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It's called CHOICE! I have blocked about 10 dudes/dudettes from this forum and I'm STILL here!

cyber hugs!



wow 10? Never seen you fight with anyone here lol

And thats exactly why.
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haha ok, but why would you block someone if you don't have personal beef with them?

Keep talking, I like listening to your voice.
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It's called CHOICE! I have blocked about 10 dudes/dudettes from this forum and I'm STILL here!

cyber hugs!



wow 10? Never seen you fight with anyone here lol


5 days
Little things matter the most.
Sometimes you meet someone new and just feel that good vibe with them. You feel like you could get along well.
Married men should be banned from being charming.
Till he has a ring on it he cannot be trusted.
mr.amarisoul#ReflectionsOfAMan Some of you have dealt with the nonsense for so long that when a good man comes along and actually offers you everything you deserve, you become suspicious. Be careful. Your fears and suspicions can cause you to reject your   Read more
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I thought these things happens only in the movies

It's so weird 😐

Does the crush know your friend likes him or is it a secret crush? If it's only a crush and he does not feel the same way for her I don't think it's wrong if he likes you. Yes, it is awkward for you but depends on if you like him too. This is really messy and I agree you should stay out of it if you are close to your friend. But what if he is a nice guy and he is the one? But same time I know I wouldn't want my friend to be with my crush knowing I have a crush on him.

why do girls fall for the wrong guy always? because he knows how to charm.
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Mock my pronunciation and/or high tunes and i'll kill ya.

Feels like you are the main lead in a movie singing to your leading lady.
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How do you even accuse me of catfishing when I'm married, Asian, a Virgo and only 5'8 tall?

This is why single people are annoying. This is the 3rd accusatory thread made about me and I'm getting very tired of responding. 2 threads were made about me around the holidays last year. I'm too passive-aggressive to take this confrontational crap from single people. There's so much rudeness and insinuations that I'm gay. You've deleted your accusatory thread twice now.

Let me just clear up that I am not gay. Nor have I made any indecent communications with anyone from here. In fact, they will only confirm that I am a prude and perhaps call me "prissy."

Since you were insinuating some weird crap about me, let me just say that I deleted my photo because I didn't want you to vandalize my photo. And of course, later on you implied that I look like bugs bunny. Making fun of my buck-toothed.

I live near Victoria peak not IN Victoria Peak. Also, obviously the compound pic is from the internet because it's shot from above with the use of probably a helicopter. How the fvck would I use a helicopter? Think! I said it's similar to the style , didn't say it was actual.

When I said that I now have shoulder-length hair coz I haven't had a haircut in like 6 months, you thought this was offensive. I don't know why you would be angry with my decision to not get a haircut because well... you and I are not in a relationship. Your apparent attention to my posts are unprecedented and I would just like to say that I am not in interested in any sort of homosexual relations with you or anyone. Please don't take my rejection too bitterly. I am not homophobic but I am straight.

I am also not @lisabethur8 as you seem to imply. She is an Aquarius woman married to a Scorpio man, I believe. And I myself am a Virgo man. Please do not mistake me for this person.

You also say that I "overdid it" with my kids but I only have 2 young sons and a child along the way. My reproductive choices are my own. I ask that you please respect that.

You've made a thread to slander me when I deleted. It was my intention to do so in order to find out your complete thoughts about me since you disabled your pms. I wanted to ask you privately why you were stirring up drama.

I naively thought that we were on friendly terms and now I realized that you have no honor.

I am very sad that you have my wife's combo.

Perhaps if we've met in some other time, we would have made great friends. One of my best buds is actually a Taurus sun, Leo mooner too with Gem Venus and Aries mercury though..

Thank you.

Did yupvirgo write all this and send to you?

Time is the most important thing a person can give you.
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I I am almost willing to bet that he was joking or playing around or something looking for some type of response of you saying my lingerie is only for your eyes or something like that... he could have also said that if he has noticed that you're still on the site as well.

Yes he will listen if you brought it up

I agree what he said was disrespectful good job on calling him on his stuff set your boundaries and stay firm and what you will and will not tolerate

He wasn't joking...he scheduled his poker night for when I was there..I said are you serious? Did u really?? Did you? He said yes and then tried to make it like it wasn't a big deal. I said I don't even want to come out there now. He bought lingerie for me to wear..he said he told his friends he had this girl coming out to do this...a reflection of his true feelings...

Then why wonder about him still? Obviously he wasn't joking. That was very rude and I wouldn't give someone like that a second more of my time. And it's not just a Cap thing
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Exactly, rude and also creepy.

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Okay so I met this Cap man via social media, he turned out to be a creep. He did something that I find totally did respectful and not how I'm going to spend my free time. We haven't seen each other in 2 weeks.. he calls me almost daily to sex talk. He was still on Match and I made excuses for him because I really liked him. But we were planning to get together last night and he calls me yesterday morning to tell me he bought me lingerie and to serve drinks to his friends at a poker game he was having at his house. He said he told his friends he has this girl coming over.....

And there you go that sums it up. The truth...

I told him I'm not spending my day off to drive all the way out there to be disrespected by your friends. He said he would cancel and he thought that is what I wanted to do. Honestly the stupidest man I've ever met! He said no one is going to disrespect you I love you and want to marry you.

So I called him to find out what our plan is so that I could pack. He texted me back he is busy right now and has to text. Really Saturday at noon, u can't talk to your love that is driving out to see you. treetrunk this story!!

Anyway, I sent him a message because I noticed he was on match,

If you want to see me you'll have to drive out here.

I haven't heard from him since....really Capricorn males????

Why would you still want to meet him when he wants you to serve drinks to his friends at his place at a game? He is giving you advance notices of his creepiness and you are not still not running away from him.

for which thread? lol