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" Planetary Positions Sun 18,36' Virgo Moon01?_00' Gemini Mercury28?_26' Virgo Venus10?_31' Libra Mars24?_45' Gemini Jupiter24?_30' Sagittarius Saturn11?_50' Capricorn (ret) Ur-anus23?_07' Leo Neptune07?_09' Scorpio Pluto06?_19' Virgo Ascendant05?_07' Sagittarius Midheaven18?_40' Virgo A Virgo creature with attiude.Metal RAT in Chinese! Moon in Gemini In the lively, restless sign of Gemini the Moon??s sway becomes more mutable and erratic. This does not make all Moon-in-Gemini children flighty, frivolous, and frenetic, but almost always indicates an active mind, an imaginative and creative personality, and someone who is inclined toward intellectual pursuits. If you have a Moon in this position you are extraordinarily quick to receive sensory impressions from the outside world. You rapidly sift through information and make your judgments. Because Gemini is a mental sign, your snap decisions tend to be more intellectual than emotional. It is not that you are unfeeling, simply that your immediate reaction to stimuli is on a mental plane. You are a fast learner, probably have a high IQ, and are an excellent critic, for you have an ability both to analyze and to verbalize. A Moon in the communicative sign of Gemini inclines you toward loquaciousness and endows you with great personal charm. You have enchanting vivacity that draws others to you. Conversations with you tend to run off on unexpected tangents and take sudden turns and reverses. At heart, a lunar Gemini is essentially restless and needs constant stimulation. If forced to be indoors or solitary or inactive, you are unhappy and should try to set aside a part of the day to get out and be among people. A Moon in Gemini makes you extremely impressionable to the changing scene around you. Skill in speaking and writing predisposes many lunar Geminis to become writers, teachers, and journalists. John Keats, Rudyard Kipling, Jack London, and George Bernard Shaw are only a few famous Moon-Geminis of the past. As a Moon-in-Gemini person you are always mentally assessing what you are feeling. You tend to dissect your feelings and emotions to analyze why you think this way or behave that way. The most famous lunar Gemini who possessed this quality is Sigmund Freud. Freud also had his Sun in Taurus and Scorpio Rising, giving him extraordinary tenacity and depth of insight. You are quick-witted and vibrant, and when you come across a new fact or a different way of looking at something, you are likely to undergo a change of mind. One can??t count on your firm convictions, but your openness to life makes you a fascinating companion. In emotional relationships lunar Geminis display a certain free spirit. Here is where you are most intensely restless. You resent being subject to the whims and vagaries of other people??s emotions, and struggle to retain independence. At the same time, you search for the ???perfect?? love, which of course does not exist. If your would-be lover is elusive or hard to figure out, this especially piques your interest. The Moon-in-Gemini personality is high-strung. You have a streak of discontent that sometimes shows up as irritability and snappishness. On the other hand, you are amusing, witty, and have a wonderful sense of humor. When you are in the right mood you are a delight to be with. At times your talent can be stymied by the fact that you lose interest in things so quickly and drop what you so eagerly began. You thrive on travel, change, and meeting different kinds of personalities. In business, your best qualities are versatility and a winning way with people. You perform very well when linked in partnership with someone practical and hardheaded. Having to make a final decision is torture for you; you need a strong, decisive partner. No matter what your Sun sign may be, the Gemini- Moon qualities of versatility and intellectualism can be discerned in your personality. -If your Sun is in an air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), your keen intelligence is accentuated by a Gemini Moon and you have a superb gift of self-expression. -If your Sun is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), your emotional nature is sharpened by the Gemini-Moon mental acumen; you have strong creative instincts and a talent for research. -If your Sun is in an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), a Gemini Moon gives you quickness of mind that you can use in a practical way in combination with your Sun sign persistency. -If your Sun is in a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), a Gemini Moon bestows high mentality that combined with your passion and adventurism indicates superior leadership ability. Whatever your Sun sign, a Moon in Gemini imparts a witty intellect, an independent spirit, and an imaginative sparkle to your personality. MERCURY IN VIRGO This position of Mercury gives a fine analytical quality to the mind. You like to deal in facts; before you make up your mind you must know all sides to the question and get all the information available in order to analyze it. Once you form a theory, you??re quite convinced it is the truth. Thenceforward, you