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You come across like a Sagitarrius in conversation when you really get going 8-)
The Taurus asc has its own set of unique and crappy problems. Actually I have a better time seeing both the pros and cons with that, and accepting all.

This is really like the back to the front.

Nearly everything I've read is true.

Bomb waiting to go off in relationships (each close relationship not just romantic).

Hard time getting very close to others but craving that very thing at same time.

Transformative relationships.

Usually destructive.

Self-destruction and self-transformation playing out namely through intimate relationships.

Drawing intense individuals to you.

What has been good. I'm not seeing it right now. Curious if anyone else has been through the crap parts of this or had experienced that line up w the natal description and had anything turned out good in the end?
Anyone else have this?
Experiences to share?
It sucks.
Main theme:
"Don't show all of yourself to anyone ever You Piss People Off"
"The Difference Is the Origin"
Me, 2013

All of us have sorrows, stress, and pressures
On our lives. We all have high demands and plans
Where standards stand
And must remain.
We all have bullbutter in the vaults,
We each have limits, marks and faults;
We all reflect upon our sins.
The difference is the origin.

Where some had structure safe and sound
And loving words to hold you down
A comfort by you bound
To every fabric of you now
And here, and in this space of mind you
Walk around and live within
And for you your open roads
Mary turn to muddy, sodden ground
It's in these moments when
The difference is the origin

For in the rain or stinging snow
Deep down within you there you know
A warming light does richly grow
Given to you by those you know
Who made you grow and molded you
For you to draw on to get through
In all you think and all you do
Love follows you, from where you've been
The difference is the origin

For some the chaos danger strife
Was what we pieced into a life
And in the night
A comfort found in places farther from our plight
And a sense of wrong and right
Was there long after we were little kids
For those who watch the winners win
The difference is the origin

For in the storms and hailing throes
It's here that some have come to grow
And in the calm of normal woe
We cannot show all that we know
For though
These gravel roads remain
For every traveler's weary pain
Who trods but once and not again
The difference is the origin .
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is there any other sign that hates being the sign they are more than scorpio?

Anyone had experience with another person imitating them in some way or copying style s/habits??

It's only happened to me a handful of times and it's very frustrating.

The last chick who did it was an Aries sun and strong libra placements-also had leo moon, I might do a similar thread a Leo moon and copy catting too.

Currently a chick doing it now, I just looked her up she's a triple libra (sun moon merc).

Anyone experience this? Is the Libra thing a coincidence? What were the placements?
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pls write me a manual

I started to..
But it wasn't good enough
After getting a really benign, noncommittal response from the Scorp guy (after I told him I'd been in love with him for three years) I went back into his bar again, my last night there. Really couldn't say why, either...needed the punishment, or just *had* to say more maybe that's it..

I had to leave early, and he ended up closing early too.

He played a really sappy, eerily relevant song, words like "broken without you here" something to that effect.

It resonated because I dated a Leo moon once (this Scorp's moon also in Leo) who would play songs saying (it seemed) everything he couldn't say himself. Donno maybe that's a Leo moon thing? Or coincidence. Anyway,

Some regular I never met before started talking to me, and (this always happens) hung around til the very end..luckily he went out to smoke and I took a deep breath and blurted everything out to the scorp.

Said I feel stupid coming in here.
He said Why.
I said I don't even like to drink, I'm in here too much I don't even like bars, I come in here to see you.
I said I really admire who you are and what you do. You're everything I could want in someone, in a man I wish I could meet someone just like you--
He cuts me off, says, You've only seen the good part, good side..if you knew everything else you wouldn't think the same.
I told him, I do want to know, I can say the same of myself, really..I want to show you,I would love you anyway (I really said love..)
I said I only know you in here, and you keep work and personal separate, you told me this, I get it I understand..I just wish it was different. I wish I was more than a guest to you. I know you don't want a wife or a girl friend..this life you've built for yourself
(Here he suddenly looks sad and like someone just deflated him of air)
Every man wants this--
He cuts me off and quietly says No one wants this.
I said sure they do
(The other guy opening door to come back in)
I say really I would still like you. You'd have to like..run over my dog or something, really.. I wish I could hate you sometimes and I really can't.
I'm smiling here,he has this really unreadable expression on his face.

The other guy informs me we gotta go to make the bus.

