No cancer will put up with a guy pushing you away, creating drama, being ungrateful etc

I'd say she was at the limit at that last one and you got banished permanently

We know there are guys out there who don't act like that are kind and appreciative like our friends' partners our male friends etc so why would we put up with bad behaviour from you when we know that's not something that has to be dealt with

Fire and water generally don't mix well but Leo's seem to be a bit childish or something when it comes to fights (hard to put in words) which makes it worse than a Sag etc

She will become more and more annoyed the more you try to reach out more than likely - it's like too little too late in our heads - you should have appreciated what you had when you had it and we then go for a more earthy energy next most likely

Plus one for the age thing completely agree
Definitely changes as you age also as your sun may progress into Leo so some strength and pride starts to come in
Same it's after many chances and being hurt repeatedly there is no other choice of action

It's the evolved version of cancer I find - once upon a time I would have cried lashed out wanted drama etc - now I just go ice cold freeze you out because maturity knows it is the best form of punishment and makes the other person have to actually think how they hurt us from radio silence

It also just makes it easier to move on no mental torture agony or doormat behaviour which in turn promotes mental and spritual growth

Also stops stupid games by the other person wAnting attention etc

Once you have had a taste of how good it can be with a cancer full withdrawal and being banished can mess with someone like nothing else when we take it away for bad behaviour and you can come and crawl back and grovel all you want - no dice, you don't exist

Cancer and Pisces isn't ideal from experience long term but the connection is next level
I hate texting as a cancer and my Pisces was obsessed with texting

Mostly I hate texting anything to do with feelings

She will come around though I'd be cautious of the indifference that isn't our nature when really into someone
I was a dj a long time ago myself and know around a few hundred DJs and was seeing a Taurus dj

All women are thirsty for DJs it's s huge warning and Taurus with their love of harem is just a disaster waiting to happen I can't even discuss a friends Facebook page who is married and travels for work (a girl goes with him every time and not his wife). His Facebook is full of thirsty women I'm surprised his wife is still around he tells me messenger daily is full of women some send sexual videos and pictures

I have a friend with a Taurus dj and she has to be ok with an open relationship

Djing offers so many occasions for men to meet women it's scary and Taurus is too weak unless it's love and even then !
Scorpios (female) I have found all of a sudden like A Taurus mans favourite food, football team or music etc once they are interested in one - cancers are black and white love/hate to their own tastes. Taurus gets annoyed from the "pretending to have liked something" act by Scorpios and love it when Cancer has a natural love or passion for the same things. That is a huge turn on for Taurus I find when the realness is there with liking of anything from smells to furnishings to music (especially music).

My Scorpio best friend always moulds herself to whatever guy she is interested in drives me mad until it's a long relationship then the interest is consistent (even though I love her to death). I also find she isn't passionate about things like I am, as the energies are scattered between what she likes and her partner -whereas Taurus experience everything on so many layers sense wise that's why the Scorpio sex sticks out as the layered intense passion of interest in things isn't really there for scorpios on other levels so it all gets channeled into sex and mind games.

In saying that I find it hard as a Cancer to not be paranoid about not having the same level of intestity and game playing and manipulation (especially sexually but also mentally) as Scorpio with my Taurus knowing he has been hooked on that by Scorpio in the past.

For example once something is over for me I'm philosophic about it and eventually move on and go radio silence, whereas a Scorpio will play the whole "miss me" stupud texting emotional manipulation game forever and just not let it go. Drives me mad that they just won't let a Taurus move on even when he clearly has moved on himself and Scorpio plays on the sexual weakness. Cancers have more class than that.
Taurus + profession as a dj = disaster (harem)

Take from over 20 years of experience with many a Taurus dj friend
Long distance and Taurus without meeting them is a pipe dream (from experience) ..even only meeting them once then back to a Ltr is the same thing also but not quite as bad

They are huge flirts and are possibly flirting with others at the same time to add to it - some have strange self esteem issues especially if have been hurt before so need women adoring them

Only when you have spent real time together and are in close proximity so it can be more realistic and real will a Taurus invest emotionally

They need to laugh, feel you, spend time with you have sex with you and miss you not being there and think about you constantly. They have to be able to think about being with you in a practical manner in your energy

When Taurus is into you and thinking about you you will know as everyone says if you guess even for a minute you have your answer

I'm not a Taurus mind you but I'm at my third now
Well I don't think there is anything that wrong with enjoying the moment in something that can bring you out of emotional abuse mindset that is very hard to fix - I went through the same with a narcissistic relative And 2 abusive partners back to back and someone came along who picked me up off the floor when I was on my knees and didn't even want to wake up every day

