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Im in a nightclub i feel the need to post on dxp lmao, most boring place ever and im drunk asf xddd,

I know it's an useless thread but i dont even know why im treetrunking here, my dad is at hospital and my loyal friend too, Why im even here,?
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Posted by Vageenka
I feel like any race can be racist and any race can experience racism. *shrugs*

In almost every society, white people have been the dominant cultural group. An instance of racial discrimination does not equal systematic race-based group privilege.
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can i be honest, o i don care i'm on dxpnet, tbh my dad is white and my mother is black, and i dont feel neither black or white, and white dont feel me as a white, and black too. bref, i just want to say that "white people" is the worst race who commited the worst thing on this planet, whatever any races will commit she will never worse than the white race. it's my pov, and you can tell me to fo'
i cant help you but listen this fire
jesus would slap this man
de quoi tu parles toi
are you sure to not be a virgo?
Posted by starwars
Posted by ParisianCappy
lmao a virgo doing this thread, perfection n butter,
bored ass sign

i didnt get any notifications saying you posted on my thread/quoted/tagged me

duncan hates you
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because you lowkey trying to block me
politic is reality show for people who claims to be adult
Posted by marshmallow
No body ever leaves this place .

or is it ?

i miss cap.., i wish she would come back she left without saying anything i hate her
lmao a virgo doing this thread, perfection n butter,
bored ass sign
dont listen to these cigz dxp is perfect,
i have a question if i come at my first date with gold teeth, what bae will think

lmao i'll bullied u @Mimi24

na jk, too lazy too come at school
hating on teachers, being best in math, trashtalking director trashtalking everybody, chillin at boarding school, being fired one years before the diploma, new school. too lazy to make new friend, all fake ass,
didnt come at least 3 month, ppl said that i'll fail, treetrunk em, still got the diploma with 10/20. still trashtalking the school cuz i succeed without coming in this ho'

#arrogant #goofy #ass #capricorn #confirmed
need the mixtape