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Aqua and Cancer, a lot to learn from each other.

like for example...?
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Aqua f/Cancer m

But I'm biased

Aquas are too cold, far too cold.... No darkness.

Not those with tons of fire and a Scorpio rising to bring you to the dark side
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Aquas not for me.... I plan on being with my Leo.
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Aqua f/Cancer m

But I'm biased

Aquas are too cold, far too cold.... No darkness.
These are the reasons why specific signs wont work (and are not common) ... In the charts, there are opposites and these are the reasons ....They are classified into polarities (+/-) , energies (male/female), elements (E,A,F,W) qualities (C,F,M triplicities) and attractrion (electric, magnetic)... finally Ruling planets.

i) Aries Libra (opposites)

Ruler .... Mars .... Venus
Energy .. male ..... male
Polarity ... positive (+) ..... positive (+)
Quality ..... cardinal .... cardinal
Element ... fire ..... Air
Attraction ....electric ...... electric

ii) Taurus Scorpio (opposites)

Ruler .... Venus .... Mars
Energy .. Female ..... female
Polarity ... negative(-) ..... negative(-)
Quality ..... fixed .... fixed
Element ...Earth .....Fire
Attraction ... magnetic ...... magnetic

iii) Gemini Sagittarius (opposites)

Ruler .... Mecury .... Jubiter
Energy .. Male ..... male
Polarity ... positive(+) ..... positive(+)
Quality ..... mutable .... mutable
Element ... Air ..... Fire
Attraction ....electric ..... electric

iv) Cancer Capricorn (opposites)

Ruler .... Moon .... Saturn
Energy .. female ..... female
Polarity ... negative(-) ..... negative(-)
Quality ..... cardinal .... cardinal
Element ... water ..... earth
Attraction .... magnetic magnetic

v) Leo Aquarius (opposites)

Ruler .... Sun .... Saturn & Uranus (high Aqauarians)
Energy .. Male ..... male
Polarity ... positive(+) ..... positive(+)
Quality ..... fixed .... fixed
Element ... fire ..... air
Attraction ....electric ..... electric

vi) Virgo Pisces (opposites)

Ruler .... Mecury .... Jupiter, /neptune & Pluto (high pisces)
Energy .. Female ..... female
Polarity ... negative(-) ..... negative(-)
Quality ..... mutable ....mutable
Element ...Earth .....water
Attraction ... magnetic ...... magnetic
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With Aqua men it's tricky. This is where the conflict lies. If you've had sex with him before he's fallen in love with you, then he will not commit. Aquas are pretty picky when it comes to commitment. From my experience they always commit easily to other Aquas, because we have that connection and understanding that no one else has, and with women they haven't bedded yet.

If you gave it up too soon chances are he's not that emotionally invested in you. He might miss you but that doesn't mean he'll commit to you. I know various Aquarius males who will reach out but only to see how you are doing or to sleep with you.

As modern as Aquas tend to be we are actually quite traditional, especially the men. With them, the longer you wait to put out the better. Otherwise you'd just be labeled as a a girl he just had fun with. Which many have had plenty of.

As far as the chasing. No, we don't usually do the chasing. Even if we love you. We might pop up into your life and see what's up? But other than that we will not beg you. But our version of chasing after someone we love is being in constant communication with that person. Most other people see chasing as us asking for you to forgive us and ask you to be in a relationship with you. It's not gonna happen.

When my Leo broke things off, even though it killed me on the inside, I never begged him. I just reassured him if that's what he wanted to do. He said yes. I said ok and walked away. I don't do begging. I've never had to beg a man to be with me and I'm not about to start now. Aqua males have too many options to beg or a chase a woman.

hunny I am sorry to break this to you, but newsflash he is no longer your leo. hahahaha
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There should be only one capricorn not 4

Leo / gf 5+ years
Taurus / 8 years
Leo / 11+ years
Scorpio / 11+ years
Virgo / 11 years
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Awww........distance makes it very hard........ I hope it will work out!

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awww.......this Leo girl already said yes to be my girlfriend, and we saw each other quit often, I saw her from sunday till wed and she was sick yesterday and we are seeing again tonight

She only called me once........and being a crab, am I too clingy if I wanted her to call me more? We just started to be together and I already know that I do want her to contact with me more.......... How should I tell a sensitive Leo? She's as sensitive as me.