But it may just be there to teach you how to be treated properly and that is its purpose

Perhaps just take it for what it is for now and enjoy the moment

It's the eclipses now so if he is going to leave her for you it should happen fairly soon (as that's one huge benefit of them) note it may also make your situation go one way or the other

I have even heard the head of the spiritual church say it is ok to have a liaison with an involved person if it has very healing benefits go figure

But I think you need to get any obsessive thoughts of him leaving her out of your head and leave it up to the universe and still remain open to meeting someone available ?!
It's about how the other person makes us FEEL

For me anyway !
I'm at the best point I've ever been with my Taurus we didn't go friends first straight into romantic attraction

The texting is most days but not every day and it's random who contacts who - it's not a huge conversation but just one or two paragraphs of words and it is just as good there are a lot of declarations of feelings from him. before it was a bit picturey if that makes sense like a lazy way to do it and now it feels really something sincere in words going on for 9 months but only last 3 have been "knowing how he feels without a doubt" he is really busy and I'm busy a lot also so I like not texting for the sake of if it all day and it has built the romance better so it's more exciting and built up every time we see each other.

Small chat chat is for in person and the odd phone conversation here and there and it's way better like that to be honest. I think it would kill it a bit if we both had the Taurus routine at this stage

Another taurus I had though was friends and romance and we texted all day every day and he called pretty much every day and for hours sometimes - the friendship bit felt great but the rip your clothes off didn't exist as he felt like my best friend which is good also but it wasn't omg stuff

I'm loving no 1 scenario best and to build further friendship on that and I think because I'm busier also it is better you need to be busy with a Taurus I think actually so you don't notice it much with the texting. They like to ask what you have done or doing and you have a good answer and maybe get a bit jealous !
You went to a rave sure it's just not disco Tuesday if you know what I mean ) ??
I've been a yellow unaware of a Pink
Pink (Scorpio) tried to manipulate and set up an easy comfort transition (from a what I will call a purple) and was playing the role of pink similarly friendship turned relationship comfortable and mostly easy .. Taurus never even needed to spend a cent to move etc Pink owns many nice properties so Taurus can be lazy and be creative and not have to make effort.

Taurus though sort of got blindsided into shacking up with pink (at a low point also). Problem is Taurus met yellow right as the transition started and put a spanner in the works. As Taurus didn't feel he made that decision of his own to go to Pink without being emotionally manipulated Taurus left pink not long after (because yellow as discussed is the more ideal woman) just time was there with pink but Taurus would think of yellow all the time. In the end because a yellow existed pinks plan was foiled.

Pink still talks to Taurus and has no idea of yellow and was fed a pack of baloney. Taurus still likes the attention and feelings of Pink and plays pink emotionally But won't return to Pink.

Yellow is not attainable as won't play the game knowing history of pink and purple as that was the exact same story ! Taurus went back to purple who would have been pink when pink was yellow.
I would never abandon him now we are both only children and I have lost both my parents so I can relate to everything he his going through. The guilt you have when someone is dying and some days you just don't want to watch it is really intense and we have talked about it and cried together even. He is not being selfish with his dad he talks about him a lot I think it's tough as a man to see the male idol all guy really life a shadow of their former self ... it's really about preservation issues when you are an only child also.

As a Pisces as I know they internalise things and as man when you have no one to talk to it isn't easy. That stereo typical Pisces going to the dark side is just so hard to watch as an onlooker and I feel like I'm living an abnormal life watching it all go on and being involved in it so I'm not sure what to do for myself as well as him.

I've nicely suggested he should tone it down for a week as I have a very big work commitment but I don't think that will kill the destructive phase in general. It's that weird line between not wanting to enable someone in any way and also letting them cope in the way they need to. I also don't know on what level I'm supposed to step in and help as really I am just a neighbor and it hasn't even been that long although there is something very fated about us like soul brother and sister or something.

Thanks again

Hello just thought I'd come in here for some suggestions. I know Pisces men pretty well however I'm not a Pisces (cancer) so don't know exactly how they process stuff. My neighbour is going through a really dark period his dad dying and he has hit the 90 day reality check grief period of his long term girlfriend leaving him so is dealing with a lot. He is typical Pisces lots of booze and women drugs not such a problem but he is starting to go off the deep end too much staying awake for days drinking not turning up to work (own business) ...more women than in the queue for toilets at a festival. He came home at 5am drunk after being in a fight and called me and woke me up and just let it all out especially with his dad.

