The last few day I stumbled through the Message Board and
I wonder how the Dharmachakra or the Wheel of the Dharma has been left out somehow?

Or was it discarded?

Wiki gives some information about the wheel.

I might have overlooked it, I'm actually still looking to see how I can change my avatar ;(
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Anyone can help me understand LostPisces post better?

Hmm I think the best way would be to read a little knowing more about one sign should anyway only be the beginning.
Here where I leaf through normally. Good to find some material.

Do you really believe everything you read?
I think it is time you read that caps get on well always.

Only trying will tell if it works or not.
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There's guys and girls that get no attention based on looks but make up for it in conversation or personality.

I know negative signs like Virgo are really self conscious. Just be chill and don't worry about them looking at you. Its probably all in your mind.

I mean some people are really good looking and one cant help but glance but thats about it.

Some say makeover/adjustments but aside from basic hygiene idk

Gays have standards too lol theyre just more open about who they like. Whereas some women are uptight AF and live in a soap opera world

ADVICE dont go into a soap opera mindset

too true really + 1000

Hi guys is there a limed to be able to change the avatar?
There is a "you" missing in my post ;(
Where knowledge ends faith begins basically says it all.

One thing does not exclude the other though
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I'm the same way but then again I only do Instagram because its not that serious. Just pics and memes. Facebook is just too personal....

Facebook too personal? That depends strongly on your configuration wouldn't you agree?

1 year
Its a bit unfair to decide if a person is a match based on his birthday, birth hour and location.
Some people are attracted by a person similar to them, others like the opposite.

Closing your mind and heart to those mis matched won't enrich your life, rather the opposite.
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Currently I'm experiencing a psychosis.. Please help me feel less alone with this.

Anything is welcome

Happy new year 2017, you are not alone. So how have got past the last year?