@aquarius_man - lol ok is the aries worse than an aquarius in that sense? Learnt a lot from my Aqua ex in respect of myself so hopefully the same issues aren't made with the Aries.

The series is called Cane and Abel mate. I was in the gym doing some stick and knife work and we were approached by the guy making the film asking us to be in the scene. We were like yeah whatever. Turns out the producer is a nice guy and we became mates. We shot half the scene for the film. 2 days later he tells Netflix have contacted him and they want to do a 10 part series. So he now has to stretch 1hr 30 film in 10 50 min episodes.

@Bittercupcake - Hmm I cant really be temperamental and jealous unless something is triggered inside of me. Come to think of it I am not the jealous type because I value my freedom a lot.

But thank you for the advice. She seems quite bubbly and has a zest for life which is what I like
@Chuckem - Well the zest for life is back mate. Currently training a mate for a charity MMA fight in 2 weeks and have also landed a few fight scene in an up and coming Netflix productions for a martial arts series.

@Aquarius_man - I hear you, Leos generally aren't cowards until we get over emotional then we turn from lions into cats lol
lol.. I am glad I am none of those things.
Hi Guys

I have been recently talking to an Aries lady and I find her energy and vibe positive. She seems to be a happy go lucky person which is what I like. I am a Leo, and I hear that Leo males and Aries Females tend to get on very well.

So I am here for some advice. I am hoping to see her for the first time this weekend.

1.) What qualities to Aries Women like in a man?
2.) What is the best way to attract an Aries woman and make a lasting impression.
3.) What is it about guys that Aries women do not like.

Thanks in advance.
@seraph - thank you so much. Wise words and they make complete sense.

@aquarius_man - what were your circumstances if you don't mind me asking. I have no problem stealing her, the issue is that even today despite being with someone else she has a massive wall built for me and I know I still affect her. It as clear as it can be in her behaviour. She is not indifferent at all, she pretends to be but as soon as I am mentioned in some emotional manner, she just puts up the wall until the problem goes away. I really think she is about to get married in a rebound manner because her parents have found her someone.

Problem with that is, when she does realise, she will have hurt more people than she can thing of.
@sierra - then you just ignore it lol.

@seniorita_ll - good for you. Atleast something positive came out of something negative
See blocking again is a form of ghosting in my opinion.

May be ghosting/blocking is a phenomenon amongst the younger generation. My ex is a lot younger than me when we started to speak again, she blocked me on wotsapp but not the phone. It was only when I said we couldn't be friends she blocked me on the phone and presumably deleted my number.

Why cant people just delete number like they used to and just move on. Maybe being a younger generational thing the older generations don't understand it.

I am not criticising anyone if they do ghost as it works for them, but personally I don't see how that brings any form of emotional growth. Gosh I sound old lol
@Compy - what makes you think my ex respects me
I did try to talk my way back into the relationship. I was told I gave her lots to consider and we will talk. Same old BS I had before and then told we can be friends. When I asked for closure via email and got ignored, then I called her a few days later. She said she didn't want to talk about it and I keep on asking to. Every valid point I made was dismissed.

It was at that point I realised that without respect there is very little hence why I said we cant be friends. I am past wanting to reconcile and I know my ex will fall hard in the future because she doesn't think for herself.

It would be nice just to have a talk and clear the air. But I have given up on that as well now.

Its funny because while we were talking she kept saying how amazing I am and how I have changed for the better and how I am now even more amazing.

Anyways it is what it is, I feel a weight has been lifted and I am far too good for her now. I still believe my ex has not dealt with her emotions regarding our break up and that's why she keeps that door closed. Not sure how this helps Aquas but as a Leo it would eat me up inside
Yes I have been the victim of it. My ex did it to me and we work together as well. Its been a year and I still don't have answers. She has moved on not once but twice. In my case its her parents who are controlling and didn't let the relationship move forward. Now she is with someone that her folks approve of.

I have asked for closure countless times and my ex just refuses to give it to me. I have a thread on it at the moment.

@magma2 - I couldn't have said it better. Thank you it means a lot. The sad story is that going forward her house will always be built on sand unless she changes, and you cant change until you start thinking for yourself. That's just reality!!!
Well atleast you got something. My ex completely ghosted me until I reached out to her. Even then she tested the waters and then when SHE decided she needed me she reached out. My ex definitely cant handle her emotions especially towards me. As for rebounds well her ex after me was a rebound and I think her current bf was introduced by family. She really doesn't think and does not want to face whatever issues she has with me. Its up to her and its her loss.

Yes I agree not getting closure can be really toxic.

It makes me think sometimes, do people who don't give closure actually realise their mistake at some point or do they just go through life completely ignoring it and accepting the present?
@aerial view - whats the venus and mars synastry
I ask the question because everywhere you look regarding astrology, it is always the sun that is compared. Yet once you look into it further you realise that there are so many other variables that come into play.

