My natal chart is in my profile photos.

No deal. I'd rather speculate then post on forums whilst unknown to them. It is for the greater good.

This site is more than a diary, it is a living document across the cosmos.
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Is anyone making kitty-dick synastry based on the pics?

They're all in a huff about composite over synastry
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I feel she did the right thing. treetrunk people who try to hold you hostage with their life. Suicide should be legal anyway. Down with the malfunctioned life forms! They will never be right, will always be broken, and should have the right to remove themselves.

Did you read the link? the astrologer made a big deal about the girls planets in fall and the cardinal t-square
So I found astrology info on Michelle Carter and her ex-boyfriend. Michelle was born on August 11, 1996 and Conrad was born on September 12, 1995, birth times and places unknown.

She is a leo and he was a virgo.

Anyways it's a fun read (click link for more info, I only put a little snippet here):

It is not a coincidence that s native with no air would get in trouble with her relationships and communications. In fact, the entire case against Michelle Carter centered precisely on her texts, Facebook and other messages she wrote to her 'boyfriend' Conrad.

Another prominent feature of her chart is that her powerful Sun in Leo, which is an excellent placement, but can be considered unaspected (it only aspects outer planets Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto by very wide orbs.) An unaspected Sun indicates that she would have very little trouble obtaining her goals but at the same time she may feel isolated and lonely. Michelle was very involved in school activities, voted class clown and 'most likely to brighten your day' (perfect description of a Leo.) Michelle was popular and very active in school activities but she struggled with loneliness. Her school friends said that she would constantly text them, asking them to do something together even though she knew they were busy with work and school schedules.

Michelle's problems can be partly shown by the cardinal T-Square in her chart with a stellium in Cancer (Moon, Mars, Venus) opposing Jupiter in Capricorn and both square Saturn in Aries. This active combination gives Michelle a massive amount of energy. She was a powerful force to be reckoned with especially in combination with a Sun in Leo.

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Biggest pet peeve: People telling me how to feel about a situation, what about y'all??

when i go to "all you can eat" and dont have all i can eat

"Although Michelle Carter was convicted of manslaughter, it hasn’t stopped her from her regular beauty routine as she gets re   Read more
It's only Tuesday...

hmm 15 pages not bad. ok carry on
Need more food pics
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I prefer the third option: Diplomacy.

It's an Art.

Yep. Important things require bluntness, things that arent important can be sugar coated. Preference of the person receiving the information of course matters.

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What possesses a person to do this? Just leave for lunch and never come back? Why even bother coming to work in the first place? I could see if you got into a big fight with your boss, but a lot of times I've seen this happen, it's not the case. Why can't they just say they quit?

In general it's a bad idea, but I can see these guys doing it:

Disney 'forced 250 of its American IT workers to train up the Indian workers who replaced them'

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts is being sued by 30 former IT staff from its Florida offices who claim they were unfairly replaced by foreign workers - but only after being forced to train them up.

The suit, filed Monday in an Orlando court, alleges that Disney laid off 250 of its US IT staff because it wanted to replace them with staff from India, who were hired in on H-1B foreign employee visas. That, the suit says, is racial discrimination - and it's now demanding damages, in a case that has also caught the eye of President-elect Donald Trump, The Register reported.
more at the link.
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I like to give but not receive, but maybe I havent had anyone very good at giving.

Ahhhhh poor thing! I've heard this once...from Tinman but he was old...

How come? You afraid she will mistake it for food?
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Dont know, I think I prefer the act of sex more.