silly caucasian girl, likes to play with samurai swords
I remember every single day of my life. So far.
And there are more of them, than there are stars.
Only the ones I can see count.

I drink water,
and cleanse my face in water multiple times a day.
Water is life, and your pores are constantly breathing.

I would never eat refined sugar, meat or dairy.
A strong connection often has something to do with the nodes.

His south node is conjunct your mars in the 12th house (past karmic bond)

In my humble opinion, there is an unfinished lesson and I don't believe the relationship will last.
It is easy to get stuck
Better to get lost
Everyone has mommy and/or daddy issues.
I am yet to observe a person who is the exception.
It takes a certain amount of self awareness to notice Oedipus.
I live a romanticized freedom
Until it pays for the torture
And with this needle sharp naivety
I will wander the quicksand yellow and blue
With a cord around the moon
While being reduced
To every persons nightmare
Confirmation depent red eyes
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And we began speaking.
Not talking.
Just speaking.

27 days

27 days
I think you would appreciate his album, We're new here.
It's basically one long poem.
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Stop stalking secret!!!

Sorry Teena... But this needs to be discussed.
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No it doesn't

28 days

29 days