Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune

When you get to the point you are ... that's when it's too much.

When someone who is important to you is concerned, but, you don't give a treetrunk and make excuses for yourself.

that's your sign that you drink too much

What you would accomplish is hurting her to satisfy your inability of letting him go.

If you truly let him go, he wouldn't be in contact with you because you would have nipped it in the bud ..... unless you're helpless and are at the mercy of anyone except yourself.

You even formulated in your mind - words to yell at him to try and get one over on him. Only a person who is still vested would bother with such a thing.

This all sounds like your only thoughts are on yourself and your little feelings ... meanwhile, you wrote this thread with the possibility in mind to completely ignore the feelings of the innocent woman, and would just stomp over her to satisfy yourself.

My advice to you would be to at least try to move past him, and to definitely reprimand yourself severely for even considering it's ok to emotionally harm her just so you can sleep better at night.
Posted by SugarandSpunk

then do you boo boo and continue with foaming b*tter out your mouth and don't let me stop your flow.

Then practice what you just preached and shut the treetrunk up.

You are here judging another person for how they are communicating when nobody asked for your approval. You just impose yourself onto that person with your critical and judgmental bullbutter ..... essentially making a treetrunking hypocrite out of yourself.

Furthermore, since you arrogantly brushed off your shoulder, this means that you're too stupid to even realize the fool you made out of yourself by doing exactly what you scolded a person for.

So, let's see if you can actually have honor and control yourself and act upon what is quoted above.

You describe a normal relationship, where the two of you enjoy each other, are responsive to each other and genuinely have respect for each other.

I don't see a problem, except for you needing to have a title. It's as if the nuances aren't enough, you don't seem to have intuition to be able to read the basic elements of a relationship.

You just have to blunt words said to you to be able to grasp your reality.

How sad.

Good thing he is willing to keep it alive, because you don't seem to be able to go with a flow without questioning and wanting to prompt for established rules.
Posted by Blue_Froggie

I live in a country where girls don't travel with a guy friend. Not all that much. Even if they do, people will badmouth or discriminate the girl. Or throw some cringe worthy jokes.

so what?

Your honor and dignity is measured by the approval of other people?

Did I wake up in the twilight zone, and it's the 50's ??

If you can't walk with your head held high, feeling sure of your choices ... then how are going to expect other people to believe that you're an amazingly confident and independent woman, who is capable of realizing and living her life based off of her own standards, morals and ethics?

So, this whole dilemma is your fear of what other people think of you?

damn dude

Posted by Bubbles328

I was going out and looked totally amazing! Loads of guy comments.

I decided after letting him dangle to give him one last chance

I'm rich and have an amazing personality and iv got a PhD

has a bottom line job and lives in his mother box room has the guts to be critical of me!!

I'm the opposite of shallow!

omg, I needed a good laugh today.

Here's this rich cookiemonster, believing she is above him (and from the way she talks, she probably believes she is better than most other people.

yet, she can't even get this guy to take her seriously ... this guy that she believes is a loser.

btw, from the way you adore yourself and place yourself on a pedestal, you sound like the epitome of shallow.

My bet is that he's doing it to you on purpose because you deserve to be knocked down several hundred notches. And it looks like it's working .. you've come here disgruntled and complaining because a poor, ugly loser man doesn't even want you.

lol, I'm feeling wrecked after chemo and I surely needed a gut wrenching laugh to get me through my day. Thanks for sharing with us your delusions of grandeur.
Posted by Blue_Froggie

not sure if I should comply to the social norms.

Can you clarify?

What are these social norms you imply, that references gender?

Sounds discriminative to me, if the implication references a stigma based on gender.

Your simple solution would be to invite a female, in this case .. so why wouldn't you? Are you looking for drama?

1. three weeks is barely enough time to even say a proper hello. Seems you have very little emotional control over yourself (see #8 above) if you've become this attached to a person in 3 weeks. Perhaps what you should be thinking about is why you fell so easily over someone you've only just met.

2. you don't seem to care either. It appears to me that you are putting all blame on him for not caring, when in reality, you are equally guilty of cheating by being with a taken man. Perhaps you need to reconsider the part you are playing, to realize you are guilty of doing what you accuse him of.

3. He can laugh as much as he wants, and you can joke and laugh all you want ... but, he IS using you for sex. don't be so gullible. Any/all people who are partnered and have sex with you ARE using you period.

4. yet, telling him that you will withhold the goods from him if he doesn't comply IS conveying to him that you want him to break up with her to be with you. You're playing a game here and telling yourself that you're not. Or maybe you do know that you're trying to manipulate him and merely trying to get other people to believe you're not so you can feel better about yourself. Who knows what your justification is .... but, what we do know that you ARE giving him an ultimatum and YOU ARE USING SEX to get it.

5. You're not being naïve ... you sound tricky. You don't appear blind either. Maybe a little stupid since you have no clue that man who cheats with you, will cheat on you - so, in your puny mind you think he's a catch, when in reality, he's a scumbag. I would call that blind, I would call it dumb.

6. see #2 in your quote and #2 in my answer. You are only blaming him and accusing him of being a cheater ... yet, you are equally participating in cheating WITH him. You having cheating ways about you, and don't seem to mind.

7. see #4 ..... here again you attempt to use sex against him, by means of withholding it from him with a promise of kitty if only he becomes single for you. Manipulating is written all over that. This also adds as proof to the conclusion that you have natural instincts to cheat, since you using sex as a tool and not taking it seriously with a loving partner. Which of course after 3 weeks, there's no partnership here in the first place.

