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*Almost there*

LOL just kidding— jokes on you


I didn’t see anything. But this post makes me happy ♥️
I noticed despite stereotypical jokes, the Taurus people in my life have an emotional attachment to food.

I’ve noticed that there are heavy Aquas out there that struggle with indulgence as well as sloth.

I think for any sign though, it’s about finding internal balance. People who are heavier (that I’ve met) typically have emotional/mental blocks and use unhealthy habits as a crutch for a fleeting solution to their emotional angst.

It’s all about balance and learning how to properly handle life’s obstacles.
I always wonder if the broads who pick these super ripped and cut men have the kind of bods the same men would appreciate.

Hentai-like bods is my ideal.
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is it this? the sexay voluptous type?

or the super stick skinny?

maybe a little muscle action?

I like voluptuous with a flat tummy. I always wonder if more pushin with the cushion feels like a penis to men.

And then I wonder if my obese chin lovers have manifested their fetish through repressed bisexuality.
TO the people who say they like chubby or fat: Are you into the feederism fetish? Mama needs some Tamales.
Thank you 😂 I hope that whoever is looking for something in my history finds what they need, at some point.... LOL
LOL seriously. I get so tired of unprofessional comments.what did you tag me in earlier? 🐸🍵
What you tryna say?
Can’t believe the amount of business meetings/conversations I’ve had with men lately where they make unprofessional comments on my aesthetics. I know this chin is voluptuous— but business is business, YOU pig chasers!
It seems to me like her chart would suggest she feels a lot of things and has a lot of emotions but lacks a good outlet or ability to express it all. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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I love when my Cancer’s exoskeleton gets inside of me. Thanks

Sounds kinky gurrl
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Gets stuck inside there sometimes, but that makes it all the more kinky!
I love when my Cancer’s exoskeleton gets inside of me. Thanks
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Duncan should have gave you the chair.

@orgasme got them all and sits on them!
So no more chairs...
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WHAT DO you mean by sit? Yes, Duncan’s face is busy right now...
What you tryna say 😂
Do you think she’s passing gas to the flames?
OH gosh, now I’m tempted to blow my healthy streak 😂 Looks delicious
I vote Nikkistar the best.
Dazed the worst.
And Jag non-permissible.
Xoox always
I appreciate her honesty 🤷🏿‍♀️
Happy Valentines Day babes
Update: I graciously accepted the cupcakes and threw them away. Then made my way to the cupcake shop where I purchased EXACTLY 4 (4=obese) cupcakes and gave them to the person with a love note reading ‘Welcome to the road of Obese-hood &rs   Read more