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I've got a 9th house stellium!

Yes! Love that show. Sad that it ended.
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Libra and Leo are a great match. I love Libra men!
Lol, this is the 3rd time I've seen this picture in the past 48 hours
That's my Pisces sister!! She always complains about how fast the food goes and I'm like "well, if you didn't give them a pound of food twice a day..." and she's like "but they are starving!&#   Read more

Now we are tied
Lol, at least he is honest .....

But yea screw him
I defiantly treetrunked up my knee in TKD last night.... and I have to test tomorrow night....crap...
When non Jewish people set up Menorahs, take pictures of it and post it on Instagram wishing everyone a Happy Chanukah....then someone comments "that's a candelabra, right" and you have to correct them.... wtf.... I really hope she   Read more
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B I've had A.....let's just say we ended in couples therapy because he was "afraid" to tell me and I was more pissed off at that point then I would have been if he had just told me. Plus, if you tell me in a certain way it won't turn into an argument in the first place.

that's true. that is one of the main reasons too why I wait to say anything..

I need to say it in a way that isn't hurtful or will embarrass the other
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Just don't bottle it up or wait to long to say something about it. If it's like a year from now she's going to get pissed. If it's a week later than it should be fine, as long as you don't attack her about it.
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