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...and their accounts.

Posted for a friend.

Fix this butter Duncan!
Taurus in Texas
In the dentist chair while getting a root canal for damage to a tooth from a sports injury.
He must be really smart, nice, and funny then.
Elle Macpherson

Recent pic at age 53:

I might as well be called R'hllor, The Lord of Light.

Let's see what else he can come up with.
Scorpio amputation can be harsh...whatever the circumstances.

He's trying to survive and move on.

Maybe he'll be in touch once he finds his own love...but likely not.

4 months
Posted by Capz
Posted by Piscis_Hominis
How would you like to use this job to support your future career goals?

being a teacher wont help me, but i'll probably code something else during my student working.

the startup near me, doing bot facebook. i wont learn anything useful for my futur, i just get better on some techno, but i want make website later

and the silicon one, lol there techno are too weird, nobody is doing that on the wholemarket lol.

the 3 are useless
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If the 3 are useless...can you afford to wait for something else?...you need this as an internship for your schooling no doubt? ....if the pay is butter for all three, in essence, then why not wait for something better.... ...otherwise... might as well pick the number one... ...comfort (close by) and it's a little more pay...

...but if the pay is butter overall... ...get something that will help you going forward...that's why the pay is butter...

How would you like to use this job to support your future career goals?
Do you want to be exclusive? If so, this would be a good opportunity to talk about it. You say he is thoughtful...hiding evidence or not...it wouldn't be thoughtful to leave used condoms out for you to see...


If u wanna be exclusive...talk to him

If you don't...they are either not his condoms..or they are his...

...if they are his, why don't need to know...and shouldn't bring it up...he's allowed to have sex with other people ...and he's practising safe sex...if he was doing this all the time, like leaving used condoms around then u can bring it up...that's disrespectful...you can forgive one drunken night, whether they are his or his friends.

If you want an exclusive bf...and he doesn't want to be exclusive...continue to see him without wasting precious time, and look for an exclusive bf...somewhere else...

If u like him...and he doesn't want exclusivity now... but later senses that u might get "taken" by another guy...that might change his tune...

Good luck.