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Ah, dear @RumiL - Do not hide your message... Tell me what you're thinking...
My feelings will not be hurt, I promise

oh no, it's nothing.. it's just my way of 'bookmarking' so I will come back and read later.. :p I am running short on time
Karma is a misunderstood concept :-) ..pls don't mind me

I'm from east, this word comes from my country so would like to say a few words on original meaning of the word, as per my knowledge :-)

Karma literally means - work.

It comes from the idea/principle of "doing your duty" , and deviation from it - warrants unknown consequences. "Duty" here, is anything - from being a responsible son, husband, father, worker, any work - like even watering a plant, eating your breakfast - it applies to everything imaginable - doing what is in your control, and what you are supposed to.

When you deviate from the path, it will have different consequences- sometimes unwanted.

That is the basic idea.

What you sow, you reap. For example, if you did not water your plant, it will wilt by evening. But it's not just that, it's a little deeper here... it reflects on your attitude of not respecting a plant, or caring enough or not doing what you were supposed to as a caretaker of a plant(it's in your garden, so). And that attitude reflects on your general approach to life, towards other stuff, whatever may be said, it does reflect on your attitude. Any concept in my country is never to be taken literally or in a conclusive way - no. It's to be understood. People have come to interpret karma as 'because you did not water your plant, a dog bit you in the weekend'. That is absurd. And karma is not fate. It may mean consequence, but is definitely not fate in a way where we relate to luck - it is the fate that you make through your actions - water a plant today, and regularly, it'll give you fruits one day type , if you not water it, it'll die. But not that bad things happening in life - it is just life, not karma.

The meaning of it has been very much changed, in my country also, not just in the world - people think if you were bad to a person 20 years ago, and you fell down the stairs fracturing your leg, people think that is karma. It's not true.

Infact, unreasonable. It has nothing to do with luck infact. Karma as a concept originally meant you will face consequences(good/bad/neutral) immediately, atleast not in supernatural ways lol.

...But, the country which gave us this word also has one more concept - that 'whatever happens, will happen' = we have no control over life's tricky, my country's culture teaches by means of opposites ; ) ..but i digress : )

PS --- I'm sorry I do not mean to lecture, but.. think of this as ramblings of a person living in the culture that has given this word :-)

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Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you felt like life was against you, where nothing could go right? And then out of nowhere your luck started to change from one day to the next, and luck was back on your side again?..

no.. never felt like life was against me. if anything, I always think the moments when I am complaining or upset or overthinking, I am against life... life is so big, so intelligent, I am nothing, who am i to complain.. .
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There must be a 12.


I'm reminded of a word, fanaa (arabic - it's an Urdu word) literally meaning destroyed, sacrificed, annihilation in the context of love I think it is losing yourself into another person.. kind of like enslavement, but not quite, in fanaa, *you* are no more.. - honestly, I want to experience this.. it happens right O_O
I'm not a pisces but (Im' pisces dominant if that helps :p ) but I think he might be fed up with work and is making fun of his situation and nothing more lol.

pisces(atleast ones i have come across) have this thing of laughing/making fun of their scenarios when they're sad about it actually... what's his moon/mars? :p
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Next time he says it, say something like, oh I was hoping you would be my sugar daddy.

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Jupiter conjunct Scorpio rising
My case is kind of ambivalent. I feel at ease around composed and quiet people, older too. My mind finds peace after the warm embrace of their company. Nevertheless, it's natural for me to be responsive to the high energy of jolly, friendly and light-hearted people... Jupiter rising wouldn't let me keep the poker face just because I can't resist their charm and ability to open up so fast, as if my heart instantly becomes bigger : )
The belief itself that connecting with people is one of the most magical experiences, shatters my bubble and is able to evaporate the distance I've built up.

As for Taurus rising, yup, they always look like they are sorted, stable and have this calm look that I find very attractive and dependable.. But they are so independent.. my gemini friend who has Taurus rising atleast was in the beginning.

It took quite sometime for me to cling to her in the beginning lol. SO independent, it scared me a little TBH, but I immediately wanted to be with her! other Cap rising friend, we clinged to each other pretty much immediately after seeing each other lol. We compliment each other in lots of ways, and are similar in lots of ways.. atleast the dynamic begins like this - they are the boss, we are more than happy to be their employee :p
But Taurus rising was slow like a bull... went her way, stopped at her wish, but was nice to everyone, let us cling but like a bull allows a bird to sit on her back unbothered. My rising wanted her to be bothered a little :p ...but after some time, she started clinging to us, and there's this thing about Taurus (placements in general) where they OWN you. With all my water placements, I love it :-)
My mom has venus exactly conjunct her asc, and men/women/kids, but special mention to men - they are drawn towards her even at this age(45) :p ...not just appearance-wise(not saying this with a bias, but she's beautiful ) they love bantering with her, and added to this, she is Sag heavy with Aries moon, she gives off a very naive vibe lol.

