Shwiggity shwag what's in da quantum electrodynamic bag?

[Natal Chart]
Libra Sun
Pisces Moon
Virgo Venus
Scorpio Mars
Scorpio Pluto
Scorpio Rising
Leo Midheaven
Sun in the 11th
Libra in the 12th

[Progressed Chart]
Scorpio Sun
Aquarius Moon
Libra Mars
Virgo Midheaven


Try loving things that don't try to kill you.
Posted by queenaries_
Who gives a treetrunk. Men use women for sex daily.
Children get physically abused and raped, daily. There's a child somewhere getting raped right now. People Rob, Cheat, and Kill each other daily. Think before you speak, that's the dumbest logic I've ever heard.

Also on the flip side, there are plenty of people who DON'T act like that. There are plenty of men who are committed to their woman. So it's doubly stupid.
Posted by queenaries_
I’m aries sun
Capricorn north node
Cancer south node

What do you think that means
You're attracted to men that serve your own success. The placements themselves don't say anything about attraction, I'm just cross referencing with what you said in the OP. With you just so happening to be drawn to people with Cap influence, as well 10th house influence which again is basically the Capricorn house. All of this matches things you, yourself, have said to me at other times.

I think there's something wrong with that, I mean really who intervenes and intertwines into someone else's life on a romantic basis, making them fall in love and everything... all for their own selfish gain? But subjective judgements aside, it is whatever it is and you're going to do whatever you're going to do.

Ironically my main Cap influence is that I have Cap in the communication house. So if anyone was able to explain how "it's all bout cap" for you... it'd be me lol
Also, this stuff would also have to apply to Moon. Since Moon is just as significant as Sun. It's literally HALF of a person. So if you wanna buy into this crap, I'm Pisces Moon so you have to accept my dick game is too strong and finally shut up with saying otherwise.
Bullbutter, there are only 2 kinds of men: Those who only have sex for their own orgasm, and those who only have sex for HER orgasm.

People always just slap the qualities of each sign onto something, assuming that everything that exists is dependent upon the whole of the person's personality traits. Which makes no sense whatsoever, if you actually think about it Sex is a very narrow and Linear thing. It's just horny urges, and from there either you're an impulsive person who just tries to get off as fast as possible. Or you're more self-controlled and mindful and are more focused on making the sex good for the other person.
Posted by Jayc3on
Gemini moon
Murder mars
Aries rising
You're not Murder anything, you got little cookiemonster written all over you.
Posted by queenaries_
Hopefully I got there chart right then b/c I don’t know any of their birth times.
Hmm well they do test me, that’s for sure.
Nodes have to do with karmic balance. North is "up" or positive karmic direction, south is "down" or negative karmic direction.

I have Aries North Node, I take this to mean I have to learn to be more active, impulsive, competitive, domineering, etc. Also, people don't believe me that my being friendly with people leads to bad things. But it's right here hidden in the fact that my sun is Libra and my North Node is completely opposite to that. My Sun and South Node are one in the same. Meaning my positive Karma comes when I don't follow my Libran tendencies. Better to follow my heart and better for me to have enemies rather than "friends".
Everyone is universally attracted to the placement of My Balls in Their Mouth.

Also, OP, lol at that Gold Digger preference.
That's in the choice to simply be content with your 94% .
She must be jealous. You're probably smarter than she is and she's all "wtf, dis little treetrunker".
Pimpin dem glass rims huh?
Oh apparently HoneyXx's professor is a woman... slight miscalculation: Then you gotta whip out tha ole cunnilingus on dis one.
So you're doing it all wrong if you're trying to work hard. Protip: Get to suckin them nuts.
Don't you know? The system is rigged so by default girls get less grades than the boys, until the girls start suckin the teacher's nuts... literally. Then it's the other way around lul
Did anyone see LadyNeptune's boyfriend's latest selfie?
People really need to stop associating Fakeness with any given sign. Every sign has their examples where people express the qualities in an illusory/fake manner. Because the vast majority of people in general, are fake. They don't have the balls it takes to be /real/. In fact, how often do you think a person realizes they are being a fake ass cookiemonster? Literally never. Libra is just admittedly, one of the weaker signs. Air is the weakest element. So of course they tend to fall on the cowardly and pathetic end of the spectrum.

The whole point to the fakely expressed qualities, is that those are the qualities of that sign regardless of whether they are fake or real. Just like Leo Suns are often full of a bunch of bullbutter, and are really nobody losers despite acting like they are the kings of the world. However, that's because the Leo sign really does entail those qualities. Whether expressed fakely or genuinely.

Personally, I'm 90% real. So to answer your question OP: Yes. I have loved everyone I got involved with romantically. I do not hop from person to person, and I'm not desperate like people wanna act like ALL Libras are. The only reason I'm not with them now, is because /they/ didn't love me or /they/ hurt and betrayed me. The only exception is 1 person who things were just all around toxic on both ends, and we obviously just weren't supposed to be together.
Right, assumptions. Have fun with Mr Tool.
Wanna see it but... ugh. I always hate side stories of storylines that I love the butter out of that ended. Just reminds me of how it's over. Kinda like how finding an old photobook reminds you someone's dead. Bluh.
Posted by TheTinMan
*insert beavis and butthead image here*
Ok correction, you're an exception because it's obvious you aren't even on DXP as a whole to read. You're just here to dick around lol