Am I too needy? I heard that Leos would think Cancers are too needy........

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I do and don't enjoy it???

I just don't waste my time on people who i know i have no chemistry with.
I may date or talk to someone but it goes no further than that if i know i's not right.

So you're in between?

The thing about chemistry, is how do you know? I am still understanding things, but is it like a feeling that you're uncomfortable with them?

You feel comfortable around them, conversations are natural and there is no need to try.
By you being you, you still keep a person hooked.

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Yes, they can mostly because they're busy entertaining someone else. If a Leo ain't paying attention to you, he's paying attention to someone else.

Please please dont change, remain as evil, cold and dumb as you can possibly be. This helps us disern who the good aaples are from the bad, horrible ones..


.......That link was about sex and relationships and using logic to quell emotional turbulence..well thank you your highness... but I think you dropped the ball on this one Princess. 10 OTHER Zodiac HOUSES are COMPLAING about most Aquarians not being in touch by expressing emotions or learning how to express in a humane and genuine way... Aquarians are supposed to learn from others not the other way around... The Twins are the best at using logic over emotions due to Mercury.....

"Try again. Saturn has very little influence over us. Uranus is our true ruler"

....Only those Aquarians who have learnt how to express emotion and show true compassion are ruled by Uranus,, I know you wont like whats next Princess the rest of are Saturnian....

....Could it be the famous Hell is not Hot but Cold? .. ....
"Actually we are heaven but we can cast you into hell because we are Gods and Goddesses. Bow down Peasant!"
.....If you claim The constellation of Aquarious is Heaven, you might be too far gone in your delusions of grandeur even I cant help you. you really do need to learn how to read the charts properly pumpkin.. bless that cold heart of yours.

" If you actually did research you'd know that Hades/Pluto is actually Scorpios. Not Aquarius. Aquarius are the water cup bearers of the Gods.
Hebe (a true goddess) and Ganymede (a pure and beautiful male taken by Zeus to live and be immortalized and serve). "

....Hades on the different location to Inverno (Hell). Hades is a place where all souls go for purification (to rip off all the nasty stuff like greed and selfishness aka the "7 deadly" the soul picked up during its time on earth. departure from Earth......
....Inverno (Hell) is located in Saturn (I know this for sure) dear Princess. INVERNO darling is reserved for the worst of the worst... the ones who betrayed their souls in every possible way.... If you find yourself there, being on earth is almost a last chance saloon for redemption.... gain bless that cold cold heart of yours.

...Aquarians are water cup bearers for the GODs.. I dont know any gods,goddess,kings,Queens moonlighting as servants. (That will most likely be the midheaven of a cupbearer to be honest). missed the symbolic meanings in that story while it was staring at you in the face all these years......
water / fluid = emotions, consiousness, dimensions,gateway etc.
The cup = your soul which holds water.
The Constellation of Aquarius is where your Spirit (your spirit is your space suit when you travel to different parts of the universe) It is what animates whatever body neede or Anima dwells or resides.

.....A cupbearers main Job description is to carry a cup or jar in a royal court, but not an empty one by the way...You have to go fetch the water. it is not infinite, hence you come to earth to learn how to fetch the water (or learn the art of being in tune with your emotional side.You learn that from the other houses especially the WATER HOUSES... No King or Queen needs a Cup bearer wth an empty CUP or JAR just hanging about jobless in the court
... A clear example Princess, is the fact that YOU are mostly Air and Earth and you claim to be "Dry as treetrunk " this means you need to hookup with a water sign real quick (if they would be nice enough you) and learn from because I hear the royal court needs you to come back with at least a cup or a jar. (your GODs are thirsty). You would also need some water for your journey back to your constellation.....

"we do not have coldness in our hearts. but we will be cold towards you if you are not in our hearts"
....Face Palm.. moving on.....

" we need to see the coldness around us to fix the world. hence why we are the humanitarian of the zodiac. no one else does our job better than we do"
....Double Face Palm (you are not helping yourself here pumpkin). moving on any proof to back up this claim?.....

