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17 hours
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They have zero problem ignoring you, but when you ignore them they get super treetrunking butthurt and aggressive

arent you a cap moon ?
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Whether I have a cap moon or not doesn't change my assessment on this lol
They have zero problem ignoring you, but when you ignore them they get super treetrunking butthurt and aggressive
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What inspired this question?

Overweight people are becoming the norm, and people of normal body weight are more and more rare.

Given these patterns, I'm wondering if anyone has noticed people of normal weight being treated better, in a general sense.

I've heard people IRL makes comments, and it got me thinking.
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I consider myself to be overweight. I think that people of a normal weight are definitely treated better. I don't think being normal weight is a privilege though LOL.

Overweight folk should take responsibility for themselves. To say that people who are a healthy weight are privileged sounds like some weird fat people butter who don't want to be accountable.
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Look she's not responsible at all, she never made a promise or commitment that was broken, that's all his bad.

So not at all her responsibility, but its still extremely risky life style , when I go and stab that cookiemonster in the treetrunking throat.

One could easily argue that we are all morally binded not to participate in such a degrading situation that is deemed amoral by society and therefore goes against the values of the group.

This syllogism leads me to conclude that the general principle should be that a certain responsibility is held by the one being cheated with. As every general rule, there are exceptions that relieve the subject from responsibility, such as the fact that the subject acted unknowingly.

I'd include a supplemental obligation that rests with the third party to make a reasonable effort to know the situation of the eventual intercourse partner.

i guess its good im not a legislator
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Hedonism says that morality is relative, to which decision maximizes pleasure.

I don't know. I see both sides to it, and know that women in general are irrational jealous creatures and they go straight for the other woman's jugular. I've thankfully never been put in this situation, so I can't know how I would feel. If I was being honest, I'd probably be pissed at both, but much more angry at my dude obviously.

I do have a cap friend, her Pisces bf asked for a break. 1 day, so that he could treetrunk another woman, apparently. She blames the other woman 1000% because her kids carseat was in his car, that he drove her around in that day. She absolves him of all responsibility and to me, that is just insane. Like... your boyfriend, the father of your child, asked for a 1 day break just so he could stick it in some other woman. And yet, it's her fault. Okay lol.
In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.
I ain't reading 7 pages

Who's blocked ole nano 😎
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Never ask, that’s tacky af.
Just hint and then reward him with a bj when he comes through.

Yea, it's an actual art.

Talk [discreetly] how much you love this item, and how good memories are attached to it/how its special, and low-key HOW this item might in an unrelated way benefit him somehow.

Voila 👯‍♀️ it's mine
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On DXP, all the good characteristics apply to everyone and the bad ones apply to no one.

"Oh you must be talking about the unevolved ones of my sign, yeah....das not me"
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LOL. In my head, when people say that:

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On DXP, all the good characteristics apply to everyone and the bad ones apply to no one.

Lmao! So..... just like real life?
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Yea lmao. If it's a positive stereotype, they are all over it. But when there's a negative stereotype people notice about them, "omg stop generalizing us all"

But they are more than happy to be generalized with the positive aspects 🤔
That's so yesterday. Like that hilarie duff song
On DXP, all the good characteristics apply to everyone and the bad ones apply to no one.
Can't find much to troll this morning.
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new england, pacific northwest, colorado, alaska, and anywhere else, if you could just remove the americans

Unless its me 😇
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Damn, we fell way short of the original dream.

Way way waaaaay
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I just wanted to share my plate story here with y'all Scorpios/moons.

I'm gonna slip outta here. I'm still taking heat from the last thread sooooo

This resonates, the plate story... I feel like Scorpio moons will punish you when you slight them but they won’t make it obvious.

Scorpio sun will tell it to your face and those around them.. “cookiemonster I’m coming for you.”
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I feel like that's kind of why I go along so well with the Scorpio moon. I usually laugh or just roll my eyes at said "punishment". I can't take it too seriously. Like why do you gotta punish a person who just had an accident. It's too dramatic and the over reaction is just cringeworthy

Today I was concerned though. Like uhh are you okay? That's just... It's a lot, it's too much.

Scorpio sun doesn't do the dramatics on even close to the same level

And people say Leo moon are the drama queens.... I dunno about that.