Also, another thing is, it has become a joke in my family and friends, my parents say I am a "grievance redressal" person haha... whenever we are in an uncomfortable situation - like I am part of a group, and they are part of another group that is unknown, new or even uncomfortable with us or something - people approach me there too.. even when they are mighty pissed with my companions.. it happens in shops, in general with relatives, people, everywhere... like when there's a misunderstanding going on between my side and their side.. somehow they find me more approachable..

I think this is the thing with Cap rising and cancer rising.. people feel like they can depend on us, but the difference is Cap rising is sometimes intimidating, has the CEO look, whereas Cancer rising has girl/boy next door approachable look.. unless we're depressed, then too, people will give such concerned looks ..I've always been stopped and asked "are you crying" when upset.. :/

Sorry for bragging so much *blush*


I totally get what you mean.. the comfort level is way high with older ones

As for me..hmm.. i definitely gravitate more towards older or younger kids.. Younger kids seem to be drawn to me too, and even older (elderly) ones.. actually, my rising sign makes me this welcoming person, everyone approaches me in beginning, like - if they or we are new to a place, they approach me "miss, where is bathroom" type and they cling to me, sometimes much to my moon's discomfort ...but soon they realise how boring i am and that is how I remain this shy, calm girl with small circle of friends.
slow and steady wins the race :p -- that is motto of cap venus(even taurus venus, but there's a difference)

..They're slow to approach, but will definitely do and will chase you until you give in. Doing stuff for you, asking you to do stuff for them. Not getting bogged down by rejection only to come back more strongly. They are realistic in showing their love - not give flowers/flattery/fluffy gifts, but will remember if you like a nice pen or a chocolate and will get you those. Will make their dry jokes around you.. are nice to your friends/parents, will share stuff about their family..

this is best placement
Fire signs usually do not play mind games... they're direct.. if they are being confusing, it just means that they are confusing lol. Nothing more, they're probably unaware and just going about their life.. Fire signs will chase when they like you...
I used to watch KRS videos on conjunctions.. if I remember correctly, he said that the planet holding lower degree in a conjunction would make the difference and hold more power... but i do agree that both influence each other, if not the planet at a lower degree having stronger hold.

I have following conjunctions -

Moon-jupiter = moon holds lower degree but I do think that both influence each other.. I'm not emo like how typical scorpio moons are :p ...but moon does have more gravity, it's my ruling planet.. but but but again I'm not the extreme scorpio moon emo :p

Merc-Saturn-Mars = Saturn holds lower degree... and is loosely conjunct mars, but tightly conjunct mercury. I definitely see the Saturn's (strong) influence.. I'm very controlled in my speech, and despite the pisces dreaminess, I am very realistic when time comes... infact, I surprise myself by how realistic i can be : D

Uranus-Neptune = dunno what it means

NN-Pluto = IDK what it means yet

I have Lilith conjunct venus : D ..wonder how it manifests in my personality

My dearest friend is Aqua/Scorpio moon too.. she does have times when she cannot manage her emotions, but she's very resilient.
Maybe they have some pisces/taurus placements?

Or maybe it's your Sag venus and virgo rising that puts aries in your 8th house..

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Usually in January the rate of deletion increases. Last year was the same thing.
There is not a known explanation yet why this phenomenon happens, but it's believed to be connected with Proton arcs. There are some rumors that these users don't actually delete their accounts, their accounts suddenly disappear instead. Hence they don't announce their departure.

January Deletions Reports:

94% are females.
5% are males.
1% unknown

73% from the USA
12% from Asia (includes Ands' alts)
7% from Europe
4% from Australia
4% unknown

Where would you gather such statistics ?

I know some people

... and your Source ?

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I think Pisces tend to express a lot of emotion with our eyes and facial expressions. We are highly non-verbal in our communication.

I love when I'm out with my water sun friends and we're having whole conversations without saying a word. And we both give each other that knowing look. The other people at the table are oblivious of the communication going on, and sometimes we look at each other and bust out laughing.

Yeah.. eyes and body language/gestures.. most non-verbal and communicate effectively by a million times because they are non-verbal :-)
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On topic, YESSSS

Not because I love earth signs, but I've seen almost every Aries end up with earth sign

My mom-dad are fire-earth too! Lots of give and take in these relationships

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