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The path to victory is easy. Just respond like this to every question:

History is on our side.

We could send them a The Donald doll and then captenn suddenly makes an appearance to blow the doll 😂

He'll be like oops sorry reflex
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OP sort of looks like a Filipino Channing Tatum in the ”before" pic.

But did she looksmax?
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So what's stopping everyone from just being on all the sites and learning astro as presented? Are people seriously pre-banned before they get there?

I am pretty astromaxed

I think I have learned everything you can from the net

Next level is buying the books
Send classmate to hack them

Install a profanity filter

Let Gemitati come up with the words
Firebunny is cipher coz cipher wanted to #cope
Morpheus is fighting neo
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Good to see that the uneven fringe/bangs is a global phenomenon. Looking at all 3, it's like them were following the angles of the eyebrows.

I thought it was because your true hair hasn't formed yet that is why it is flat and any texture or dark color comes later
We send rekt over there

No reason

Just send her there
Troll half of the baldcels on that site into buying minoxidil
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Well whaddya know dxp has traces of the ands

longanisa arms
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A Pisces sent me underwear pics over there just from my mars

I pretended to be appalled but fapped to it anyway
Tiz will captain he can hold his own in traditional astrology which is what that site really is
Cloudy will laugh at their lack of canthal tilts and craniofacial development
Don Johnson will measure heights and ayyyy lmao over their graves
I will accuse them of #cope

They cannot stop me
No we have lisabethur8 for the celebrity astro trivia round
I use it for haircut advice

10 hours