The website has both inner and outer pics of the wallet
anything you want:
photos, logos, messages, symbols, logos...pretty much anything
I really feel that @piscesmoon2 summarized my feelings. What does it matter, really, if you don't intend on bedding them? But as the other posters said, definitely bring your Cap along

I was, at one point, but their fees really cut into a low-margin market and I couldn't handle it.
Recently, a client asked me to engrave this character from DBZ on a wallet for him, and my childhood sort of just flooded back to me. Good times. Anyone else watch dbz as a child/teen?

Thank you! I was wondering about that since I get a lot people who add to cart, but very few sales.
Hey guys,

I run an engraveable items store, and one thing I do are monogrammed clutches and women's leather wallets. However, I'm a dude, so I'd like some more feminine input on it: Like, what can I do better, colors, is it priced too high, and so on.

I appreciate any feedback, so thanks a lot! If you give me advice, and want to buy one, I'll offer a discount.
Thanks in advance!


I really appreciate the support! It's nice to know some people don't leap to negative conclusions
Any feedback, criticism or not, is appreciated. I will definitely take into consideration your advice.

I understand your complaint, but there's only so many venues one can afford to advertise. I hardly have deep pockets. Secondly, I'd like to think that at least I'm not spamming the forum every day with crap, and there is also nothing to indicate I am a scammer(I'm starting to feel this word is used to freely around the internet). I'm sharing my products with a modification that a fellow DXP user recommended. So while I respect your opinion, I have to disagree.

Japanese Quartz, thank you very much

Well, I can't make animals out of nothing, but you can have their photos engraved onto the backs of the watch :p
Those ARE pretty nice... I'll definitely see what I can do.
Hey guys,

Earlier, I was told that apparently women like sparkly things and maybe I should add that to my watches. So voila! I did it! True, true, they're not that sparkly, but still..Participation award, please

Here are the new watch lines that happen to have more sparkle and shiny studs. Let me know what you think.