joined September 11, 2017
  • This has happened about 6 times in the last 6 months and it's hard to explain but will do my best. As I am laying down trying to sleep, something weird happens I know I am definitely still awake but I cannot move no matter how hard I try I am stuck except for my eyes. When it happens, i have very vivid dreams/hallucinations which include my house being broken into while I'm on the sofa but I can't get up or stop it. I could only lay and watch it happen around me. Another time I was screaming for my friend upstairs to help, I saw her walk into the room and unplug her phone charger then go back upstairs but she didn't realise i needed help. When i asked her the next day she said she didn't come down at all or hear me shout. And another time I was laying in my bed and heard a dog growl, I sat up but couldn't see anything so laid back down. Just as I did, my body felt really heavy and I couldn't move. Something ran into my room and jumped on my bed. It laid on my legs and felt just like a dog. At one point I was able to slightly move my arm and tried to reach down to it but it growled again and seemed to turn my arm into a dead weight. Anyone have any idea what is going on. I am a pisces and lost an extremely close friend in January