silly caucasian girl, likes to play with samurai swords
I remember every single day of my life. So far.
And there are more of them, than there are stars.
Only the ones I can see count.

You have a 12th house moon?
A friend of mine has this, and she experiences a similar thing.
There is something about the Pisces/Aries connection I enjoy very much,
Don't get over it, stick with it for as long as it may last.
You will look back, and feel alive.
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Of course she was married 8

Aries venus, Just like Audrey Hepburn.
Ice water is healing. In Scandinavia we do a lot of winter bathing. The cold water sends the blood to the organs, which does wonders for the circulation, as well as flush impurities from your skin. The reason why your body healed when you used cold water, is because the shock of the cold activates your immune system.
I do it regularly, and would definitely recommend it.
Sorry about your mother.
Body type doesn't matter, you still need to move.
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the scorpios are always the ones crying

I think you are jealous of fire signs.
I drink water,
and cleanse my face in water multiple times a day.
Water is life, and your pores are constantly breathing.

I would never eat refined sugar, meat or dairy.
I'm definitely not an atheist.
A strong connection often has something to do with the nodes.

His south node is conjunct your mars in the 12th house (past karmic bond)

In my humble opinion, there is an unfinished lesson and I don't believe the relationship will last.
It is easy to get stuck
Better to get lost