Scorp takes my hand and says, next time you are in here, we exchange histories. Kisses my hand. smiles and waves and turns like he's gonna go back to work. I look back at him from the door, he looks back up atme, blows a kiss. I smile..close the door, through the door he does it again.

On one hand...awww
On the other hand....arrrrgh.... -.-

Adding to this I did start applying for work again in Germany. Just gonna go for it. March will be take#2 when I try it.

That's the update.
Hope it was well-written and sufficiently entertaining for all of you.
The arrg continues..

I went in last night...pretty charged with dread but I did my hair up anyway.
It was busy so I got stopped by people I knew, and a beer was produced from someone on my right...courtesy of the Scorp. That cheered me up, made me smile.
Later he comes over and thanks me for the present. Takes my hand , kisses it. I just stare at him and don't know what to say or do. The whole reason I even came in was cos he said to, so he could open the thing tonight. He gave me a strange look at my reaction and was stand offish afterward.

I'm a moody mess, staring hard at my beer but I get over it and flag him back over. He doesn't want to come over and acts like a boy about it..then he does. I ask him why did he open it, what about all you told me? He said I know I know...But I just couldn't wait. I said I really wanted to see you when you opened it, and he said I'm here!! I've opened it now you see me..But he looked at me and took my hand with his other hand when he said it and felt all gooey and kept talking, didn't walk away until it felt all sunny again.

The chick employee didn't work that night, he had some other guy in there. I wait and wait and wait forever until it's just me, the other guy, Scorp and some young chick...and the Scorp is talking and talking and talking with her and I'm thinking Jesus really all I want to ***** do is share this with you and it's impossibly difficult to even get a moment.

Then the other guy tells me softly in English that the Scorp is pissed. I guess the chick was saying suicide was a right to be encouraged, and the scorp was trying to figure out why would you think that way, and to be so young and think that way. But she argued and he at one point brought up small children and I guess she had some crazy ideas...he got really worked up over it. I've only ever seen him like that once, twice before.

So his guy leaves and then finally he tells the girl off and I don't know *what* he said but even I could feel it was brutal (his Merc scorp). So she leaves.

Then he looks at me and says time to go. He is all abuzz.

And I'm frustrated as hell cos this stupid chick took this moment I would've had. I tell him so..I say I don't even like to drink..I can't keep coming in here and drink all night it's really hard on the body but it's the only way I can see you and it sucks. I told him I had so much to say and it sucks now he is all angry with this energy from that girl. He has the door open. He gives me a hug and says yes I'm angry but not with you. Time to go. I tell him I might not be back in here I got no cash left , I really wanted to say things to you. He said you are invited tomorrow just come in dont worry about money nothing. Say what you have to say. And I told him. Said I've been in love with you for 3 years and it doesn't seem to matter.

And he gave me a hug and said see you tomorrow.

He was in no shape for this talk. I knew it he knew it. So frustrating.

So now what. I go in for a third time in a row and sit there and wait and wait.

This is what it's always been. But I can't be mad at him cos nothing malicious went down it just went down that way.

@ $ !#/
Cant pick one---one of these three:

George Clooney
Robert Downey Jr but only as Tony Stark
Jeffrey Dean Morgan but only as Negan

There are more, but that was hard to do
Thanks.. I just hope he is maybe open to something more with me than being some favorite guest
I saw him last night, I went to his bar and to my surprise, he was there.

He was happy to see me.
Big hug, kiss on the neck,a how are you.

I had some beers, and again, he would not let me pay for anything. Even his employee (a woman who I will also tattoo..she is obsessed I think with him. But, I believe he is basking in this admiration from her and using it to his advantage. ) never let me pay.

At one point I asked if he had a girlfriend. Ive asked before. Figured before I get into anything later concerning my feelings, thatd be a good thing to know. He shook his head no. But, I know him. So I asked, how many girlfriendSss did he currently have. Then I got a real smile from him and he shook his head and said zero.

I didn't believe him and told him so. He said in the last 4 weeks nothing. He said ask the girls why. He didn't know.

Before I continue I've got to say for those reading this who haven't been seeing stuff about this scorp for the last 3 years, his life style w women has never been a secret from me. In fact I think I'm the only one who talks w him about it and he's often bashful when we get into it, whether there are people around or not.

