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  • have patience. alot of it , and comunicate what you want upfront.
  • is there a difference with these 2 phrases ? Is one supposed to be said before other ?
  • Could it possibly ruin a relationship ?
    Example: Instagram , liking multiple pictures of the same girl , isnt it disrespectful to the other partner ?
  • give him space. i understand how hurtful at the time you would feel when hearing something like that, knowing youve only been sleeping with him and only him. of course you guys arent committed but its the principle of it. hes now seen you blow up out of being hurt , and has also seen you be sorry, which is at the moment. so don't apologize anymore he gets it. let this whole thing marinate, and let time do its thing. February was 5 months ago but for some Taureans 5 months can be like 5 weeks. now him being worth the wait , is up to you. ive been there and its all about trusting your gut feeling, just buckle up for the ride.
  • When do you guys know when she is the ONE? What qualities & signs will present themselves in the right woman to make them officially yours? (Settle Down, Wife them, Ect.)
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    Oh god they're all the same ?

    Just forget him and move on. If they can easily do it, so can you. Deactivate your clingy cancer.

    ? yes ma'm , working on it !
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    I'm a cancer woman I know exactly how you feel
    We are the ones who love more
    We are the ones who care more
    We don't give up easily on the ones we love even though they treat us so unfairly but then,when we make up our minds we move on and never look,my fellow crab talk to yourself and listen to the inner you.I'm sure this situation is so tiring. Personally I don't think he actually wanted a real love relationship I think he was just lonely and he was tired of being lonely or he probably said to himself "let me just try this out and see if I'll fall in love"That's why they always say don't go into a relationship cause you're lonely..This is just my opinion tho I'm sorry you had to go through all these.It can be really heartbreaking .Make up your mind and take a decision no one should be treated that way it really hurts .

    Thank you Womii , thats so true maybe this was just a fling for him. I never thought about it that way , only because i remember he would remind me to be patient.. that he WOULD make me his... that we DO have a connection... so with those confirmations i made sure i wasnt going anywhere. but now i have to stop this cycle altho i honestly dont want to but all this damn time & i still havent been appreciated... you are so right once were up & start to keep it moving we dont even bother to look back. it'll be an unfortunate thing if he decides to want me once i turn ice cold.
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    im neither male nor a taurus but i think it comes down to what you want.

    do you want a relationship?

    or do you want him in whatever form that comes in?

    you have to realise that a relationship with him might not be possible.

    i went through this with my partner in the start. he didn't want a relationship. he felt he wasn't ready to commit or put himself on the line.

    i understood that but i wanted a relationship with him. i didn't want a casual, no strings, let's see where it takes us sort of thing with him. so i told him and we ended it. sometimes you have to know what you want, where you boundaries are and what you are willing to accept or not accept. if you don't know yourself, how in the world would he?

    Thank you Jeane for your input ! i already knew these things yet im glad im getting this from other people so i can really understand what i need to do... by the way you said this is how your partner was in the beginning , did things change once you told him you wanted a relationship and ended it ? Did he come back or did it really end for good ?

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    I'm not a male but this is my opinion. Timing is bad. He is pretty much telling you what it is. He is not ready. I'm sure he cares for you deeply. We don't really go silent unless we are under stress/overwhelmed and need time to think and plan out our next move. It just boils down to him not mentally ready for commitment. You have talk with him and did ur part. Now the ball is in your court. U either accept it and keep ur options open or leave him alone until he knows what he wants. I know this will be hard. From my experience cancers and Taurus have this amazing connection but we also don't know how to break away from each other and it becomes this revolving door of in and out. Best wishes to u and lots of prayers!! I hope everything works out in ur favor!

    Thank you so much for your input and prayers , i really appreciate it ! This here what im feeling is real it does hurt. I have to think about myself now

  • this may be long so i appreciate anyone who reads this.
    So im a Cancer woman (22) & me and my Taurus(24) have been dating for what will be 1 YEAR June 12th. he is the one who approached me first... it took me about 2 weeks to get to really like him ( he was not my type at first ) but than i couldnt get enough of him. his humor and charm is what always gets me and he just looks to good and manly to me... in the beggining he told me he wanted a girl and that he was tired of being single (he hasnt been in a relationship since 2013.. 4 years) and i had told him i wanted to take things slowly (i had got out of an abusive relationship a year before) and so we both agreed to just let things flow. and they flowed nicely.. from June to October we were pretty much exclusive but with no title , i was fine with that. he brought me to a few gatherings.. few dates... and we spent time together. the sex is always soo sooo amazing. he got to know me more as i was able to open up and express myself which i loved becus he helped me realize i can be myself. which i couldnt in my last relationship... and so it was October that we had a hiccup. he fell off for about 3 weeks and out of no where. he said he was going thru something with his living situation and also a work problem... but he told me that after rekindling... than we fell off again mid February.. for another 2 weeks of not talking texting or nothing... he told me we were on different levels and that i wanted a relationship but he wasnt ready. i understood that tho... but than began the cycle of not talking for a week again than seeing each other again the next week.. and repeat.. and repeat. a rollercoaster. last week we seen each other and spent time... the vibes are just always so good i love being with him... but im hurting myself becus i know him not reaching out to me in the next few days is bound to happen... we had a talk recently where the whole "where is this going?" question came up and other related questions.. and he reminded me that we had a talk already about this. (which we did back in March)... that he didnt want a relationship yet. and its been easier said than done becus we repeat the same cycle.... we see each other we enjoy each others company so much than he kind of breaks my heart becus it just seems to be fine not talking to me for the next week or 2.
    Now at this point , i think its unfortunate that i think im in love with him. i'd do anything for him , i think about him all the time and i just want him still. i have shown so much patience , i have showed that i have nothing but good intentions... i just dont know what to do anymore. wait for him ? i mean thats what ive been doing. i get it he probably is extra extra catious becus he hasnt been in a relationship in a while... yet this isnt fair for me to have myself in this spot. wishing he'd do more for me show me more as ive showed him...
  • well my Taurus men i wanna know , how long did it take you to say those 3 words to your significant other.. and who said it first ? ☺️