My natal chart is in my profile photos.

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Hello all! Really curious about this one. Which sign do you feel most connected with (in a psychic sense)? As in, you can finish the other persons sentences, intuit what they are about to do/how they feel (even though they don't show it), know how to make them feel better without even trying?

As a Scorp, I've only had two connections - with another Scorp, and an Aquarius (both men).


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Is your mars a liar? or does it speak truth regarding whom you find attractive?

List your mars sign and the sun signs you automatically find attractive or are more drawn to.

I like aries women
Leave your respects or lack thereof in replies below.
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How do you think a cancer man take his girlfriend asking for space ?

If you’re a cancer how would you take it ?

probably like a breakup, it's all in the wording and context here. If you're asking for space in the sense of personal time to do things like attend a class, that's one thing, but if you're asking to see other people it's a breakup. Dont leave things to the imagination here, be very concrete.

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Thinking of going to Austria later in the year

Anyone been?

Vienna or Salzburg or both ?

Salzburg was fun and nice place to relax. I sort of got bored of it within a few days.

I liked it a lot and would recommend it.
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Me: weight lifting gloves

1 a year

My latest date's phone numbers...

j/k it's my keys.
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Hi guys,

As you can tell by my name, I am triple Aries and I've recently met my first Cancer.

We were on a plane together coming back from Thailand. He lives in Spain, I'm in Italy. There is a significant age difference. (He's younger).

He was sitting next to me and within 3 minutes of sitting down he was talking to me. I rarely talk to people on planes but he got me the second I saw him. By the time the plane took off we were deep in conversation.

Basically we talked the whole flight. As we get near landing he kisses me. Then he asks me if I would be willing to visit him in Spain and if I had a problem with the age difference. I said of course I'd come to Spain and no the age wasn't an issue for me.

We kissed again and were holding hands in the terminal. He had to leave for his connecting flight and me for mine. We connected on Insta (these millenials!) and I sent him an empty email so he would have my address.

The day he got back he wrote me how amazing it was to meet me and nothing else. I responded that I would never forget that airport ever again and he wrote back "me neither". But there was no additional conversation or talk about seeing each other again. He's quick to like every picture I post on Instagram but since we got back we haven't spoken again. I know he was with his family and friends for a few days, rounding out his vacation, and was partying pretty hard. I think today is his first day back in the office and at his home.

Do I wait for him to reach out? Should I send him a mail? I know Cancers sometimes pull away to see if you like them, and given the age difference he might be concerned that I thought the whole thing was a funny plane story and that's it. But he didn't seem shy about taking the lead before so I don't want to come on too strong.

Any advice or ideas is welcome!!

Message or wirte him. He hasn't pulled back because you havent really started anything yet.

Strangely I loved this youtube video although I was laughing really hard despite being impressed:

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Pretty sure he sexually assaulted someone 30 years ago.
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Pisces Moons - we get bad rap for ........

Dont respond to people trying to troll you, you'll notice it's about 5 or so people that do it. Then they make new accounts and start over.

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this amateur short movie was released in 2001, shortly after the phantom menace and at the time I found it pretty good, especially compared to all the butter in phantome menace lol

I liked it! Thanks for posting. That's really good for amateur!
It's like the phrase "..but I did not inhale"