When your person starts to talk about what's on his mind, confess his true feelings for you, tell you they loves you, or even cry in front of you—that is them being their most vulnerable. It means they not only value you and your relationship, but they are comfortable enough to be themselves, the real them, in all his forms.
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Wait, what?
A capricorn moon is sensitive and romantic?
Things make so much more sense now.
Thanks for that enlightment.

They sure are !
They do come back to familiarity
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I used to be much more generous. I still spoil the crap out of people I care for but not just out of the blue and for no reason. Like your sister, no I wouldn't do that. Maybe because I've been struggling financially for so long that I just don't think about doing it, IDK. People still get a kick-ass Christmas dinner though.

It's the little things you all do
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Awwww! Thank you for making this post! Also can you share with us your moon sign and your Venus? I'm asking because personally as a Cap mooner I always had difficulties having a relationship although I know of how much I'm capable of offering (I'm an Aries/Taurus cusper Sun (April 22) with a Venus in Aries and a Mars in Scorpio)

I'm Aries moon
Sag sun
Cap Venus

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Hiya! My cap is moon and Venus in aries.
I enjoy spoiling the people I care for, its just a small select few that I even bother doing anything.
In regards to romantic relationships those have been shakey and I'm still on the lookout for someone that can handle my odd astro combo lol

Cap mooners love hard when they find the one
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Sagiluv you Libran predator

Hell I'm glad you got your end game in the end, another year, happy birthday

Thank you tiz ! Sure did
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I'm late...

But Happy birthday!



Thank you 😊
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Happy Birthday Sagiluv!

I didn't know that you're in your 30's already, I thought you were younger than that like 25, 26 haha.

Thank you Nathan yes there's a lot that people don't know about me...
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glad to know there are people in my age group

Yes 36! And counting ..