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Posted by LadyNeptune
His gf saw the snap and made him block you from social media.

It's recorded live is it?
They're both nutjobs 😂
Maybe I'll watch some bottom too
The end though 💔😭
Remind me not to date a taurus
She changed the subject actually
Can't get her to commit to anything 😒
Drop Dead Fred ❤❤
This is what I get from my sag friend when I try to make plans 😒

That actually happens?
I thought that was just an American 90s movie thing.
It always gets stuck in my head when somebody says road rage. 🙄
It's all over the front page
You give me rrrooad rage...
Something, something...
Posted by Seleukos
Posted by Smidge
It's not me it's my toilet

It's true, though.
I also had a toilet incident yesterday and couldn't do butter.
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