To create a thigh gap ....follow my instructions ...

Stand feet together ..take a jump to the right ...then lift left foot off the floor ...TAKE A STEP TO THE LEFT

Voila ...thigh gap.

The only thigh gap that matters
box splits..

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I don't think any of the Water (moon) signs is intuitive. I just think they are more paranoid than most. If you 2nd guess yourself enough you're bound to hit the right mark every once in a while

I think they really are esp cancer moon.
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I don't think it's a delusion per se. I have had that experience with a Pisces.... the moment we started talking I knew it. I felt his vibes and they were sooooo strong.....undeniable. When we met it was very magnetic. And yes, the situation will not allow us to be together, but I just know we will be together some day in the future. I have no proof, just a strong gut feeling or intuition, whatever you want to call it.

Right now it's been going on for 2 years and we still stay in touch. The relationship is deepening and I feel we have things to sort out together at some point in time. We have some purpose in each others life, our meeting was not random. So a bit similar to what you have experienced. I think it's your intuition and I feel Pisces people have that gift of a powerful intuition. At least the ones in my life have. And it rarely fails.

I agree.

It's not a delusion. It's a feeling. It's the way you feel. It's not like you are denying reality. It's just you are feeling a certain way about this reality. Or feeling a certain way that does not benefit you in this reality. That's not delusional it's emotional. It's intuition and it can't be explained.

Intuition perceives the most delicate things and information.

Operate from a place of love and accept the choices and feelings of others.

OP tune more into her feelings and the feelings of the other guy. When you become close to them. You will realize the truth. When you see his vulnerability and his feelings. You will understand either way.
I am cancer.

I am pretty empathic about someone's relationship. And I can feel most couples I see are truly in love. And if they aren't that negative energy ...frightens me.

I do feel with single people...there nothing there..

I can sense when i am someone's type ..or that I would never be their type. I can sense that person would never be into me. Or if they might be.

I am usually correct.

I have had my intuitions confirmed all the time.

I can usually tell if a relationship with someone will make a big impact on me from a small interaction.
If we could post a chart here and see how we read it and how accurate it is for the person it might help you see.
So basically it makes sense emotionally. But not logically
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Hi all. This is my first post and before I say anything else I wish to make it clear I wish no offense to anybody.
I am a keen Astronomer and obviously our two studies have a certain overlap, however as I'm sure your aware astronomers often disregard astrology as nonsense, a pseudoscience. I like to think of myself as more own minded then that and will not believe something just because someone else told me so. That is why I am here-to try and understand and find out what evidence their is that astrology is real and true and deserves to be followed. I doubt you guys are idiots so what is it that gives you such faith in astrology and can this study be proved to be genuine.
Again I am not intending to cause offence I just wish to understand before I either follow astrology it dismiss it.

Oh no offense at all . I think it's great to have someone on here who thinks is all bs. In fact it's a welcome refreshment.

You will actually find a lot of people here don't really believe it's just a fun forum.

I do think I have two minds. The logical one and the non logical one. It makes no reasonable sense to follow it. I just want to I follow it. Intuitively it makes sense and energy wise.

I don't have any evidence just a feeling

Please enjoy the forum there is lots more than just astrology. And you are very welcome. It's really more to have fun!
I used to watch sailor moon too Eleventh sign.

This girl!

She is the kindest strongest girl. She looked after her mommy when she was dying. She is always sweet. She is gorgeous and has the perfect body and is kind to everyone. She is smart too!
Has he stalked anyone else ..or the friend? Is it possible the friend likes this or gets a kick?
I have the feeling it will improve. Just reading your posts. Dunno why
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for fun...if you want one, give me a shout

i will do them as when i have time



*Strong Simon*

"Hold on, your are almost there*

Seems like some good stuff is coming up for you soon.....don't give up!
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