Yes its down to each individual so I figured I do a post and see what people think.

Here are 2 examples

1.) Suns match and the two people get on great but the moons clash so there is a difference in understanding or processing emotional issues differently which may cause issues or

2.) Suns clash - 2 people have different methods of thinking, outlook on life, the way they do things, but the moons match so they have some form of emotional stability.

Which works better? Yes its an open question and different for everyone but its food for thought.
As someone new to Astrology the more I research the more I find it fascinating.

So I have a question - Suns Vs Moons.

In a relationship which one do you think carries more weight and why?

Which makes a relationship work better the sun (personality) or the moon (emotions). If the suns are compatible and the moons aren't or if the moons are and the suns aren't how strong is the relationship likely to be?
@aquarius_man - She broke up with me. To this day a year on she still avoids the subject. Its almost like she doesn't want to deal with the issue, especially in a case where she has moved on. I don't understand why she just can't answer some simple questions and be done with it. She avoids anything related to us emotionally. Yes without closure is the reason why I am affected. I am getting better day by day but still its something that I think everyone deserves.

I did move on but I realised as I have unresolved issues it wasn't fair on that girl so I called it off.

@Rindaroo - Yes I agree. If we had an open talk things would be easier. Its been a year and I still have feelings and I am sure my ex does too. Ghosting is a form of cowardice in my opinion. If you have a level of respect for a person then you should be able to communicate openly and honestly with respect.
25 years - WOW how did you handle that? Maybe you could give me some advice on how I should deal with my situation. My ex has done exactly what your ex did. When I told her my feelings I asked her if she still had feelings for me and she said "I think you are amazing" When I asked if she was happy in her current situation she said "We have things to work out"

@aquascorpio9 - When it comes to me I definitely feel that she isn't honest with herself and I know she will regret it down the line. She definitely seems dependent and is seeking some form of security. She is very close with her family but doesn't have much experience in life or life skills I think. Its definitely time to move on hence the reason why I am here speaking to my dxp family and asking for advice on how to get that closure.
@Aquascorpio9 - Thank you for your kind words. And I am very impressed at what you wrote.

Yes it was very difficult with the parents being involved. And after speaking to my ex recently she said she has realised just how much influence her parents have on her. Firstly they didn't accept me, secondly the didn't accept her ex and now the guy she is seeing is a family introduction. So I am assuming he ticks their boxes. The problem with that is that people in general need to live for themselves, and she will realise this later in life. Its funny because they are having complications very early in the relationship and when I asked her if her problem was resolved she said it was "unresolvable". Anyways that her problem to deal with. Astrologically speaking he is a Taurus and they are not suited at all. But that's up to them. Two things will happen, either she will get engaged to him for comfort and security reasons or when the times to get engaged she may realise her freedom is going and she may reflect on things. Either way its not my problem anymore, but something tells me based on her behaviour she definitely has feelings for me.

I have a friend at work who sits next to her and he is going through some marital issues. I had a chat with him this morning and told him that he may not get his answers and to hope for the best and prepare for the worst and I learnt this from experience. He mentioned it to her and she began to panic and get defensive asking him if I told him the name of the girl who hasn't given me closure. Then she sat there in a mood all day. I fail to understand how people can move onto other people and not resolve their emotional issues from past relationships. Clearly she is still affected by me and if she was happy in her relationship then this should not be case.

I totally agree she was very dependent on me. My ex has no direction in life, I live my life my way. I meditate, train martial arts, and teach as well. I am a focussed driven person and I am currently helping a mate prepare for his first fight and we are doing this for charity. These are the traits she admires in me. Anyways getting back to the subject, the dynamic that was created for her made her feels safe, I could read her like a book, I knew what was wrong and was able to fix the issue without her saying. I appreciate that once safety goes people feel isolated and totally agree with your analogy. She did come to me with problems in the past and they were solved.

As for reaching out to her, yes I did on many occasions when I shouldn't have. I have told that girl her happiness means the world to me and if she is happy with her ex then I am happy, I have told that girl that I hold no grudges, we are good. I even said to her to have a talk so we can set some boundaries and I would cause her any issues. To every attempt I received no response. She completely blanked them all. I don't think her romantic feelings have ceased, I think that maybe they are so strong that emotionally she cant deal with them. I am shocked a year later she has made no progress. She wanted to be friends because I offer her lots of benefits, she claims she still trusts me hence she told me her problem. She is emotionally immature and has a lot growing up to do. Either way I know she knows what she has lost. Time for me to move on and find someone who is whole and deserves me and both of us can make an amazing life together.

@bmoon I am starting to feel like that now to be honest.

I just need to write this one up as a loss and a lesson