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As long as his dick gets hard for you what does it matter

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just a joke....don't read too much into it

Lol, that's what I thought. Just needed someone else's perspective.
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Do you want it to mean anything?

If a friend sent you this you would just take it as a joke

I don't I just thought it was a little weird. If it had been someone I've known for a long time and knew his sense of humor, it may be different. But I get what you're saying. Thank you.
I may be over thinking here but this Virgo guy who I've never met before but we have been talking for over a year sent me this today and it's kind of a response to a message I sent him yesterday where I told him not to party to hard while away at the university where he is going to get his doctorate.

So he sends this pic:

Then says: "my back workout is really paying off 😛"

I don't know if he is being silly, or trying to flirt, or what and I don't want to sound stupid when I respond to him. I get the pic and what he is saying(like he's the guy in the pic) but I'm lost as to why he sent it to me. Any thoughts?
Despite you teasing me (Leo's don't like that btw) my parents are a Leo(dad) and Scorpio (mom) couple. They have been together for over 40 years. Good luck!
What I miss?
When I first found this place all you would post is stuff about Virgo! Lol. You're funny.
Leo - when I was younger I did Karate, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball, Soccor, Swimming, horseback riding and gymnastics, (I don't understand how I was always fat) I also enjoyed going to the gym with my parents(again, how the treetrunk was I fat?)

In my 20s I took up bellydancing and I walked from my apt to my college classes every day(I somehow lost 50 lbs doing just that, go fig)

In my 30s I've been limited due to 2 major car accidents, and a few surgeries and an autoimmune disease, however, I tried Salsa dancing(I got into accident #2 in the middle of those classes) and I walked a lot, now I do TKD and I'm thinking of taking up Tai Chi. I also bike ride when I can. I also like to do archery and last week i went to the golf driving range and enjoyed that so I might start doing that more often. I also enjoy going To The paintball gun ranges and normal gun ranges.

The baby joke wouldn't have pissed me off, but you appologising afterwards like a kitty would have. Altho, since I can't have children, I wouldn't be insulted but Id think you would want children i can't provide and probably would push you away. That could go along with a woman who isn't ready for kids too.

I once had an Aries tell me he wanted to make babies and wanted to make them right away. I couldn't tell if he was joking or being serious.... but I was like.... um.... no.....
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The OTHER person has their venus exactly facing this butterstorm.... So it can be good, they awaken it, make you heal bla bla, or it makes it worse and you should leave them. Hard to say. It's life, it's a butter fight in any case. 😊

This made me
Maybe he didn't like the fact her vag discharge was unusual?

Kidding aside. If he was just a FWB then move on. You got emotional and that is rule #1. Not your fault it happens sometimes. Unfortunately.

He did give you the decency to tell you it wasn't working out. I know you want to know what the problem is and may be he will tell you or may be he won't. Either way just remember he did end it officially and he didn't just ghost you. He respected you enough to do that. He gets points for that..... hell... I'm not usually that nice.

Just learn from it. I know it's hard to move on but you can do one of 2 things. Jump on another dick who may turn out to be better or just say screw guys and focus on yourself for the moment. Find a guy that is good looking but also one who you just want to shut the treetrunk up and treetrunk you cause he's stupid or boring but got a nice dick. They are rare gems but they are out there.
She has a thing for suitcases. Boxes. Paper bags.
I came home and found her packed and ready to go!
The Khazar conversion is a myth.

I can't even believe the ignorance in this post.
No one will answer it because it has to do with Astrology.
How do You do compatability with out a birth time? Is it impossible?
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What type of vibrator are you looking for? Straight penetration? One with a clit stimulator on It? One that twist or turns or both? One that pumps? Waterproof? Large? Small?

Mainly for clitoral stimulation, i dont necessarily need the penetration/pump action. Something that fit comfortably in your hand, nothing large. Someone recommended the rabbit, and that's too big.

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So you are looking for a bullet. Hmm. Many options.
What type of vibrator are you looking for? Straight penetration? One with a clit stimulator on It? One that twist or turns or both? One that pumps? Waterproof? Large? Small?