My natal chart is in my profile photos.

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Folks, what's your view on this? If you're a lady, is it a turnoff if you know that a guy gossips? if you're a dude, do you do it as well? do you not?

Worse than women who gossip
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Because bwahahaha

Ever want to just "cap" someone in the ass?
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When do you think yours is?

Tadao Ando didn't make it until he was an oldcel

Lindsay Lohan's firecrotch peaked in Herbie Full Loaded

Where is your Saturn?

You will shave your head like britney if you have Libra ascendant

I will hit my prime when I'm about 97. Either that or I hit it at about 15

Are you tired throughout the day? How many hours do you get, is it a regular schedule? Is it through the night?
I used to go out 3-5 times a week then I stopped when I hit my 30s. Some people call partying just going out and drinking others call partying going out, and yet a third group call it just drinking even if you're sitting at home. These days I dont go out to clubs or anything like that (time is too precious), I like to drink once in a while (once a week at most).

FYI lots of venus retrograde astrology horoscope videos just popped up on youtube over the past few days.
i've learned two things from the internet, especially facebook, the more you hear about a couple the more miserable they are; they're just trying to convince themselves of how happy they are by trying to convince everyone else. You know the types, lots of pictures and the "oh look at us, we're so happy...see?" updates.
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Wait until you pass the 100 mark...

Are there really that many dxp users? i thought maybe 20, 50 tops

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True or false what you wear effects your mood or how you feel throughout the day subconsciously.

For me, depending on what i'm wearing i get into that mindset. Like if i'm wearing a suit i'm all business and my walk changes, and if i'm in sweats im chill af but at the same time ready to workout out or play ball. If i wear ripped jeans i wanna wreck butter up.

So true or false for you mothertreetrunkers

For me, how I look and how I feel are both symbiotically related. I can feel better by looking better and vice versa.
You went on a date and the guy felt uncomfortable with seeing an ex-girlfriend, which made you uncomfortable. I think the rest is just sort of hypothetical, you need to clear it up or stop seeing him, but you dont want to come across as unstable or anything by confronting him about it even though he gave you free license to ask him anything. I think you need to talk about it with him or you will imagine worse things than what the actuality of it is.

Depending on how much you owe, it might be worth it to pay it off just to keep your credit score.
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to figure out why we even date...i don't get the draw

earth is damn calming, cap women are like less volatile scorpios. the only problem is the coldness is more genuine and matter of fact than it is from a scorpio which is more calulated and intended.

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Why do you use Dxp?

What does using it do for you?

I use it for the extensive private messaging "benefits"
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LOL. Since 2015....that's "normal" THAT'S why the "trolls" come back utilizing a "new" name, but a troll is a troll

It makes sense now!

@StrawberryJam the others are correct, the cap you are seeing has done nothing wrong, private is private and work is a whole other beast. Dont let what happened to your ex affect what is happening now with your current.

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Matsuda M3056

Matsuda M3032

Matsuda M2014

Ray-Ban Clubmasters

I liked these but then I went to see how much they cost and they were like $ 500 minimum.!!
not really, but it's possible you can get some astrological compatibility via his sun to your moon and your sun to his venus/mars.
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I have blocked about 10 dudes/dudettes from this forum