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shaymaci joined January 16, 2016
female from Ga, US
Scorpio Ascendant
Virgo Sun in the 10th
Pisces Moon in the 4th
Libra Mercury in the 11th
Scorpio Venus in the 12th
Cancer Mars in the 8th
Scorpio Jupiter in the 12th
Scorpio Pluto in the 1st
Scorpio True Node in the 12th
Virgo Chiron in the 10th
Scorpio Juno in the 12th
Scorpio Adonis in the 12th

Discriminate at your leisure.

*Desire becomes surrender, surrender becomes power*

Don't hurt your brain sweets.
I'm extremely well read.
I choose to speak the way I do.

Never judge one's attributes or skills by their face alone.