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Sweet like honey with just a touch of savage

PhoenixStorm joined July 02, 2019
The Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon woman is one of the most romantic partners ever. She’s attractive, has sex appeal and a magnetism that will make any man go crazy about her.

Feminine and elegant, she will shine at every party if she’ll accompany a good man. And she doesn’t boast around with the fact that she looks good. People will admire her for all this and for being a good friend.

This woman is quite naive, but she’ll grow out of it in time. When it comes to her real feelings, this lady is not the most expressive.

Proud, she will never allow others to take advantage of her kindness. Don’t mess with this girl or she will make you pay. And you’ll regret losing her love.

She trusts her man even if he has a few admirers. Nice and sure of herself, this Scorpio lady will know her place in a guy’s heart.

She wants the good life, so she will make good money. And she’ll be generous. But she doesn’t mind being financially supported by her man either.

Only happy at home, this girl wants to be a wife and a mother. And when someone in her family will be sick or feeling down, she will be next to them heart and soul.

It’s important to get her while she’s still young. She needs to be loved, admired and trusted. A strong guy will definitely get her attention.