expect reality to conform to your ideas, rather than vice versa. You have an intellectual intolerance for people who are sloppy in their thinking; you don??t really understand human failings. Your emotional detachment makes you an excellent scientist, researcher, teacher, or reporter. You are very quick to learn and can usually memorize long pages of material. A fault is your eagerness to take on too much work or too many projects. You wear yourself down, and at times become nervous and hypercritical. As a Mercury- Virgo you have a superb talent for creative crafts. VENUS IN LIBRA You are in love with love. However, you are much more romantic than sensual. You skate gracefully over the profundities of love. Anything coarse, crude, vulgar, or earthy repels you. To you, true love is of the spirit. This is not to say you are sexually chaste. Indeed, you fall in love too easily and often have more than one amour going at a time. However, a love affair for a Venus-Libran must have all the right trappings and ritual. The ambiance created by champagne, intimate candlelit suppers, poetry written expressly for you, and beautiful gifts quite undoes your resistance. You put great store by charming social manners. People who don??t measure up are summarily dismissed no matter what their deeper qualities may be. Venus-in-Libra can be cold and aloof toward anyone who presumes. This position of Venus is superb for an artistic talent or a flair for design and decoration. You are successful working in creative projects within a partnership or marriage (sometimes you combine both). Venus-Librans adore creature comforts and luxury and tend to be extravagant with money. MARS IN GEMINI Mars in Gemini favors energetic activity of the mind. You are brilliantly intellectual, with a steel-trap brain that quickly grasps concepts and spins new ideas. You are incisive and practical and arrive at conclusions in a flash. The problem is that you lack force of will. You hesitate, vacillate, and think of yet another delay. In matters of sex, you experience desire in the mind before it becomes a reality. You enjoy the adventure leading up to lovemaking and have passions that are easily aroused. However, as soon as an affair loses zest and becomes ordinary you look for the escape hatch. You tend to have a number of affairs and marriages. Mars-Geminis are able to inspire and to lead others through the power of the spoken and written word. Often you have a magnetic voice and a compelling talent to convince others of what you say. JUPITER IN SAGITTARIUS Sagittarius is the sign that Jupiter rules, and the planet??s expansive, generous qualities are emphasized. With this Jupiter position, you are a person who likes to live well; you have a free hand when it comes to spending. Fortunately, you usually attract financial luck. No other Jupiter position augurs as much success in this area. As a native, you have an instinct for turning ideas into cash; you think big and profit accordingly. You also tend to marry well, and many of you inherit money. Jupiter in Sagittarius, though, does not make the personality crass or materialistic. You are high-minded and idealistic. You will often give up a well-paying position if it doesn??t suit your inner calling. Gifted with great intellectual capacity, you are drawn to professions in law, government, diplomacy, and the world of literature and philosophy. Your luckiest times of the year are when the Sun is in the signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. SATURN IN CAPRICORN Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn, and thus its power is strong here. Both the positive and negative qualities of Saturn are powerfully emphasized in you. You are ambitious and independent, dedicated and unswerving, but your methods can be dictatorial and overbearing and you may sometimes be thought of as selfish and mean. Saturn puts many obstacles in your path, and you learn early in life to be self-sufficient. You want to do everything yourself. It would be easier to take a cub away from a mother bear than a task away from a Saturn-Capricorn. You also have an instinct for doing things the hard way; you don??t listen to advice. However, you do learn from experience. As a child you may have been insecure and timid, but as you grow older you gain in authority. Loneliness and an inability to share is a running thread throughout your life. Many of you are prone to melancholy, but you usually have a witty, dry sense of humor. Generally, you attract faithful friends, but Saturn in Capricorn tends to bring disappointment in love. Natives of this Saturn position are prone to aches in the joints and knees. URANUS IN LEO Uranus exerts a formidable influence in the expansive sign of Leo. As a native of this position, you have a forceful personality and express yourself through leadership. You have a desire to be a hero or heroine. Your creative mind constantly spins new ideas, but you are not content merely to see your concepts carried out. You must be on display as well; you want the credit and the attention. Uranus in this position often brings sudden opportunity through romantic relationships. Uranus also takes you