Do you think it's possible to make a career off of your cellphone in 2017?
It's been said that us Pisces are chameleon like.

Anyone of you feel more chameleon than most? Like you change A LOT at the drop of a dime because it's fun and easy to switch up and not leave a trace.

If you are like that do you consider it to be a bad thing?

That's how I can be. I don't like people to be able to "follow" me
Us Pisces are spiritual beings we know it, you know it, everyone knows it.

But don't love us for it one minute and then hate us, scold us, then judge us the next for not being so concerned with the ridiculous social constructs and world the way "you" do.

Maybe if "you" were more creative and had a better understanding you would see how much of this "world" doesn't even make sense.

Best of wishes though
Here I am...the epitome of Pisces

Pisces sun and Pisces moon

So otherworldly and spaced out. The one who's physically here but mentally not.

Go ahead laugh, point, and hate how different I am like everyone else.

All of society's rules are just as made up as my imaginations so who is really wrong!!!?!?

I hate judgement.
Gemini is is true you hate silence? Like would an hour having to sit alone in a room with no entertainment drive you crazy?

As a Pisces I can get lost in my dreams and I find silence comforting.
We had a thing a few years ago, hooked up. She was a cool person imo.
I was just really busy and knew that I would be focusing on myself and my work for the next few years of my life wasn't looking for a girlfriend.

Fast forward to now. I've seen her go through a few other dudes. I know she still wants me she drops hints.

If I were to get serious do you think seeing her with all those other dudes will eventually get to me? I mean if I get serious feelings. I had her before they did and she lowered her standards a lot since then. Does that really matter if she turned out to be the one?

She's a Taurus
What does success in life mean to you?
What's the easiest way to get a cancer chick to send nudes and then subsequently be your lover forever?
Can someone please explain this cusp crap to me??

Have a friend who's feb 19 and I've never seen such a combo of signs. Astrologers say it's considered Pisces some but fewer say Aquarius.

It's like my friend is detached and logical as the Aquarius...but a spaced out dreamer like Pisces with a hint of sensitivity poking out. I wish I could understand this birthdate better.

It's hard to be there for someone who you know is sensitive like a Pisces...but can flip into the emotionless Aquarius on a whim.
What's the best way to get an Aqua on the team for a new startup? As an investor or maybe creative director.
I know we Pisces have a real desire to be the savior. Some astrology sites have even said that is our mission on earth.

That said I'm sure other signs can relate

It's just one of the most difficult things that I deal with daily. I need some serious help for this.

How do you get over the fact that you just can't, literally cannot, save everyone.

Even if you saved a whole village from a fire...there could be one that you missed and that (in a metaphorical sense) haunts me tremendously.

I always try to imagine a world where things can work out for EVERYONE but that just can't be the case no matter how many efforts are put forth. There's just too many moving parts to our existence and too much suffering that goes on regardless.

Any advice on how to deal with being so sensitive to other people's pain?

I also heard it's bad karma for us as Pisces to always try to give people these breaks in pain because that is their life journey for a reason.

It's so difficult and confusing.

What do you think about having a kid with a woman that you have no intentions on being with.

You just think she's cute, is actually a cool person, and we're both pretty young. If I have a kid now I think she would be a good mother and I can take care of it financially, but I'm young enough that I want to live my life with no limits for at least 10 years. Then I plan to find a wife and have children with her.

Is that wrong? If I'm geniunely a good parent to the kid, I just am going to put my self first. Please explain your opinions.
What's the best way to approach a Capricorn about a new business venture you'd like them to fund?
To all those who are different....

Let them fear what they don't understand...good luck in 2017!

You/we are perfect just the way we are.

Love ya.

There are certain people I need to let go in the past...

Things that hold that back:

Proving people who did me wrong, wrong. Even though they already know it - the need for a personal *screw you*

Always seeing the bright side of those people, remembering the good times even though their true colors are way, way bad.

How do you get over them for good.
Do you think some signs are just "meant" to be bad? Like literally born into this world as bad people...for whatever reason.

I understand everyone has a choice and obviously each sign will defend themselves.

But I mean for example how in Harry Potter all the slitherins are considered bad. But nonetheless that would be thousands of students.

No one is PURE evil. That is not the argument. But we can agree that a sign in particular is inclined to do some messed up s*it.


Came across this Virgo chick online via social network

I want to add her on Facebook. We have no mutual friends.

How can I get her to accept. Should I send her a message.

There's no way to not be creepy at this point lol but I want her.
Hello Leo ladies

What would be your ideal date experience with a Pisces man.

My Leo girl is coming into town and I want to surprise her with the best experience
Who do you as a Pisces thinks understands you and accepts you the most as we are.

In my opinion it's other Pisces. But then again it's hard to count that since we are the same sign

So beyond that I'd go with Cancer

My mom is a Libra. Great woman who does so much for her family.

I can't seem to understand what makes her or other Libras tick. They are naturally bubbly and cooperative you know, so where are her real desires? I don't really get air signs. But especially libra, they know how to pretend to be happy so well it's like impossible to know what truly makes them happy.

I may sound foolish asking strangers for advice on someone I should know better than you, but any libra opinion would help.

Any advice would be useful.