In the darkness all men are equal, save those that embrace it.
Well, I could start with a great big "HIIII!" followed by a mess of nicknames but then I would become what I most hate: those people that are amazingly reminiscent of groupies. Which, coincidently, don't go *sqeee*. (It's really more of an "eeee!" noise, by the way)

I could tell you my name, of course. I could tell you plenty of things about myself and my life, but I'm a very secretive person. Probably thanks to my genetic make up. You really can't blame society for all there is, no no. Some monsters are born, not made.

I battled with myself for ages (and yes, me and myself have arguments all the time) over whether or not to even start this profile (profiling?) stuff, and I'm to blame for doing it. But you've arrived here - why I don't know, and so it is only fair to write these few lines...

My Personality Info you can get away in time.

MonkeyInTheMoon - the very name conveys the image of the outcast and downtrodden. I walk a dark path into the heart of the night, beset by the Adversary at every turn; you cannot offer permanent shelter from the storm within, but you may offer temporary succour before I have to move on...

With a solar knife I split the sky
And walk right in between
To search the answers to every "why?"
Where I have seen the unseen

I stole the colour of night
To get out of your sight
I am the Visionaire
Follow me if you dare...
Tiamat, The Visionaire

...that make me happy

Tired of the eternal efforts to fight our way through raw matter, we chose another way and sought to embrace the infinite. We went inside ourselves and created a new world...
~ Henrik Steffens

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
~ Robert Frost

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
~ Thoreau

...I can have my own little radio station. Amazing.

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Hey I wanna play too!! lol.

6/10 face with a 5/10 bod:

8/10 face 10/10 body

Actually I like the first face better than the second one.
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There are more sag's than Aquas on DXP..

Mhm. If you put horns on an aqua, does that qualify as sag?
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the constant tinman/alicia flirting is getting a bit arousing, but no time for that, cyberspace
brb cyberglove
brb information highway
brb granpa etard pwning some noobs on the server

How are you the age that you are and have the wit and sense of humour of a 20 year old?

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Ya know, it's like what they say about wine and age. Vintage stuff just is well rounded.
Monkeys. You just can't beat them. Lurking around everywhere, they are. Mhm. Not hearing, not seeing, not telling?

God I miss the 80s.

Maui Jim Frigate 716-06 Gunmetal Blue MP-8G Polarised

15 hours
Preparing for the biggest change in human history.
Ach, I remember you being a writer, at least you wrote interesting topics years back. Actually I was surprised to find you here still after the many years.

Involving friends might be a good idea if you have some. We may sound the same but there's a di   Read more
I come to think of it as something that accompanies getting older. It's like growing up and finding less and less on DXP you can relate to, or things you thought big problems once merely a nuisance. Some topics just give you a writers block because you do   Read more
I'd say what doesn't kill you didn't try good enough. Seriously though, I'd assume that shift of placements is neither positive nor negative. It just is.
How would cynism help your case?
Good news: nobody dies virgin - cause in the end, life treetrunks us all.
You think so? Maybe as a correcting measure when people are overly optimistic, that means when they are not just as optimistic as they ought to be.
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No, you guys get Harvey Dent

Harvey rules. Love it when he utilizes his coin.
Just discovered the Solus project. It's mysterious, thrilling... love the riddles and discoveries. An exciting game. Got to try it with VR.

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