Ah probably not explained well the way it is we met 15 or so years ago when he was on vacation here connected then disappeared from each other's lives then just reconnected (properly) a few months ago by chance when I was on vacation I'd always had him in my head here and there for reasons like when you think fondly of someone .. I wouldn't sleep with him back then as he was married.

Now it's that he is in a situation where his marriage has fallen apart when we have reconnected and he's not attached .. we both look great for our age I'm over 40 he's a few years older

Anyway he seemed to have turned a little on some good news he got ... i will see how long it lasts he was suddenly very diff out of the blue very strange .. he asked about my day in great detail like "I want to know everything about it" sort of thing as well as about my impending move lots of questions .. then proceeded to tell me he has been googling cancer and Taurus and sent me a big thing about it all and insisted I read it (ugh key to my heart astrology lol) and all mushy stuff ! He had some really good news that day still weird tho

As for what I want.. really I'd just like a nice little romance with him as I know he isn't available to commit properly with the marriage thing - he is so sensual and touchy feely and makes me feel things I forgot existed after the many years of nonsense I went through of men who didn't expose or let me show that side of me (stupid Pisces games especially ugh) .. this one is so special but my cancer can't feel in competition even as a romance it's just how I am. Then I think I would want to go find someone acually available anyway (as I don't want kids no hurry)

Anyway bizarre change !
just that it seems its always about him not really about me a lot of the time or ever that much but im not sure he can see beyond the mess of his life ? may be the taurus in him - so whatever is going to suit his needs in the now (or whoever) because it feels like he is so desperate to not feel the way he does maybe. lets skype soon is getting old !

hes never been single or not in love so whatever he is going through is very foreign to him. Hes definitely had or is having something else but its in another country closer to me that he goes to for work, he hasn't exactly hidden it from me but doesn't talk about it... but I hate the feeling of it I guess that it could develop into something really serious before we get to spend more time together

I don't think anything he says to me or even feels is ingenuine as such but i think every woman wants to feel like they have have some sort of focus on them whoever it is in any situation

I guess i just have to accept this as the dynamic if I choose it

i would kill to be with him in a relationship (not that I know him but on the outside) its just that hes not available to me as it is - hes my crush of 20 years so why I care so much - most lust at first and second sight of my life !

have to leave it to the universe

I am in a flirty messaging situation over a few months with a taurus man which is lovely however I am starting to feel like I am one or more than just me and i am not sure what to do about it. If it's not that - that he is more after attention as such more than me per se.

He is going through a separation and having a very hard time with things so unavailable as such, and i am moving country (this is long distance as it is now) so I am not looking for anything where I am.. so it's a nice thing to have for now whilst I have nothing else on the horizon. i like him a LOT the connection is intense (in person) and we had a magical time together. He tells me how messed up his life is now not much detail and I don't probe.

Problem is my nagging gut feeling makes me feel there is more than just me he is seeking romantic attention from and I am not sure what to do about it as it is making me feel a bit "played" and I don't want to make a fool of myself. When I disappear he comes back stronger than ever saying how romantic our time was how he cant wait to see me again and in truth it's hard for me to just think "forget him"as our connection was so strong ..which he tells me all the time and how that's its not just about sex or anything like that and that we really connected

In the grand scheme I guess it doesn't matter as we cant actually see each other for a few months and he is in no way in any situation to be able to give anything to me or have me top of mind, but I do feel there is someone that has his attention more than me, (but I can't say for sure). When I have messaged him he responds instantly he never avoids me or anything but we rarely do more than messaging. A few little things make me think there is someone else tho i am possibly reading into it so cant say for sure.

Biggest issue for me is he has said lets skype so i can see your beautiful face etc but it doesn't happen. This has happened twice now so naturally I am starting to feel a bit weird by it all, and i don't know how to proceed. I did even say "lets do it this time as you always say it but never do it" - but nada - he does get very sidetracked for hours with his work in the zone, but thats no excuse really.

I wouldn't contact him on principal first now and I am happy to be there for him going through such a hard time but I am his lover over his friend firstly, and now my pride has been hurt a bit and I am not sure how to proceed (cancer!)