far afield in your search for new and different pleasures. You tend to have luck in gambling, especially on sporting events. At times you give an impression of being too defiant and independent. NEPTUNE IN SCORPIO (1955/57???1970) In the powerful sign of Scorpio, Neptune??s influence is shown in depth and intensity of feeling. Neptune-Scorpios are drawn to what is hidden from public view and want to uncover the truth. In years to come, this generation will continue to fight for more open government and to rectify the probable secret damage done to our environment by ruthless profit seekers. Neptune-Scorpios have a true capacity for innovation and invention and are attracted to science, medicine, and genetics. While Neptune travelled through this sign of sex and mysticism, there was a breakdown of sexual taboos in society and a revival of interest in the supernatural. On a personal level, in this sign of spiritual regeneration Neptune brings an extraordinary psychic awareness and interest in the occult. PLUTO IN VIRGO (1956/58???1971/72) During Pluto??s transit of Virgo, the sign of service to others, the Kennedy and Johnson administrations were committed to social programs. This was the era of the Great Society, of achievement in the fight for civil rights and, in the mid 1960s, a growing feminist movement. In this sign of health, some of Pluto??s influences on its generation are a new awareness of toxic food additives, an emphasis on holistic medicine, and concern over pollution of the environment. Virgo is also the sign of practicality, of putting facts to useful work. During Pluto??s transit of this sign, the two world superpowers were actively involved in space exploration. In 1969 a human being first walked on the Moon. The dark side of Pluto??s power was shown as the United States was plunged into turmoil by the assassinations of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr. Southeast Asia was torn by an unending war in Vietnam, which not only took its toll in lives and misery but also divided the nation emotionally. When Pluto is in Virgo, the planet??s personal influence bestows a profound analytical quality to the personality. People under this influence seek perfection but are also suspicious and ready to find fault with the world around them. Sagittarius Ascendant A Sagittarius Ascendant favors independence and freedom. You cannot bear to be stifled by outmoded ideas or difficult lovers or tedious work. You are progressive, full of optimism about the future. You are also restless in spirit, anxious to get on with the business of living, ready to accept a new challenge. Sometimes your impatience is misunderstood. Your sensitivity toward other people and your need for freedom are part of the same personality. You grant freedom to others and never try to limit or restrict another human being. Sagittarius Ascendants are basically humanitarians, idealists who care deeply about injustice. On a personal level, you are honest and generous to others and easily wounded when confronted with selfishness or thoughtless cruelty. It??s true that you can expect too much of your fellow man. You have a knack for making friends, for you are very open to new people and new ideas. You enjoy a spirited discussion, an exchange of opinion. (Rising-Sagittarians have a reputation for frankness: other people always know where they stand with you.) You are interested in research, blessed with imagination, foresight, and clear thinking. You like to travel, see new places, learn how the rest of the world lives. Usually you tend to read a great deal, watch the news, subscribe to periodicals, plug into the latest information on the computer, talk about current events with friends. You prefer the simple life, with not too many trappings or obligations. You like money, but your real appreciation is for the independence it affords. You fear that if you take success too seriously, life will become boring. One of your problems is that you don??t measure the consequences of what you do. You are impulsive, sometimes reckless. To take action is the main thing, to do something about a problem. You don??t always stop to consider where all the activity may lead. Marriage is not the most important thing in your life. Sagittarian Ascendants have a tendency to marry the wrong person (at least once) and get into unhappy romantic situations from which they must extricate themselves. Travel is a major theme in your life, and luck surrounds you in foreign countries. Many Rising-Sagittarians live out their later years in another country. As a person with Sagittarius rising, you tend to have a pleasant, cheerful face, a broad forehead, bright, humorous eyes, and a friendly smile. You often make sweeping gestures with your arms and hands, and have a strong, active body. The planet Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, is very prominent in your horoscope. The influence of Jupiter bestows good fortune, happiness, generosity, breadth of vision, sincerity, and a genial social manner. It also encourages restlessness, self-indulgence, conceit, impatience, wastefulness, and gambling. ?????_ ???? ?????????? ?? ?????????? ???? ??????????/ ???? ?"