Cancer Moon in 12th house trines Neptune

for me .....

I wake up in the morning, and my pain killer bottle always gets refilled without question ..... so, as far as my life goes, that's all I can ask for.

I'm am grateful

I see you're still stuck to the rim of the Pisces butt.

I guess this is your new tactic to try and manipulate her .....
I hate it when people say they are "confused" when what they really mean is ......they don't want to accept their situation, and so want to hang on to it, make excuses for it, and then claim the innocence of not knowing what is going on.

.... because there is nothing confusing about this, unless you lack brain cells.

He didn't want you, except as a friend for those 2.5 years

You made it known to him that you're still an option by hanging on to him when both of you weren't available (having SO's)

He showed you that he didn't want you, according to your fantasy you keep defending, so he left your friendship to go spend time with the woman he did want

After 2.5 years of marriage, he has decided to get laid by others to mix things up, but, still stay married

So, he sought you out to see if you'd still put out ... and you obviously will, just look at how you act helpless when people notice how ignorant you insist on remaining so that you can bathe in the fantasy of being wanted, even though, you aren't.

He's obviously using you, trying to get laid ... and you don't seem to mind, saying that you're attracted to him and you can't help yourself.

That's NOT being confused .... that's being morally corrupt due to lacking the courage to do what is right for yourself. As proof of this - you have no qualms in emotionally harming an innocent woman, his wife, and want to participate in a romance with him, completely disregarding the fact that you will be cheating.

In fact, you are currently participating in him emotionally cheating on her, and nothing in what I've read even remotely suggests that you care about it. You're just all for yourself and what you want.

My hope is that ALL of the females in your life realize this, so that they will keep their men away from you.

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At this point there is no point of me being kind to you.

You were never kind to anyone in here in the first place, unless they agreed with you.

From the opening post - your target was to vent off how much you can't stand, nor tolerate people who voted against what you believe.

This is a free country, and in being so, one of our given rights is our choice to vote .... but, in the OP you decided to be unkind and declare that every person who exercised one of their rights as an American are uncompassionate and mean.

You asked for thoughts, opinions and why in an open forum and then lost your butter the moment someone said things you didn't like.

You've made a complete fool out of yourself here ... but, there's no doubt in my mind that you will continue to do so because the only other option is self awareness, and it's doubtful that awareness of your intentions here supercede your need to be righteous.
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It's like you all forgot that you were once an illegal immigrant. So think before you start claiming to be a proud American when you aint even truley American either.

You obviously don't know what an immigrant is.

Wake up call .... if you're born in the US, you aren't an immigrant.

Are you really that stupid?

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but that still doesn't equate to being a bully which trump is. he is a rapist AND a bully. and that's bad for our country. yeah Clinton ain't no better either but at least he wasn't a bully. I hate bullies. I rather like rapist anyday before liking a bully.

OH REALLY youd rather get raped up the ass than get bullied??? gTFO

Lol! she's making wrong accusations. I think she was just too anxious to type that out without thinking.

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Not really, you're just not smart enough to think before you speak.
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America deserves Trump.

Yes, we do ..... and thank the lucky stars.

Finally something is going to happen besides a 3 week long vacation every month, spending billions of tax dollars.
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billions of women came forward when Donald trump raped them

If you had any creditability at all (which is doubtful) ... you lost all of it with this massively inflated fabrication.

It's because of ridiculous statements like this coming from the liberals is why Trump was elected. So, in reality, Liberals put him in office.

But, let me guess ... you don't get that.

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What does it mean when a pieces man tells you: I love you!?
Does he say it to everyone because he's love is universal or because he really loves me? I don't know what to think.

It means he thinks your feet are too big.

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I just don't know how much more bs my brother has to dismiss and make excuses for before he realizes what kind of person she really is.

It's sad when most people around him think he can do better than her.

what a horrendous attitude you have !!!!!

The kind of person she REALLY IS ... is the kind that he likes. It's his life, he has a right to make his own choices .. and just because YOU don't like her, doesn't mean he has self esteem issues.

And how horrendous are the people who answered this thread, as if he has some kind or awful problem with him for liking and wanting to be with a person the OP doesn't like.

Yes, it is extremely sad that his own people, his own sister ..... has something derogatory to say about the woman he chose to spend his life with.

She and him have a right to enjoy each other, and be with each other ... but, I see you would impose your jaded beliefs on him and us, rather than be a good person and good sister, and let them be happily, since living happily with being together is their choice.

From my perspective, the bad person is you and every person who projected the opinion in here that he must be treetrunked up for choosing the woman he did.

She said in a thread somewhere in here that she can't keep any people, and every person turns away from wanting her in their life ....

... it's only a matter of time before she's ostracized here also.
It's interesting in how every thread this child has acted like this in where she was the creator of thread ... she closed it down.

Which means, she lacks the courage to own her own words ... and I guess that should be the case, considering every time she posts, is another lie.

she just twists the stories to make herself look good, and then runs and hides, and closes the threads.

Like for example, the thread she made about how she does all the hiring and firing .. and then ranted on and on about how there is a co-worker at her job that she wants gone because this co-worker interrupts work progress, and she can't get along with her.

Notice two things: 1. she refers to this person as a co-worker, rather than subordinate, and 2. if she was actually the firing agent, then she would remove this person from the company.

And then when called out on her bullbutter ... she closes the thread, like a coward.

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I wouldn't be surprised if all these people who want to impeach him think that Hilary will then become President.

I know Hilary Clinton won't become president when trump get impeach. pence will.

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It's doubtful that you even know what the impeachment process entails ...

I wouldn't be surprised if all these people who want to impeach him think that Hilary will then become President.
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is it allowed by the law? in my country it's not. sue mf.

What theyre doing is not allowed. Its creepy and insulting.

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What country do you live in?

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So in essence you created this thread to bash me and anyone else who voted for Trump but disguised it as a question?
This is exactly why Trump won. People are sick of sanctimonious, judgmental people trying to tell them that they are wrong simply because they have different opinions.
We disagree. I respect that so I won't call you names.
We disagree. You don't respect that and resort to personal insults when you have never even met me.
Do you see what I'm getting at here?


One week ...... after 29 years ... just one week she gives him

It's almost as if she's starving for attention and thought this would bring her some kind of sick satisfaction .... I mean, what kind of ridiculous do you have to be to have expectations like this after one week.

But, if she plays it up, like moaning about his happiness and about counseling ... then she has all kind of sympathetic ears in here, doesn't she?

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I don't see how I can control him going away...he chose to text his boss and put himself forward to go on tour, I never did that. I just didn't stop him from going because that would be wrong. I never told him to go anywhere, that was his doing, he chose to do that to see if space would help.

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But I can't decide what I want, it's part of the reason he went away to give me space but it's made no difference.

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Again, let the tables turn, let him decide that you're not worth it to him, and have you feel like garbage to throw awy as you've done him ......... and then see what song you sing.

It sounds to me like you are controlling everything. Even this space he gave you, was at YOUR bidding.

Let him actually leave you by his choice, in where YOU realize you're not wanted ...... and let's then see what song you sing.
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Despite me not agreeing to any of this .

But, you did agree to having your mommy pay for you for 18 months, and then turned around and came in here to bad mouth her because you have to pay for yourself.

again ..... you're just a parasite to society, not really anything more