3 days
fun drunk.
although i've been known to get mean sometimes, if somebody pisses me off.
i only clicked in 'cause i couldn't figure out what the feckin R word was....
that was a spit out my tea moment.
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sleep paralysis.

I've never had it. My brother and mom have though. I really want to experience it even though it's scary just to see what it's like. Do you get it often?
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i've only had it about 4 times in total, it's horrible though.
this one was very strange, i didn't see anything just felt like there was an earthquake and no matter how much i tried to get up i couldn't, it was very load and real... i actually had to ask everyone else if there was an earthquake last night lol
saying " i do not date coworkers" to him doesn't mean you're not interested, just more of a challenge.
be harsh, tell him he's annoying you.
i love sags, male and female... but recently i've found myself becoming very exhausted around them.
aaaand she's a sag, of course.

i'd take it as a compliment
i'd have gotten a feckin hose and soaked the bastard
do any other aries get really excited about their birthday and want to host a huge party with loads of friends... but then suddenly get anxiety about it and decide to spend it alone hiding from all the happy birthdays >_>

i just asked my friend if he wants to throw a party together (his bday is the day after mine) but turns out he has the same problem as me!

i cook because otherwise i wouldn't eat