He has opened up to me and cried about both problems and knows he can come to me like a brother and has asked me to help him get his act together but only when intoxicated. I am not sure what to do as I'm torn between letting him get away with his behaviour to cope and knowing I need to help him tone it down even just a bit. Problem is most Pisces will live their life Their own way and you can't really stop them from my past experience.

What can I do to help him but let him deal with things how he needs to but also as he has asked me for help. I feel the fight was sort of the amber light as could have been a lot more serious but Pisces always have 9 lives and rarely need to use more than one for some reason.

Thanks in advance
Should say when he is interested
This is so true if he needs a back up or some
Variety he will contact you

My Pisces male friend has so many women on the go from online - he rotates them around as he is hung up on an ex so it means nothing to him and he likes the variety

I was hanging out with him on the weekend and he had plans with a girl who messaged and called a few times ...he just hung up and didn't answer as he was doing other things - he really did not even care or bother to answer as he knows he can make up some lame excuse and the girl will buy it and come around when he us j retested only if he is into them will he he accountable and even then he still may go awol if he has another one

He will ask to meet you at some point even ages away up to you if you have the pride
Pisces are major ghosters !

From my experience of a 9r ex and a best mate (male) they usually have several things going on at once unless serious

Usually lengthy communication is just chasing tail they want to be around you all the time if they are into you and don't avoid you especially as they want to have lots of sex with you. They also want to have lots of sex full stop really they have zero loyalty unless they are solely into you and even then that is on thin ice after a while

Pisces men don't communicate at the best of times until they trust you emotionally so someone they don't know is unlikely to get straight up normal communication.
I'm in a fairly new situation with a Taurus we were very long distance now it's less long distance still a few hours apart but not the other end of the globe. We are not committed as it is new just growing what we have he is also not divorced yet and I won't date a man properly who is not divorced. We have known each other for a long time but not properly like now but not strangers as such.

He was seeing someone for 2 years and was going to live to be with her in another country but decided he couldn't do the move when he got there, due to his kids from his marriage in his country as they are all very close and he went back home and left that situation right as we re-met. He said it was over but my gut says I'm not sure on. I know he has been back once 5 months ago that is all though and before we got together again when I moved (I didn't move for him).

The thing is I know they talk nearly most days due to WhatsApp (as I have said before on here months ago) and it can be up to an hour or so at a time sometimes more than once a day. They were friends for 2 decades before they got together so the strong base of a friendship is there. He works nights so the time zone works for talking. Usually I wouldn't even check up on it but my gut was strange on it and I needed to know where I stand and the truth to not be blindsided as I have always been in the past by men.

The thing is it makes me uneasy to know this to be able to feel for him what I want to. He says he loves me deeply and when I'm with him maybe once a month at this stage I have no doubts in that it truly is incredible. talk is talk of course. We talk a bit every week but not on the frequency they do which makes me feel strange - however we do not have the same basis of friendship and time invested like they would have.

I know with Taurus when they are done they are done so I know he's not done as such - but I know the routine is there in place and has been for years obviously when they were together. He said she was very obsessed with him and always in love with him for years and years but I know he reaches out to her a lot also. So I think he still loves her it's more the fact he can't do the move he isn't with her. I know Taurus always loves someone when they love them unless they do something bad. BUT I can't be in love with someone who "I think" is in love with someone else

I can't say anything as I can't tell him I have been monitoring his WhatsApp movements (he told me who she is and about it all so he hasn't hidden anything about it and her number was easily accessible to me) so I know it as fact.

It Makes me uneasy however for him to say how he loves me then spends hours talking to another woman the next day more than he would me (I can't stay awake all night especially but we don't text for hours and hours like they do anyway) He said it was lust not love in the end but I think he said that just As the way you do as we know a Taurus would not move country for lust. Naturally she has a nice house is cushy set up is financially well off and would have been an easy transition for him.

I can't know for sure the basis of their interaction is romantic but I'm not him, a man or a Taurus. But I know how he is and he is always very busy but the time spent talking means something I know. He is a very romantic man and it would upset me dearly to know he may be saying/feeling the same things he says to me to another woman

Any advice on how to proceed ? I know I have to say something due to how I feel maybe like "my gut says this situation isn't done, can I be sure?" sort of thing. Something was put on Facebook on an occasion which would allow me the dialogue it really was quite a full on post showing how obsessed with him she is/was.

Thank you in advance