47 year old Pisces women Aquarius moon, Cancer rising Aries Venus Sagittarius Mars
47 year old Pisces women Aquarius moon, Cancer rising Aries Venus Sagittarius Mars

Sell both beds, buy one you both like! Simple x
You said he's ' pathetic ' he sees you, sorry hun, no offense, just forget about him x
Your Aquarius moon a Scorpio rising will be good in keeping things steady I think x
She can be bossy, but big hearted x
Lol! He says she's the nastiest woman hes ever met!! 😁
My sister Leo Aug 20 been with Cap man Jan 10 for 30 years x
I hope your talk gets things moving hun, tell him what you want, how you feel, and give him a sensible timeframe, and don't be swayed. If two people really want to ne together and they really are so unhappy then they will make it happen x
My sister had an affair with an unhappily married Scorpio some years back, she is a very level headed Leo actually, had a good career at the time, met him in the same line of work.

It went on for months and months, she was desperately in love with him, she was single at the time.

If she was seeing him on a particular evening (I lived with her at the time, I was about 17) she was always buzzing with happiness and her eyes shining with excitement at the thought of their encounter.

She waited and waited for him to say he would leave his wife as he apparently couldn't be around her anymore, hated her.

I watched her lose weight, sit tearful worrying often about her dilemma, she knew his wife by acquaintance through their career, but never let on about the affair, hoping the marriage would end naturally after all he had said it was basically over.

One night my sister and her married lover were making love in her bed in her house and were suddenly aware of a figure at the end of her bed, it was his sobbing inconsolable wife, she looked at my sister and said," I thought you were a friend"? To this he leapt out of my sisters arms to his wife's side and held her, then got dressed escorted his wife home.

My sister never saw him again, she was devastated, to say the least.

Shortly after immediately leaving his job him and his wife moved about 200 miles from my sister, never to be heard from again, that's how much he cared for my lovely sister, they had no children btw, I don't think she will ever forget him, she still calls him the love of her life, though she's married to a cap now who's lovey, going on 30 years.

Just saying be very careful hun, its not what people say, its what they do xx
Ive had 16 years of "what have I done now"??? It just goes round and round, you have to be patient, don't fuss, just leave him be for a while he will be his sweet cuddly self again soon and ready to discuss his side, which is always the most important btw.
He doesn't hate you or he wouldn't care what you said,try to leave past relationships totally out of any conversation's, please don't apologise any more, be strong, they like strong women, just go about your business as usual, text him 'hi, how are you' in a couple of days hun xx
She is😊 I hope she finds someone really right, very soon and comes back to tell us x
His family(especially his mum) will be very influential on his life, the way he behaves and how he treats other people x
No matter the sign, we all want what we cant have. X
Forget him, or just ignore, if he contacts you let him chase if not just find someone else, hes probably got other interests x

Just don't worry about it x
At the moment my cancer hubby, all over again!! Ask me again when the drama strikes, as it..will!
My son is a cap, he never came near me his whole life, but wanted to be around me all the time, we are very close but he is still the same, lol? Not physically affectionate ever x
Oh, bless you hun, your prince charming is looking for you too. I hope you find each other soon xx
When you have friends, they always cause problems in one way or another, just take him along with you to your sons birthday party invite to meet your friend x