" Nope, the coldness comes from our detached emotions because we are too busy seeing into the future or helping humanity
....Your Highness, reports from 10 out of 12 Houses of Humanity claiming that statement is a falsehood for the most part. This might be news to your Highness but eh (scratches head) I guess humanity as a whole are just ungrateful. no?"

"Again we are not Saturnian. My neighbor, Capricorn, on the other hand is. We are never lost with our consciousness, feelings, or awareness. We might be lost to you. But only true Aquarians understand each other. We travel to the stars and future, to bring back new information."
....Aquarians in touch with emotions and can express them are ruled by Uranus.. the rest of are Saturnians like your good friends the Carps. (ever wondered why carp/aqua relationships are matches made in errr Saturn?
....Princess I can see you claim to be a goddess (which I dont doubt.. Just not my godess or anything of that nature), where are your people? are they on Earth?, in the stars somewhere, another universe or in that beautiful Aquarian brain of yours?... I honestly would like to know and hopefuly meet them....

"To end this great essay of yours I will say this. We don't do anything for personal gain other than seeing people happy. We love to give and we do spread love around without expecting anything in return.
That is selfless. Most you encounter might be stubborn Aquarians or Aquarians who like to give you a hard time"
.... fairplay Princess, fairplay.

"most like to do this as they like to stir up trouble since they grow bored easily, but they know what they're doing. A lot of Aquas who are total douches, I have a few friends, show that dark part of their personalities because like I said, we tend to stir the pot once in a while, we love to solve riddles and problems. So sometimes when theres nothing going on, we subconsciously create it. But they're good people at the end of the day. Plus if you're dealing with an unevolved Aquarian...then will exhibit a lot of negative traits... just like any other sign "

.......Princess, Did you just list a reason or two for certain members of your House being markers and simultenously made excuses for them all the while "claiming how nice Aquarians really are"? ( only an air sign can juggle such contradictions in a positive light.). Seriously only an Air sign can come up with that. Not even Leos are this arrogant. BTW Most Leos are missunderstood confident people which can sometimes unwitingly spill into arrogance... I am not a LEO BTW

This was fun....

" who said we're not in touch with our emotions at all? we are. we deal with them. but we prefer to keep them at bay because we are extremely sensitive and not everyone is worth of seeing that side to us. (that's my ego talking) "
...........Princess, may I suggest we lay that ego to rest in some storage unit somewhere maybe Siberia or Orions belt ..A sensitive aquarian?, You can only be as sensitive as an aquarian can be pumpkin. On what scale are you basing your precious sensitive cold nature? Are we judging based on a Scorpio, Piscean scale or god forbid we use an off the chart Cancerian scale ?
......It gives me great pleasure in reminding you that an Aquarian is a FIXED AIR.. I seem to recall Air signs are well versed and skilled students in the areas of Sensitvity and empathy. With all the voodoo & magick going on these days you never know..
I would be careful when using the word "extremely sensitive whenever associating that with an Air Sign....

"we could be nice. thing is because we are so sensitive most people don't like to repay the favor. sorry. it could be we also don't like you or we are just being blunt. we do feel guilty about the way we say things which is why we come back and try to 'mend' things without an apology. (this is a character flaw)"
....Princess, Saying the word "we could be nice" is alluding to a potential. Fulfiling that potential as we all know is a different ball altogether. I wasn't just talking about being nice, I was talking about being ...*face palm* .... lets just move on shall we?....

Whch is better to be loved or respected?
"they go hand in hand. I had love but he didn't respect me...hence love died. respect keeps that love burning respect. Respect is the foundation of a long lasting healthy relationship"
......yes I agree with you... I was insinuating leaders not bad I could have asked in a clearer way.

... are you kidding me? we are the most selfless loving individuals. at least the females. soo much so that we end up being trampled.
To Those who have the Ears, LET THEM HEAR.
To Those who have the Eyes, LET THEM SEE.
To Those with true and noble intentions ...LET THEM RECEIVE.
To Those with selfish and dark, intentions...THAT WHICH IS HIDDEN WILL REMAIN HIDDEN.

Aquas Aquas Aquas, Dear Phillosophers, Seekers of True Wisdom And Knowlege, bless your cold,cold dark and lonely hearts, ...I feel your pain and I understand your suffering.

