Pisces sun (4.59), pisces moon (27.19)

I’m just passing by. Might post another comment in a year! Keep an eye out! Haha
It feels like everything in the universe is coming together to stress me the treetrunk out
I've only been with people who make less than I do. Think I'd at least like to try being with someone wealthy. Being poor = more stress. That would probably cause arguments or for one or the other to become resentful. Even if I loved the guy to death I'd probably end up leaving under those circumstances. Finding a decent wealthy guy doesn't sound like it'd be so bad.
I think it comes down to having similar hobbies. If your hobbies match up with your s/o, then that's better than them not, obviously. I've pretty much only dated gamers. Which sucks for me because I'm not that much in to games. Most of the time spent with my partners involved us sitting in the same room doing our own thing. Which is fine every now and again, but not frequently or all the time. The ones who's only hobby was gaming were also lazy. House chores only got done when I brought it up to them.

Sure, gamers may be easier to locate, etc, but if they're really in to games and you're really not, eventually their hobby will become not so great of a thing.
I show my love by spending my time on them/with them. Which, isn't enough for like...anyone. I'm not a cuddly person and I don't like expressing my love verbally in many words. But, I like my 'me time' and I'm terrible at texting, so for me to text someone frequently and to want to be around them is how I show I appreciate and love them

Needless to say, my needs and my partners needs never manage to match up. I always get the cuddle fiends.
Buzzfeed Blue has a youtube series called Unsolved. I enjoy watching their videos. They're short, but go over the background of the mysteries and some theories.

Think I'll be getting the 8. I've had my 5S since it came out. I really need to upgrade.
I was going to answer this a few days ago and the answer then would have been yes.
But, the mother of my fiance's kids just passed away. So, I don't think I can go quite yet. I've never wanted to be a mother, but I think I at least need to be present to make sure him and the kids have an easier time.

It's a really confusing and shocking feeling to have someone die that young. People really can go at any time.
I reallyyyyyy like leo and aquarius. Like, a lot. Their personalities seem to attract me the most. Almost every time someone catches my attention I find that they're on that axis. I'm not a huge fan of other water suns and I don't think I've ever been in to an earth sun.

It seems to have worked out that I've only dated guys with water moons, though.
Yeah, I have come to the conclusion that if someone creeps on you that they will show up in that section. That really sucks for me because I do a lot of fb creeping.
I use a friend's Netflix account or stream on primewire.
I tend to like fixed suns, particularly the leo-aqua axis. Pisces is almost never on my radar.
Pisces sun/moon.
Tend to stick around for a while, but end up getting bored and break it off. Least romantic person in the world. Love my space. I'm honest and straightforward with my partner, no game playing. Somehow, people still like me.
I'm a watery pisces, he's a fiery leo. Been together 4 years now and are engaged. We met online. The first time we met in person was full of misunderstandings on his part, I found out later. He thought I wanted sex and to be in a committed relationship on the first date. I wasn't all that interested in him in the beginning. I actually put off being official until a few months later. I guess a lot of things change with time.
I'm feeling anxious. I ordered an ancestry/health kit from 23andme and it's on the last stage...just waiting for the reports to be generated. I am the WORST at being patient and this is killing me.
I tend to get along really well with leos, both as friends and partners. I just hit four years with the leo last month. If we argue, it's usually about food or because he misunderstands what I say. If it were up to him, I'd more more into cuddling and affection, but I like my space and am the least romantic person ever. Oops.

I probably would not want to date a pisces myself, so I get it.
My first year of college I was a Nursing student. Then switched to something completely different. There's nothing I really want to do work-wise, so I decided "this sounds okay" and now here I am. Still working my way up and have found my personality doesn't mesh that well with the line of work, but I think I'll learn a lot from it and everyone in the agency is pretty awesome. The future is going to happen one way or another, so just take it as it comes. You don't have to do anything special or extraordinary, just do something you don't hate, even if you have to learn from making random decisions on what to do/where to work.

Or maybe I'm too laid back? I feel like everything I learned in college is useless, but the degree helped me out and I got to travel for my internship.
Even though noise makes me angrier than anything, I would still go with option #2. Option #1 is nice if you only have class two days a week and are good at making friends or already have friends there. For me, option #2 is easier because of commute and also because I'd have a higher likelihood of making friends there. I would probably end up spending my whole time there friendless if I didn't live on campus.

I technically have a half sister, but I consider myself an only child due to age difference. We never lived together and I'm not close with her at all.
He picked up a potential weapon to calm you down...and closed the door, which would be your escape route...

Out of all the things he could possibly do as a loving partner he chooses a method that would instill fear. Fear is used to control others and you can see that in toxic relationships. That is an obvious statement, but I also thought it was pretty obvious that his behavior is unacceptable *shrugs*