My wife and my daughter, I swear sometimes I can't live with them, but in long run I can't live without them. I love both of them with all my heart despite all the headaches.
Thanks Waggy.. Although I'm not a type of guy to bother other people cause I'm too shy when it comes to asking other people's for help and I understand some people can get really busy with their own lives but I really needs some he   Read more
Sydney and Melbourne.
Thank you and I'm sure will.
All set! I'm going to visit the beautiful country of Australia next month together with my wife and my kids. I'm so ready and excited
Pisces definitely. Both gender.

Most Scorpios I know in real life are bunch of sweethearts. Of course I'm referring to Scorpio Women only

7 days
Better late than never. Belated Happy Birthday Tiz!
Nice!!! I'm glad DXP still alive, I thought Duncan forever shut down the website like 'Oh mannn I'm going to miss some of the coolest and nicest people here' haha..
I miss my Leo Daughter so much even though she loves to wake me up every day at 6am. Sigh!!! 4 more days to go.
Me when my wife told me she doesn't like Star Wars.
GGG clearly got robbed. Good fight though. #Boxing
I feel old It's been awhile since I played this game haha. Going to try my best to finish the whole series again and my favorite Xbox exclusive game of all time.

Even Sailor Mercury is a Virgo cause the writer of Sailor Moon couldn't care less about Gemini
Thank you, I'll be sure to say hi to you after I survived this hurricane haha
Cant wait until monday and say thank you to Hurricane Irma for the big rain and 3 days off.
Yes, very calm ☺ I'm actually loving the windy right now.
Such a beautiful weather right now here in South Florida. Just chilling outside my house ?
Thank you Tiz,