I like it that he brings out the romantic in me... its been years since a man has been like this to me so this all serves a purpose within me.. but I dont want to make a fool of myself and I have pride. I also wouldn't want to put pressure on him with the way his life is, and as a Taurus the long distance thing also probably would add to everything if he is into someone else too, but that is temporary as I am moving. I have no doubt he feels the way about me he says he does but I don't know how much "game" there is as such. Its probably one of the strongest attractions in my life so im feeling really stuck on it all!

any advice here on how to be with him would be great thanks
Could a Taurus jump head first full
Steam ahead into a new relationship and fall in love with someone fresh from a very long term separation (say 20 plus years) if the old love died and they lived separate lives or would it be more just trying to fill in the void for now ?
I was recently diagnosed at 40

I wish I had been diagnosed a lot earlier luckily I found a career in an industry that it could survive when young

I have to say yoga until I was diagnosed probably saved me (I'm talking 5 times a week vigorous practise of hot yoga but I think any would do)

I'm saying that I've only just started on proper medication and it is a game changer for a actual work and getting things done

I dunno how that happened ?

I have nothing to do with Aries ever

I'll blame Mercury retro or I'm just dumb ?!
This is just a little post for the sake of the exercise

I had a terrible ugly break up with a Taurus male 2 years ago .. the hate I received whilst trying to mend what was broken was truly spiteful and very nasty and it was made very clear I would never hear from him again (l liked his drive at the time and he was very consistent with no games etc it was good when it was good but I realise not romantic enough in hindsight)

Well out of the blue I get the token Xmas message just now with flavour of the fond memories with me ...we texted a bit a lot of stuff which was good was dredged up .. I refused to play into it due to the things that were said to me being a cancer I would never be able to forgive though I did like him more than anyone ever at the time but I was too hurt to get over it and I can get over nearly anything !

We had dinner mostly because I was so sad when it ended I wanted to see how it felt now .. I realised he had an abrasive temperament and that vibe was not what I would have ever wanted ...it was great getting closure but I felt nada.

I write this purely for anyone who is getting the Taurus temper with a fully slammed door in the face .. never say never

I miss my other romantic ethereal touchy feely dreamy Taurus from this year going through his divorce tho ..nothing will ever live up to him (for now) I'm looking forwards to hopefully moving on from that one in the future but it's really interesting the complete contrast in Taurus personalities !
Mine had Nessus on the ascendent which I read the number one thing to stay away from .. and I would run a mile if I saw it again .. it's manipulative and can't help but being nasty/condescending/game playing etc no matter how much they care it's all they know as a defence mechanism

I don't think just the sun sign is enough to see if someone would be aggressive ..if anything their mars at minimum would be more of a sign
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pisces men can be very persistent but 5 years? no.
pisces man will pursue you relentlessly for one year top, then class you in the "people I'm worth better than" binder, and never come back.

You're probably playing with him

Not playing with him . Literally didn't see him for 5 years and ignored his texts for three years
Agreed to meet up with him recently and realized not much has changed since we broke things off 5 years ago . So now I'm back to telling him to leave me alone . I really was just curious if this was a thing Pisces did .

so your block function on your phone/fb is defect?
thought so.
click to expand

Oh wow I've had this from a Pisces 8 years in total to now .. I blocked this one on everything ...I'd had enough of his nonsense i was in peace for 2 years made in unbelievably clear to leave me alone HUGE fight etc hated him ... then he changed his damn name and was able to send me a message on Facebook as his old name was on block - was in between relationships, bored and stupidly gave it a try ...and a year and a half later I'm over it again as i
Don't think he has a nice personality the more I got to know him (once it actually started to go somewhere was more physical before)

I'm trying to work out how to have a conversation with no angst how to sever ties in hope that maybe the don't contact me leave me alone thing is like a stupid game they need to win and to try another method where they will actually go away for good

Engagement ? Your not even getting a hug

He's playing you

If anything Pisces doesn't mind a bit of distance it gives them time to play out fantasy and they LOVE the build up to meeting all the time when they see you and they get their space as they like alone time too

Pisces can be really passionate when they feel love it's part of their composition all their water flowing around ..