Anywayso I said what about the last 8 weeks. He smiled again and said I don't know. He says you want a number? I said ya, you always want a number from me so. Then he remembers, then he is speaking about that other number, lol meaning how many women hes had sex with. He says you won't like me anymore if I tell you. I said so much more you should tell me, then I can show you I will still like you.

The other woman, his employee then came around and people needed beer and he served them--I noticed though he apologized for interrupting us,me, when he had to serve beers. he hasn't bothered to do that before. Like ever. It may seem like a small thing but Ive seen him cut someone off mid sentence to serve beers and just never return to the convo. He's done it to me.

We talked about football, silly things,the night wore on, he needed to close. I gave him his gift and he wouldn't open it. I told him he *should* wait til xmas but I kind of wanted to see him when he opened it. He said come back in here tomorrow. I protested, asked why. He said because tension,tension you need tension. Come back tomorrow. No kiss goodnight (usually I don't even want one) but I think it was because this other employee was floating around still. He mentioned, I could go with her. We have left together before. Maybe I should've. But I didn't, I just left.

Super hungover and sad today. Also jetlagged. Luckily I could take today to sleep it off, I feel better.

So I guess I'm going back in there tonight..
I fly down tomorrow. Don't think he works tomorrow night but maybe. If not tomorrow then at some point this week.
I made him an xmas gift.
Ugh.. one part of me can't wait the other is all twisted up about it..
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I'm totally open to it. I will be in debt for a while either way, I might as well build up and work it down slowly from other side of the ocean...


You know I'm on FB now..are you? My phone isabout to die and we are about to board. Can message you somewhere w details at some point

Yeah, add me.
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I'm totally open to it. I will be in debt for a while either way, I might as well build up and work it down slowly from other side of the ocean...

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You know I'm on FB now..are you? My phone isabout to die and we are about to board. Can message you somewhere w details at some point
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I'm totally open to it. I will be in debt for a while either way, I might as well build up and work it down slowly from other side of the ocean...
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Is your work background in something other than tattoo?

Yes..some admin, some English, some finance, lots of restaurant work.

"Some" exp. doesn't really fly in Germany, but I have gotten work before through knowing the right people..
I'm in Stockholm right now.. buttertiest of connection experiences (airports). I'd love a private jet.

I'm heading to Germany to finish up some work.
Coincidentally most everything (financial) has gone to shot for me in the US and serious talks have been had about getting a shot job in Germany and doing tattoo instead of a butter job and tattoo here. In other words, I may also plan an early move on this visit.

I also plan to lay it all down for the scorp man.. After discovering he did, several times tell me he really liked me and I was just head in the clouds, or too worried what other people thought, I'm going to tell him how I feel. Up to and including that me telling him all that, doesn't mean I expect anything from him. To know he exists is a gift, I really feel that way.

It would be too much to hope that it's reciprocated..and realistically I'm not exactly living there (yet) but I've got to tell him. I need to be rejected or accepted so I can move on.

I see him in 2-3 days.
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Speaking of the Virgal being oblivious thing, there was this one guy that was trying to tell me he liked me but I wasn’t sure and I didn’t want to assume it bc what if he was just being nice?

He’s like
“You’re so beautiful and I just wanted to help my friend get to you bc he’s my friend.. but...”
Me: but what?”
Him: I honestly.. I just really like you
Me: I really like you too! (:
Him: no like your such a great person
Me: I think you’re a great person too, really (:
Him: no I mean-
Me: (:
Someone hit me w a brick pls

Yesssss I knew I wasn't the worst one.
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So that Scorp, that I've been tormenting over for the past 4 years.. I wrote so much down in the first year. Went to his bar damn near every night it was open. Just a few days ago decided to open up and read from 3-4yrs ago.

I actually told him that I hoped one day I would be the only one he would want to be with. and then I got discouraged in front of him and said or maybe never. And for whatever reason, I didn't remember it (but wrote down!) he actually turned my face to his and said "no, you are different. I like you. Seriously I like you."
And I brushed it off.
And twice more that might he found me and said it again.
Said he wanted to see me the next night.
Three times.
And I kept brushing it off. Told him you have said that before and then I come in and you don't care. He repeated he wanted to see me.
And I came in. And all night, he did not let me pay for anything, anything. I remembered again as I read it. I was so cold to him all that night.

*buries head in sand*
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Also, they do these butterty things and don't care about getting caught, in fact they like your attention and the attention of anyone else they make aware they are treetrunking?