turns sleeping on my belly. I loved it.
I have thrown up at work a few times.
I'm hungry almost 24/7
If I don't eat I feel nausea and if I do eat I felt neasua there is no win.
My cravings changed over 5 times during this whole time, I spent alot of money on foods I craved just to be grossed out by it the next day.
Now I have an established set of foods.
I've wasted over 300 dollars in one month trying to figure it out.
My morning breath grosses me out and makes me gag in the morning.
Some of my favorite foods now gross me out beyond belief and it is so sad.
Like peanut butter and refried beans.
Brocolli used to be my fav now its gross.
Rice noodles.
Anything egg.
Its so sad to mentally remember what foods I enjoyed and to now be absolutely turned off by it.
But I've also developed a taste for foods that I failed to get back before baby too, like eat tons of fruit and lemon aid I can't get enough of, I also really appreciate stew, and soups, mint things and hardy meals.
Its been a mental trip, they say the symptoms die down after a while, I don't think they die down I think you just get better at handling it.
Also burping helps alot, when I feel nausea I sit up and burp until I feel a little better, gotta be careful with that though I've had stomach acid shoot up my nose while burping, grossest thing ever.
Just remember your a boss.
Sleep alot.

I'm due March 22nd

And you boss on Mom!
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Yay babies!!!!!!

Hopefully one! Singular. First and I already show some.
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??? in what week are you Luna??

LMD June 15 so like 7 -8 weeks. Get a sonogram in my 9th werk to find truly how far I am

How's ur first trimester?

Mine was awful.. nausea, boobs were swollen and sore, constant headache, fell sleepy everytime i managed to eat. I even slept suddenly during a meeting after lunch ?
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Exact same! I sleep 10 hrs a night, wish it we're more, lost weight but staying active when I don't feel exausted. I don't crave anything abnormal. I don't even want to eat. Nausea and fatigue are a lights out!
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??? in what week are you Luna??

LMD June 15 so like 7 -8 weeks. Get a sonogram in my 9th werk to find truly how far I am

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Whybrid do you have someone else pic up

I put up what I want.

7 months
Anyone on here pregnant?

How far along? How do you feel. All the gritty details welcomed.

All feedback is appreciated.
The stars are out and the moon glows beyond the height of the evergreens, shadowing rays of light.
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Beng authentically you is like a target, begging to get hit. Not to say not show it, just be strong enough to stand by it.

Yep, definitely true. I deal with jealousy at work because I'm not as friendly but at the same time others admire me for my work ethic and level headedness.

I've told my friends you can't be for everyone, that's like supposed to be a big lesson for my Sun sign but I seem to not have that problem with altering who I am to please others.
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It's easier to please others than ourselves.
Beng authentically you is like a target, begging to get hit. Not to say not show it, just be strong enough to stand by it.
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Because it's a wild sign and perceived as carefree. All fire signs for the most part are carefree and live in the moment, and so they are perceived to have all the attributes associated with such a person/personality.

We forget, in astrology, that we are all human. Therefore falling victim, or celebrating triumph. Being, "carefree" is a state of mind and once the moment passes it's easy to retreat into society norms.

8 months