I dare you to put this on the Pisces board they will tell you the deal straight up

Taurus can really lay it on with $ in mind .. they start to stumble eventually though and you see through it I'm sure you know the truth in your gut/intuition

Even if he works hard it doesn't really change anything that comment tells you everything you need to know

Start penny pinching saying you put all your money in a term deposit as you feel like you spend too much or from financial advisors or something so you have nothing to spare to spend on him or pay for him and see what sort of comments he starts making or how he acts

Realistically it's not going to work from here if you pay for things out of balance it's already making you uncomfortable and will now get worse from here now you feel uneasy about it

And I'm sure coming from a wealthy family the last thing you would even want to talk about is money in reality

Sounds like he has fear of commitment/is emotionally unavailable as opposed to a star sign issue ?

I would start looking for those signs and if so

I wasted 9 years being obsessed, in love, lust whatever with the fantasy of it all .. it was such a lesson to me that I will never allow behaviour like that sort of Pisces in my life again as far as a love interest .. I can't get rid of him now no matter how hard I try ...but I won't give it up to him any more because being with a Taurus feels so much better lol and that's what I want from a man ..

Problem is you can't count on a Pisces words as they can literally wake up the next day and change their mind about something and pretend like it's never been said (that could be the word love, marriage talk of babies anything)

Just remember they live in fantasy land especially if they had troubled childhoods as it's an escape mechanism

It's a very rocky road if they are very "Pisces" never knowing quite where you stand how anyone would want that is unknown to me unless you are commitment phobic maybe

Pisces also are all about how you make them feel not the other way around
No way Jose .. why anyone would even try it is completely unknown unless you have a lot of Fire in your chart

There is almost zero way this could work .. especially the impulsiveness

Aries would not cope with the emotions of a cancer and cancer would not cope with the lack of empathy of an Aries

Plus sexually cancer won't get fulfilled - Aries like a good bang too much nothing wrong with that but a cancer needs transcendence at some point mixed in
No way you wouldn't know .. we're super nice, flirty, complimentary - we hit you up even when you haven't with us to try it out to see where we stand ...

BUT any hard to get nonsense or if we sense it's not warranted or if there is competition and we will be gone ...out of pride and mostly protection
Been here before myself with a Pisces same deal

Eventually they get the feels but they are so wishy washy they like to throw you off so they can play fantasy games in their head all day - things that are for sure and solid and steady like Taurus bore them

Most likely You will get over it in favour of going to find a decent man who can give you what you want and treat you properly (in my case at least) at that point the Pisces will suddenly want to be around you and you won't be able to get rid of them (usually when a man presents itself and the Pisces jealousy kicks in) ...they only want you when they realise someone else does too sadly in my experience so they can resume mental fantasy .. mind you they are so lost in their own fantasy land delusional muddy water they won't ever voice what they think though sometimes i think you are either supposedly psychically supposed to know or they think they have told you

How a Taurus can deal with such blah behaviour is unknown to me being you are so solid .. trust me the Pisces game gets tiring and you will start to count the wasted time

Do yourself a favour and keep it moving so many better guys out there .. their loss
I've learnt with Taurus if you have money (maybe more than the average person) you have to keep it hidden at first when dating as it's hard to tell the motive fully as they make a lot of comments about money and even though they may like you the way they view it just takes the shine off the romance and makes you question it a bit. In saying that the drive towards making it and work attitude is attractive also thus being in that situation-so it's a good fit. Dating someone lazy when you have money downright sucks aka Pisces even though the sex is great.

I dated a Taurus gouging through a divorce with a person who's family was rich .. he was rather abusive verbally though a fun person and the family kicked him out of the family business (before the separation) and he considered this to be stealing from him and thus divorced the girl. Anyone could have seen his attitude in general to people was not something you would tolerate in business and would have caused problems but he never gave up on the fact the wife let the family "steal from him".
Same celibacy over casual any day .. And I can only lie about fwb interest for so long then ill bounce ..by then the other usually has the feels but I got turned off by lack of depth and its too late
Depends on your quality control ... it's staggering odds if you saw the latest graph
I would just be or also the other person too coming out of marriage ?