.......Questions For the Aquas.......
1. Have you any idea why you guys are barely in touch with your emotions at all?
Is there a reason for all this?

2.Could there be such a thing as being Kind For GOODNESS Sake?

3. Whch is better to be loved or respected?

4.Is there True Selflesness / love?

5.......Do know you are ruled by Saturn i.e the embodiment of Satan???, The Lord of the Rings, (raises eyebrows).. Catch it?
....Could it be the famous Hell is not Hot but Cold? ..
.Hell is actually colder than the coldest place on earth or most places within this solar system. inverno/ inferno anyone? ... ( Here is a twist) There is a part of Saturn that is nice and hot, hotter than most places in the solar system the core and emiting deadly gases like sulphur,ammonia and a host of others.. (Lets just say saturn is not a vacation destination) Remember it takes about 29 Earth Years to 1 Year in Saturn... every system has its resident Saturn...
Heat was a key result of equation that resulted in Birth Of This Universe not Cold, Remember the Sun everyday without fail brings Love, Light & LIFE to the Earth. While its Twin Saturn Brings the Opposite. Hate, Darkness & Death.
Duality Of Reality... sorry folks there has to be a Judas....its just not folks like me, not cut out for betrayals)

That coldness in your heart,
That coldness you see around you
That same coldness you tend to exhibit is brought upon you but by your ruler Saturn or Satan ..i.e. the evil twin of the SUN. (reminding you of where you just came from)

You are meant to accend past this way of life inorder to get past this darkness. (Otherwise its the oroborous for you darlings)....Forever surfering i.e your conciousness returning to inverno after drawing your last breath on earth and repeating the cycle in worse conditions each time getting more and more distant from your enternal and beautiful soul.
The Danger of losing the connection with your soul, your conciousness and your soul wil have no soul receive any directions from. You will become lost in this dimension. Your conciousness will be seized and be used as an agent of Saturn or one of his darling minions.

Right now, your soul is mostly trapped in Planet Saturn undergoing serious pain and suffering while you are meant to learn the LESSON OF SELFLESSNESS... (That is your main Karmic lesson).

Could it be your Soul has animated a body on earth with a spirit and a mind while still undergoing pain in Saturn to learn a special but very difficult lesson? Like maybe Accending past the Mark Of The Oroborous for example? could this be part of your lessons? Maybe to break that endless dark cycle of the Dark Karmic Oroborous...

The painful truth is, you were not the nicest of humans the last time you were on earth. Most of your knowlege for really selfish and dark .(err lets not go into it shall we?)
Thats why your soul went to Saturn instead of accending directly to Aquarius or Pisces after disembodiment at the end of your previous existence on this planet.
You see, this is why you guys appear distant.. Its because you are not really on earth you are in a prison. You've been given a chance to redeem yourself otherwise, when you disembody, or leave this planet, if you havent learnt your lessons, your conciousness, will have to return to inverno once again.. as we noted, its not a nice place for vacation. when your beautiful Soul Should be Resting in Peace (or Pisces). ...Get it?

BTW not all Aquas will go through this... not everything is set in stone. But a whole host of you are in this bracket. were supposed to be in Piceses learning but you decided to do dark butter.. some of you even did Human Sacrifices for power, real greedy butter.. back in the days.. Things like that...
A lot of you are still in touch with your old ways even though it has been hundered upon years you were last here....

.......How To Break This Cycle.......
Its actually quite simple (Though eaiser said than done) As an Aquarian, more than any other sign, you tend to be presented with a lot of difficult choices to DO GOOD for goodness sake. not for a reward. But for an Altruistic purpose and study the results no matter how long for you will be tested. Again and again...
Remember each new day, marks a new begining, a new begining to make a decision to STOP being an marker or its Daddy Saturn and his rings for you for a nice long Winter Vacation...(ohh yes there are seasons in Saturn btw) ...
Lets face it, we all Know (at least most humans beleive it or not there are people who have no idea) when YOU CHOOSE to do a Bad thing instead making the GOOD choice.....

Thanks for anyone with the patience to get this far. I quite privilleged to speak with Aquarians because I have a lot of respect and Love for the Aquas and everyone born within any of the 12 Houses. Its a great Honor and privillege Knowing and Understanding everyone of you guys in such a deep way..