A picture of an Ox is about right! You are the doofus! For the 100th time I have said how long is space have you answered that no! Is it a week two a rough idea do you understand stand now on wading in!!
What does run for pedi mean?
The thread asks how long is space to a pisces man doser.
Iv made it very clear that I haven't pushed him away. I am still here trying to talk to him. So how can he feel hurt. How long is this space thing for please ?
Hi Shakedown who bloody knows. He's beyond over the top to me. I have explained that I had bad day and in actual fact the reason I didn't want to speak to him was becuase I was goin to get further emotional. He explained he overreacted but now this has brought back bad memories or his last relationship and he needs to think about things. To me i think lets talk it's done it's over move on. This I want to sit in a dark room for however long is ridiculous. Imagine if I actually hurt him!!! Sensitive as hell is right.
No it's not me that's hurt him he overreacted and has said that. He said if I don't give him space he will be out of my life so I don't believe he wants me out. And yesterday he sent me two kisses. Do I have to wait?! its quite pathetic!! This need space becuase you said something I don't like. Get a grip! There's a lot worse thugs than me saying I will call you tomorrow I don't want to talk to you now as you've upset me!
How long is space to a pisces male. Who has admitted to overreacting has apologised and say he would like some space. And thanks you for understanding. Xxxx
Met a pisces we get on great speak daily for ages. We meet up. He said something I didn't like it was late I don't him I wasn't happy with what he said he said he was sorry I said I would call him tomorrow. When I did he ignored me. We we're going out that night so I was pretty angry. The next day he said he was sorry he is sensitive and has overreacted. But it brought back bad memories of his past relationship. He said please give me some space. If you can't then we have to leave things sorry. Can some please tell me how much space we are talking? I honestly feel this is bloody ridiculous and heavens knows what happens if we are faced with a real problem. I respect that he has been honest with me so I will continue as I was before he came along. But seriously!! Never been with sensitive men before is this what it's going. To be like all the time ?! Thanks xxx