If the divorce is because of his cheating then maybe he is already involved with someone? If not, he maybe just wants to enjoy his freedom. He does not want to add any more baggage. OP you should not feel bad for him, he is a grown man with kids. He can figure out his life on his own. You don't want to be there for him too much only to see him go after someone else.
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Don't be ridiculous.

As long as you haven't met his parents as his girlfriend/fiancee, you are not officially a couple yet.

If you refused to go with him, for whatever reason, it was not a good move. Singles are often paired up for weddings, by family and friends. Something to do with tradition. Maybe he wanted to avoid that.

Thank you for your post-I haven't met his parents.. and they live in a different country so because of that, especially not.. and I've never been on holiday with him so I totally did not expect an invite to this wedding.. I probably wouldn't have even gone if we had asked but obviously I did not think he'd take another girl..

He's obviously a bit of a commitmentphobe so I'd totally get why he wouldn't take me but to take another girl who he'd only ever dated a few weeks before me and has arguments leading to unfriending ever since, barely makes any sense why he'd "commit" to her by inviting her... :/ vs. 1 year with me where he kept hinting for babies etc. (even though I don't want babies etc. and he knows it so it certainly wasn't to sweet talk me)..

IF he had invited me and I didn't go, I might be mildly surprised he took someone else but not at all upset or angry.. but he hasn't... I guess she went as his official +1...? which makes it worse coz it wasn't like a friend tagging along to a random party...
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It is natural to be upset but also sometimes guys do not think this much. He might have just asked her because she will be there. If she was not there guess he would have not. But he should have told you that he has invited her because she is going to be there. But again friending/unfriending sounds like little more than friendship.
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I've Been seeing him for a year
He is still hugely eager to meet up with me etc and hang out etc

BUT he has a family wedding in his home country. His 'friend' is a girl he met in a nightclub 2 years ago (before me) and had a kiss with but they ended up being just friends.. on/off friends with him unfriendimg her once, them not speaking for a year before she said sorry and they became friends again..

She's in london too but moving back to their home country this weekend.. so he invited her to his family wedding so basically his plus one as she was moving back there this weekend anyway..

He has told me about her before but did not me she was going with him to the wedding..

& they've never slept together..

Yet I've been seeing him for a year and he's soo attentive and always initiates contact etc with me all year long..

He has many Sagittarius and Gemini aspects in his birth chart..

I feel bad about this

What is his sun sign? Sagittarius people seem to be very close to their friends and it does not seem like it matters if that friend is married or not
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That’s kinda weird. Why didn’t he tell you?! And how did you find out...fb pics from the wedding?

I thought it looked suspicious and had to investigate lol so I contacted her (anonymously) for a general chat and she mentioned she's going to a friends family wedding etc and I knew it was soo his and she said it was good timing was the cause of her going as she's moving back to that country permanently whereas he (my bf) is returning to london on Monday. She said she kinda liked him but prefers being single and says she's been intimate with him but has not ever slept with him (he said the same ages ago so at least the no sleeping together is true)
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It is strange that she shared all this with you when you contacted her anonymously.

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Life is difficult for everyone. What people choose to broadcast about it (to themselves and to others), and how, varies wildly.

Agree with this. But some people are able to broadcast a happy life on social media, even if it is not, and attract people to them because they seem happy. How is it possible to broadcast you are happy when you are not?

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I wish we knew how she is doing, but at the same time if she’s still around I don’t blame her if she wouldn’t want to spend some of her last moments on here.

better with people she loves and loves her alot.

Yeah....also when really ill even concentrating on movies and stuff for any length of time can be hard ...

In the end ..family and friends are the only stuff that matters.
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In the end only family matters.
I don't think there is anything wrong with you. I am sure this is the story of most single girls living away from family, who don't have many or any other single friends to hang around with. I can relate to what you are saying.
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But that would mean that because they are being childish or feeling like they fail they are just pushing me away

99.99% they just don't want to be there. You try to think something positive, but it is simple, if someone wants to be there for you, they will be there. It is just hard to accept.

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Sometimes it feels like a curse wanting to help others, whenever you need someone or whenever you need a break people never help you. It can be exhausting to the point that person suckss out all your energy.

Worse is people come to you when they need help and then treat you like crap like they don't care about you, but then they again come to you when they need help

People are not fair
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I don't know Michael sounds like a schmuck.

Like a rose that's poisoned

But he is your husband

Reminded me of this video lol. Michael Jackson so handsome!

consistency is key
Why when we are surrounded by so many good people we focus only on the bad ones?
She said he was

5 months

6 months