8. Yet, this one is the one that really boggles my mind. You're being so emotional with him that even you believe you may have done one too many times. Seriously? You have so much emotional baggage you're carrying around that you're just busting at the seams with it having to dump your butter onto a guy who just said hello to you 3 weeks ago? You don't even treetrunking know each other yet ... but, here you are drowning this poor guy in tons of emotional butter? Just wow.

All in all, my counsel for you would be to pull away and not date anyone until you've sort your butter out, gained some security and independence. But most of all, learn to dump your emotional baggage elsewhere so it doesn't contaminate the next person you are interested in. Maybe yoga or meditations.

Sounds like every Taurus except one was a complete marker to you .... maybe that should speak more volumes to than anything else.

They all say they refuse to change, so that means they're just markers in general, all the time. Also, it means that even they know they are wrong, and in the wrong, and have the obligation to change ... they said that they refuse. think about the long and hard.

Is that the type of person you want to be with?

Here's a Fishes point of view .......

Posted by pirophobia

1. I met this Taurus three weeks ago

2. has a girlfriend, but he doesn't seem to care. We ended up having sex

3. unfortunately, it was amazing. We were even able to joke and hang out after and he made it very clear that he didn't want it to seem like he was using me for just that.

4. I've been honest with him that I don't really feel comfortable with the situation, and explained that I'm not asking him to dump his girlfriend to date me, because we've only known each other for a while; but that I didn't want to get hurt or hurt her.

5. I also know I'm definitely being naive and blindly hopeful.

6. Regardless of his cheating actions

7. .... because of the fact that I told him I can't keep having sex with him or else I'll develop feelings which we both know I already have.

8. Perhaps it's him needing space after me being emotional one too many times or he is just busy?

To address your real question ........

To get him to take you seriously ... close your treetrunking legs, close your wallet, and stop running to his beck and call. (or is it beckon call, or beck-n-call).

the only way to change is view of you now is to gain some treetrunking dignity, and being so eager to be his trash cookiemonster that he can treetrunk and get money from anytime he wants it. Changing yourself to become a decent and respectful person is the only way to get another to change their perspective about you.

However, considering it's a Fish .... it's doubtful you'll get anything other than harshness. Once they make a decision about a nasty person's character, hell would freeze over before they would treat you nice. No matter how many tricks you play, or tears you let fall.

Maybe she didn't die at all ..... it's possible he just told you that to get in your panties.

Certainly he realizes that you're gullible enough to believe anything he says

Yes and no.

Yes, I ate so much chocolate, and sugar that even I had a sugar rush, and that rarely happens since I'm a diabetic and can tolerate massive sugar (that's why I never get drunk)

No, I didn't find the French pastries. I watched a video on youtube and they look easy enough to make. I might buy the ingrediants and try to get my husband to make them for me. Except, I'm a perfectionist and there's no way a person can measure up to the task I put before them.

I had a great time. And yes, Cheeky, I did play poker ...... didn't win though. Half way through the game I had to lay down. That happens to me all the time. The doc said it would. I just have to lay down and close my eyes. I can't manage myself otherwise.

All in all, I had a fantastic birthday and thanks to everyone who wished me happy.

Alls these people telling her to move on, to dump him and start on herself and a new life. When in reality, what she is looking for is someone to tell her how get the man to keep her special, and how to get him to take her seriously for all that she has endured in the name of love.

Nobody in here has actually addressed what she is asking for.
Posted by TaurusFemale82

I'm asking for advice

Advise? for what?

Are you looking for people to explain to you how to think rationally?

I mean, you present a scenario where you're a dirtbag to him and seem to enjoy the treatment so much that you gladly pay for him, cater to him ...... and then act like you don't like it and want it to stop?


You would actually ask us if you should stay with him? .... like you have no clue that being his whipping post, and being his rug to wipe his feet on should be unacceptable?

Like you don't know that? you have to ask someone?


It's not that he is like this to you ... it's that you are absolutely clueless that you're not suppose to accept it, you don't know that you're suppose to have enough integrity to step away from this.

I just don't get how a person can be this ignorant. You really don't know, do you?

Posted by Taumau

I think I won't dare to ever date or confess to another Virgo again


confess what?

so you like someone, or crushing on them as you put it ..... and you just walk up to them and confess to them that you have a crush on them?

Or, do you mean that you're actually dating and everything is fine until you "confess" unrealistic feelings for them?

Or, do you mean you are pretending to be their friend and then "confess" to them that you've been operating under false pretenses?

You're a special kind of stupid.

I don't align myself with people who would do this. I judge people's character to determine whether or not they are acceptable to my social circle. If it is determined that they are of bad character (an example of this is the subject of this thread) then I'm not in their presence so I wouldn't know what they say about their partner .... so, I have no opinion on something I don't subject myself to.

Of course.

Life is about experiences .. not ownership of the other person.

So, instead of counting quality of your time ...... it looks like a lot of people would rather sacrifice that quality to count time in possessing a title, or a piece of paper stating you have dibs on the other person.

Seems bizarre to me. Do people want to enjoy others? Or do they just want to have bragging rights in saying this person belongs to you?

I think a lot of people have completely missed the meaning of life.
Posted by Puguglies

She visited me from a different state on my bday. Which I already had plans for with my family.

The above is a clear indication that you didn't even respect her enough to make plans for her visit.

Coming from out of town is a big deal for a person, and you couldn't even bother to make arrangements for the two of you to have time along together ..... you basically blew her off by making plans with other people KNOWING she was making that trip to see you, and then threw her a bone by telling her she could come if she wanted.

You're not fooling me with your innocent act. You manipulated this whole thing.

A decent guy who cared about her and has respect for her would have made arrangements to share his time with her exclusively.