Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune

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was/am curious about my ascendent strictly.

That's a falsehood.

Lie much?

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because I consider my speaking look to be the most attractive of them all.

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Here's the reality ... you sifted through to find the ones most attractive.

That has nothing to do with your rising ... it has to do with your vanity and ego.

Aha, I was right all along .... I can smell fake people out miles away.

And still ..... you put up pics of your face, as in, you are aware of being photographed and posing for it. I'll bet you have taken so many selfies that people would actually be astounded.

All four pics are staged, wth your facial pose the same.

Nobody is interested in staged pics of you, except you.

If you want an answer to your question, be spontaneous and natural.

The cancer in the lungs isn't primary, the primary cancer is in the liver and spread to the lungs. So, all of the cancer in my body is the same kind of caner.

It's called: Cholangiocarcinomo, and mine is intrahepatic, which means it originated inside of the liver bile ducts, which in turn makes it inoperable.

thank you for commenting, Bruisy

Thanks to everyone who responded.

Who knows when I'll have to stop posting all together, so here's the only thing I want you all to know, and it applies to everything .....

There is no end to things. Leaving the physical body isn't death. A boy leaving you in a relationship isn't death, losing your job isn't either.

You pick up your shattered pieces, shoulder them the best you can ..... and keep moving forward. But, it's not an ending. this is the main suffering for people, it seems. They try to live for the final, as if this is as far as it rabbit hole goes ... and it's not, not even close.

So long as you think it is all there is, then you'll never be looking to the horizon and you'll likely miss tomorrow.

Life doesn't stop with death of the flesh, and I notices a lot of people in here talking in these terms.
Virgos are notorious for being this passive aggressive.

Notice how he mentions it's for you .... they will do this. They will say something like,

"we don't have to do that if you don't want to" .... by phrasing it that way, he suggests that you don't want to do this (something), when in reality you never mentioned that you didn't. He doesn't want to so puts it onto you, to make it look like it was your choice.

Same thing here, he doesn't want your cake, for whatever reason ..... maybe you can't cook. You may think you do because you like it ... but, that doesn't mean you can according to his taste buds.

So, he is putting it off on you, putting the thought in your head that he is helping you by not stressing you out, eventhough as no point did you say it stresses you.

See how they do that?

So, don't fall in line with that and take the bullbutter. You'll never make it with a Virgo if you come in here with a defense, or anywhere trying to sell a defense. He already knows you want to do it, or you wouldn't have said it. So, don't sit there and go wa, wa, wa, about it, if you don't plan on rectifying the problem.

What you do is: you make the damn cake, hand it to him and tell him it's for his birthday. If he says one word about it, trying to make you feel guilty, then your only response back should be.

"Are you treetrunking tell me what to do? I didn't ask for your opinion."

then pick up the cake knife and slice a piece off for you and him. If he still tries to pick on you about it, then gather your belongings and leave him alone, as walking out of the door turn and say, "this isn't up for discussion. If you can't be gracious and accept a gift without complaint, then I'm out. You are permitted to call me when you realize that I don't work for you, I don't operated under your rulings."

And then walk without looking back.

Trust me, the ONLY way to keep a Virgo is by having total control over your own faculties, and not budging until he realizes that he isn't going to push you and get away with it.

I have to go and lay down now.

Without naps my body gets really upset.

When we sleep, our bodies heal themselves, mainly the liver, the liver fixes everything in the body, it will even regrow itself it's so efficient ... and my body aches to sleep so it can mend.

I'll come back later, but for now ... here's wishing everyone a happy death, and no moping around.

Play your cards the best you can then go gracefully when your chips are gone.
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I hope that you've lived a great life and got to do all the things you've wanted. Everyone deserves that much.


If I make it to Sept 20 then I will have been fortunate to have a wonderful husband for 36 years, who has given me everything. A man who is devoted, dedicated and always put me and my feelings above and beyond all else.

A person couldn't have asked for more than that.

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I haven't known what to say since you first started writing about it, and I still do not now. I hope you get some peace from having gotten it out into writing.
Such an insincere phony. You've never given two treetrunks about P-Angel or scarcely anyone here..and yet you're going to post that. Enough with the pandering to people that are susceptible. It's disgusting. It's not needed in this thread for you to take advantage of.

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I will speak for myself.

I didn't give you authority to speak on my behalf.
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I haven't known what to say since you first started writing about it, and I still do not now. I hope you get some peace from having gotten it out into writing.

