silly caucasian girl, likes to play with samurai swords
I remember every single day of my life. So far.
And there are more of them, than there are stars.
Only the ones I can see count.

I think the northerners would blow your mind
Body type doesn't matter, you still need to move.
Ares is the God of war, chaos and destruction. Physical and quick tempered. / Aries
Dionysus is the god of fertility and wine / Taurus
Aphrodite is the Goddess of sexuality, beauty, love and art / Taurus
Hermes is the God of communication. He is the cleverest of Gods, and is known to be a trickster / Gemini
Artemis is the Goddess of the moon, the tides, the hunt and childbirth/ Cancer
Zeus is the God who rules the heavens / Leo
Persephone is the Goddess of innocence, known for her good character / Virgo (Persephone was abducted by Hades which rules Scorpio)
Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom as well as military victory. She does not like to fight, but when she does, she always wins / Libra
Hades is the God of the underworld / Scorpio
Demeter is the Goddess of mysteries, birth, life, death and rebirth / Scorpio
Apollo is the God of Oracles, knowledge, light and science, as well as the God of truth / Sagittarius
Pan is the God of the wild, Pan is translated into the word panic and is also been related to Satan. He is not fully a God, but instead a Deity which means he is always tied to earthly service. He can easily be subdued by lust and is known to fail if giving into such pleasures. Very sexual and pleasure driven, Pan also rules the symbol of bondage/ Capricorn
Ganymede was a beautiful human warrior, who was so impressive that Zeus (Leo) fell in love with him. He had him flown to the heavens where he served as a cup bearer. He was granted eternal life and became the symbol of homosexuality, the unconventional as well as poetry. He is mentioned by the greatest poets and even philosophers. Plato, was especially fond of him. / Aquarius
Morpheus is the God of dreams and sleep. He can appear in mortals dreams, in the shape of any human and was said to be the personification of night / Pisces
Poseidon is the God of the oceans, of earthquakes and storms. He was said to be very moody / Pisces
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the scorpios are always the ones crying

I think you are jealous of fire signs.
In the name of opportunity,
Do all the things you have denied yourself your entire life.
When death comes knocking, often we come to realize all the things we would like to do,
even things we where never fully conscious of before.
Do not fret when friends and loved ones distance themselves,
it is because you represent a pain that they are not yet ready to face themselves.
Most people will tell you to fight.
I wont.
Instead, let it be. You do not fight aggression, with aggression. That is a losing game.
Allow it to show you what essentially is a gift in disguise. Respect it.

I know how this feels, and how easy it is to wither away in powerlessness.
But now, more than ever, is your opportunity to grasp every single moment from a perspective that was not known to you before.
Good luck.

I drink water,
and cleanse my face in water multiple times a day.
Water is life, and your pores are constantly breathing.

I would never eat refined sugar, meat or dairy.
I'm definitely not an atheist.
A strong connection often has something to do with the nodes.

His south node is conjunct your mars in the 12th house (past karmic bond)

In my humble opinion, there is an unfinished lesson and I don't believe the relationship will last.
It is easy to get stuck
Better to get lost
Everyone has mommy and/or daddy issues.
I am yet to observe a person who is the exception.
It takes a certain amount of self awareness to notice Oedipus.
I live a romanticized freedom
Until it pays for the torture
And with this needle sharp naivety
I will wander the quicksand yellow and blue
With a cord around the moon
While being reduced
To every persons nightmare
Confirmation depent red eyes
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And we began speaking.
Not talking.
Just speaking.

3 months

3 months