In the darkness all men are equal, save those that embrace it.
Well, I could start with a great big "HIIII!" followed by a mess of nicknames but then I would become what I most hate: those people that are amazingly reminiscent of groupies. Which, coincidently, don't go *sqeee*. (It's really more of an "eeee!" noise, by the way)

I could tell you my name, of course. I could tell you plenty of things about myself and my life, but I'm a very secretive person. Probably thanks to my genetic make up. You really can't blame society for all there is, no no. Some monsters are born, not made.

I battled with myself for ages (and yes, me and myself have arguments all the time) over whether or not to even start this profile (profiling?) stuff, and I'm to blame for doing it. But you've arrived here - why I don't know, and so it is only fair to write these few lines...

My Personality Info you can get away in time.

MonkeyInTheMoon - the very name conveys the image of the outcast and downtrodden. I walk a dark path into the heart of the night, beset by the Adversary at every turn; you cannot offer permanent shelter from the storm within, but you may offer temporary succour before I have to move on...

With a solar knife I split the sky
And walk right in between
To search the answers to every "why?"
Where I have seen the unseen

I stole the colour of night
To get out of your sight
I am the Visionaire
Follow me if you dare...
Tiamat, The Visionaire

...that make me happy

Tired of the eternal efforts to fight our way through raw matter, we chose another way and sought to embrace the infinite. We went inside ourselves and created a new world...
~ Henrik Steffens

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
~ Robert Frost

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
~ Thoreau

...I can have my own little radio station. Amazing.

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I like the German one. By the way, do they have different versions? Last year or so I heard it with with drums... maybe it's the army version?

could be; i am not sure. i only know that there is an official anthem in instrumental and with a choir.

here a longer version and with a choir.
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The longer version you posted (including three stanzas) is the anthem of the German Reich. Since World War II and the fall of Nazi Germany, only the third stanza has been used as the official national anthem. The stanza's beginning, "Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit" ("Unity and Justice and Freedom") is considered the unofficial national motto of modern Germany.
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I like the German one. By the way, do they have different versions? Last year or so I heard it with with drums... maybe it's the army version?
Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

~George Bernard Shaw
I grew up with this song... to me it's about hope in deepest darkness and a true bond.

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we are not cut out for immortality.

Given some time, why shouldn't we able to adapt? After all that's what we always did and what made humans successful.
Aye. I remember the Cold War and how it influenced movies, like 'The day after', and songs like Stings 'Russians'. It was five minutes to midnight on more then just one occasion. One shouldn't forget the lessons history teaches us... I never forgot Belfas   Read more
I really don't know. I'm an October libra but despite being introvert or extrovert I'd label myself utilitarian as utilitarian thinking is my mode of living. I use to say I'm a loner but that's more about secrecy and privacy than recharging energies. Everything I do has to make sense to me and just hanging out with people or pursueing relationships doesn't help me in my goals or interests. Maybe because I'm heavily air dominant, I'm sort of a brain on steriods - I see the human body as an means to an end, like getting me from A to B mostly. It's a vehicle that needs to be maintained.
You all may think this farfetched. But it's been recent studies that made me think about this.

The Pentagon wants to harvest technologies that could 'upgrade' human physical, psychological, and cognitive makeup. The NDU paper catalogues a range of relevant fields, including "personalized (genetic) medicine, implants such as computer chips and communication devices, robotic prosthetics, direct brain-machine interfaces.

A special area experiencing breakthrough developments is synthetic biology (SynBio). Scientists have created cells with DNA composed of non-natural amino acids, opening the door to create entirely new "designer life forms," the Pentagon report enthuses, and to engineer them with "specialized and exotic properties."

A recent Pentagon assessment of current SynBio research suggests "great promise for the engineering of synthetic organisms" and even more radically, they note the emerging possibility of using stem cells to regenerate every human body part.
Like that

That's my favorite, by the way: