47 year old Pisces women Aquarius moon, Cancer rising Aries Venus Sagittarius Mars
47 year old Pisces women Aquarius moon, Cancer rising Aries Venus Sagittarius Mars

Be strong, be who you are, dont chase her around it will be hard at first but cancer people don't like doormats hun, let her go in her shell, ignore it, believe me she will come after you for an explanation when she is ready and her feelings will only be the ones that matter, or that's what it will feel like to you.
If you really care for her, be ready for a whole weekly/ monthly lifetime of this cause that's a cancer, male or female hun, but the the sweet times make it all better x
I'm just saying sometimes we should read between the lines of someone's advice, however blunt, why would she bother if she didn't care, she feeds wild animals and has a home in nature, don't always be so closed minded, yes she is harsh but sometimes we need that x
I wish id have had her for a mother when I was being bullied at school, didn't know my life path, was wondering if this or that guy was right for me?? Yes??
So what is it then when a man says, I saw her across the room, and yes, I knew she was ' the one' and they are together for years, Barry Gibb even said this bout his wife.i think it was Barry btw ? No disrespect x
I wonder if families were happy when there was no such thing, living off the land and killing animals themselves, obviously some cultures around the world still live like this, are they happy?
They don't have disibilty allowances in the US ?
Yes we can be very direct, but I'm a woman not sure how a man with this Venus would behave .

Just keep being friendly to him is my advice, sounds like hes a nice enough guy x Have you not tried any gentle flirting?
Well his ex sounds like a 'bundle of fun' ?
I feel sorry for the baby, if they cant be in each others company for more than 5 minutes without hating each other, its just gonna be an awful mess and the child will miss out on a father who hates to be around their mother and she will do nothing but moan about the father in front of the child too !

I'm secretly hoping she isn't pregnant, just was jelouse he'd met someone else and is making it up out of desperation, could that be why the argument broke out and he wants to talk to you, ashamed he slept with her after falling for a lie, also embarrassed??
I was enjoying your situation, then you totally threw this ex who is pregnant into the picture, I'm confused.

You said he spent the day with her, next sentence 'His ex that he got back with' ?
I can see he may have spent time with her if she is carrying his child, but he is with you, loves you ?

Are they still friends, has he told you he is staying with her and never seeing you again?

Kindly elaborate hun x
They think they know the answer but ignore mine, then I was right anyway ??
Throw caution to the wind!! 👍
Ye I must admit you are coming across a nice guy, I don't really feel anything negative coming from you ?
How do your daily interactions go with your friends, co workers and family ?

Ask thier advice too, cancers don't like to be criticised and are hyper sensitive, try making her laugh and feel more comfortable around you and aim to be her friend in the relationship not her boss hun x
Posted by poison_ivy
I met my Capricorn online..

We clicked the first moment we wrote on the dating site... (I was actually going to give up on the site because all the guys seemed questionable that we're matched to me).. He reached out first.. he was so different than the other men who wrote butter like "You're beautiful.. I wanna take you out etc.." he wrote me "Good morning!" lol! To this day I found that so warm and genuine.. It makes me smile.. thinking back.. We vibed so well. Joking, laughing, talking about our work.. etc. We exchanged numbers that same day and he called me right away.. It was as if we knew each other for years and were catching up on lost times.. Yep, it's true.. That Cap man & scorp woman vibe is the REAL deal..

On our first date (a month after meeting online) we were talking and he told me that he wanted me to be his "lady.."

My first reaction... (shocked look)... seemed to throw him off.. He goes.. "well we don't have to.. I just really like you and I miss having a woman's "touch"..you just so caring and I feel like we just get each other.."

He was single for 3 years before meeting me and dated but said that he never committed to those women.. He said that he felt things with us would be intense and fast.. I wasn't expecting to become "his" on the first date.. BUT something seemed right, this man is everything I want and more and I didn't mind being his right away.. SO we agreed..

We're in month 9 of knowing each other.. 8 months of being together.. There have been bumps in the road... due to distance etc, but we're hanging in there.. I can't see myself with anyone else.

Aww, good luck hun xx
I don't see what her past has to do with you(no disrespect) its gone, finished. History, never can it be changed. What on earth is the point??
I mean are you insecure, there's things I would not tell people about my past, that's my business, perhaps when we've been together a while yes, but not in the beginning, its not important at all ?? Unless prositution or prison for serious crime is involved, who cares seriously

Please explain why you are concerned x

We are reciprocal, we will always try to give better than we get to make our probably a lil insecure partner feel safe and loved, I personally am not fake or wishy washy and I've never been called 'weak' in my life'

I was with a Virgo for 2and a half years, wanted me so bad, loved me ect, I was young and stupid19, had emotional issues and wanted to feel needed and loved, had a child with him kept his home lovely for him, just to get treated like crap, left him at 21 when my son was 2.

His alchohol tendencies were too much for me, he was 37, thought he would be good for me. Oh the mistakes you make when your young!

I worked also cleaning in the evening but I was ha ing an affair with my boss according to him lmao!
It was just a joke! In the end he almost had a nervous breakdown when I left and had pictures of me all over his wall as a shrine!

He met someone else on a dating site not long after I left and had 2 more boys who my son never sees anymore, only connects with on facebook, long story short, last time I saw him properly he said he will always love me ????? Joke! (pathetic)
I gave everything, he couldn't be bothered to give a butter, end of story, id never been so unfulfilled and unhappy in my life .
But I still would never tar all Virgos with the same brush.