Tiz, I always have peace. I don't stress over butter, I might get pissed at times, but, it all passes under the bridge. Well, some things I can't let go of, like someone hurting an animal.

Listen, I said this before in one of the other threads and it's still true today as it was then .... I want to die.

These are the cards dealt me, and I have to play them ..... all-in is my only move now, don't you think?

I'm not going to sit here and moan, groan and whimper about the fact it's my turn ... we all die, and now it's my turn to go ... and go I will, willingly because why fight it?

But, mostly, I want to die from this meat suit, and move on to next my existence. I'm done here. It's just the same butter everyday. I don't want to be here. I'm not saying this to be talking ...... people aren't here to obtain an spiritual experience, they are spirits already seeking a physical experience, and my spirit has reached it's limit of experience. Obviously right, because my spirit is releasing the physical, so it can move on.

So, what you say to someone like me is : happy trails and hope your next physical experience will be just as you hoped.
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Thank you P-Angel

It's hard to know what to say

I hope it won't get too much more painful

I know it's hard to figure out what to say ... but, you know, you just go with how they operate in life, and surely people realize that I want it point blank in my face.

The doctors were quite shocked at me when I cut them off and told them forgo all the ego pampering, that I don't do will with other people's insecurities. They eyeballed each other and then started anew, telling my the facts, and sugar.

I have pain killers, and take them all the time. At first I thought I was going to be a superhero and endure ... now I'm like give me more, give me more

There's really nothing anyone can say though, I know I'm dying (soon) and I won't hide from that like coward.

You're welcome
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how horrific.

I was told on the day I was diagnosed that NOBODY recovers from this type of cancer.

So, I'm prepared, we have spent these past months putting all our ducks in row, and I'm ready now.
My name is Smokey I am P Angel's husband, P Angel passed away on November 27th 2017.

You tried to make him feel guilty ..... solely because you being insecure.

It came back to bite you in the ass.

what goes around comes around.

Next time, try being mature about it, rather than suspicious and throwing butter up in his face.

title says "another" ..... then you talk about the same one.

After 3 years being involved .... you say you don't know what he expected ... so, where have YOU been these past several years?

Maybe he wasn't trying to control you ... maybe he were merely trying to get you out of la-la-land into reality. You wouldn't know would you? You don't even know who you're talking about.
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I've never stated that I knew everything about them.

I didn't say that you said that.

Can you even read?

I said: you are clueless to their very basic fundamentals

Which you are.

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The things I say are from my experience.

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No butter, Sherlock ... How stupid can you be?

And I dont' give a rats ass how experienced you may think you are ... you are clueless to the very basic fundamentals of Pisces.

Unless of course, your life experience is sitting on mommies couch, eyes glued to facebook with baited breath to see who clicked the "like" button.

You're insufferable.

You're doing everything you possibly can to squeeze the life out of this.

btw, you're lying to her and using her, by calling yourself her friend ... because you're not a friend. You have ulterior motives. You are "playing" the part, in an attempt to get something else.

But, seeing you're a Cancer, it's doubtful that you'll do any else other than what you're doing right now = treetrunking smothering and suffocating every little angle, trying to gain something/someone to dump your emotional insecurities onto.

My hope is that she figures you out soon, and swims as far away from you as possible.
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They have insecurities about ....... being alone.

You don't know Pisces, at all.

In fact, you are clueless to their very basic fundamentals

The fanatical dream you've woven to present your relationship to your viewing audience sounds wonderful and romantically fulfilling.

What woman wouldn't want to protect anyone from popping that bubble? Of course, she played along ... look at all she gained from you not acknowledging that humans are imperfect. Why would she want to wake from a guy who would neglect reality so that she could continue in the fantasy that life is nothing short of amazing and she doesn't really have to do any work for it?

That is ...... until life got serious, and you're expendable, due to being so pretentious.

Any guy who would talk like you do about a relationship isn't really present .... your ego was present so that you could look at how awesome you are for creating a false world for you, to try and impress her.

The other side of the coin is (if you truly believe everything you said) ...... then you were so into yourself that you never saw reality coming to smack you in the face.

Because she couldn't fake not liking you any longer. If she would severe you off in an instant without further thought, then this was a long time coming ..... but, you were off somewhere, not paying attention.

either way ..... you make for a lousy boyfriend.

She is making something of herself, so be a man and step aside without further complaint ... that is if you think you can pull your head out of your ass.

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... if she hasn't talked to me in 2 weeks then I'll have already checked out emotionally

wow .... have fun growing old alone.