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and liberals are the ABSOLUTE worst. They pat themselves on the back for being against racism, but they do nothing to change racism systematically.

everything is socioeconomic, if white liberals actually cared, then why not hire black employees. Underpaid, underemployed. Not promoted. Not because they don't have great ethic, there's a saying in the black community "we have to work twice as hard." Why not go to their police stations and demand change. Why not task their politicians to change criminal laws?

a black person with a bachelor degree makes 20-30k less than a white person with that same degree

talk about a glass ceiling that's never talked about

i DON'T need you to MARCH for me, i need you to change the nepotism and the structural racism.

even something small as mentorship goes a long way.

to me the biggest factor in race relations is economic...until that is equal ...nothing else matters

and the stupid tikki torches...

Naturally, a highborn could discern great from good, but Tyrion thoroughly enjoys the finer things in life. A true artist, especially when it comes to strategising. His clever research skills successfully defended King's Landing during the Battle of the Blackwater. He knows that his mind his deadliest weapon and plays to his strengths.

Your top profile is the Eating God (EG) profile and it’s known for its prolific output. Creative work is easy peasy for you as it is for Tyrion to outthink his opponents. Always keeping things fresh, you are innovative with your ideas and often makes sure that they are original and true to their potential.

"Well, my brother has his sword, and I have my mind. And a mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone."
—Tyrion to Jon Snow in regards to his reading habit
(Season 1, Episode 2, The Kingsroad)
I still think you should move
Generally, better looking people have better lives. It is the exception that is otherwise.

no, jew?
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Is this the cap? Or the gem?

Do I sound pathetic? Be honest
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Lucky? unlucky? august is always butter to me

a little of both, it's always been pretty decent to me.
what do you mean you people
You should make this a thread/post.
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i get the black man hate, cause black man have big dicks, that white men want to really suck ...but i never understood how an American can hate a Jew.

didn't they give your asses your GOD, Capitalism!!!!

I always get stunned when i see alt-right mention jews in their hate speech.

It's anything different, xenophobia, doesnt have to be logical. The logic/rationale explanation comes later but it takes decades to form amongst what sticks to the wall.
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Turn me on?

Is it the ego...?catering to my ego?

I like the july 4th songs and some patriotic songs but some are too over the top. But then again, I'm not into country music and there's a large overlap.
I will be building one soon too
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How long does it take you guys to ask someone you like?

unfortunately a long time