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  • well a scorpio I know let a Taurus stay with him manipulated the whole situation as she had been in love with him for years pretending she was helping him out when he needed a break from his marriage - she was married asked her husband to go stay at another house they owned for some bs reason and went into the Taurus' room and just jumped on him didnt care he was married. she was good friends with the wife for 20 years and even had stayed in their home etc - still pretended to friend the wife of the taurus on facebook wishing her happy bday how she missed her etc - snake behaviour in the first degree

    my Scorpio bestie also pushed her way onto her Taurus ex and just boned him when he was too weak to say no like manipulated the setup whist he had no idea what was going on. She even knew I liked him and he like dme but i needed to move interstate for a few months

    sorry but Scorpio is the one sign that that is a no go - they are extremely manipulative and use actions to get what they want as opposed to words - and if there is a bed in that situation you have a huge problem on your hands as they use sex as power and for some reason men just cant say no
  • ha because you guys make it so damn obvious and easy once we finally get to where we were obsessed about going with you. Luckily there is so much obsession with a Taurus trying to figure them out in the beginning and stuff, when its so obvious they are not fully into yet but you want to be in denial about it - because once you guys make your intentions clear there is nothing to come to the boards about or obsess about. If anything it just adds to too much Taurus energy every day whilst you are trying to come up for air in between contact.

    I know for a fact (Cancer) if I had not sent myself crazy with my Taurus wondering about other women, why he wasn't contacting me every day when people say when there will be no doubt when you know etc it would almost be too smothering or something and I would not be as nearly as into im as I am that's coming from a Cancer!

  • i dont like them i dont think they can be trusted
    worst cheats on earth and their water is not like ours putting the other first etc - they can be mean and spiteful also and they can have a mean tongue

  • you need to become part of the daily routine
    once you do that you are set
    you will know exactly what time you will be texted and called
    he may even go out of his way to make the routine fit (e.g. mine pretends to go to the shop if he has friends over so he can get in the car and call me at same time every day as he knows I expect it and he feels weird if he doesnt do it!)

    this is like 5 times a day for me all of the above
  • mars in scorpio - leads with sex too much and can be a bit psycho in the bedroom though of course men will eat it up at frst
    Taurus needs a lot of the other more normal stable stuff id say to go with that sex side
    your VIA might freak him a bit also depends where his is as he would be a lot slower and more mellow

    lucky you have that virgo ascendent id say
  • bf loves the behind also
    but also the shape between your butt and your waist - thats his fave x
  • oh im sorry i hadnt read all the posts i didnt realize there were pages
    im sorry for your loss still a hard thing to go through

    but nature obviously decided what was best i guess only way to look at it really i hope you arent in too much emotional pain

  • im struggling to get past i never wanted children
    thats not exactly something you change overnight - yes you are being SELFISH
    what happens if you raise this kid as a single mother and the stress has you telling the kid they were a mistake or something ?

    that is really very selfish to bring a child into the world in those circumstances

    then on top of it you have a guy who doesnt even care enough to text you every day little alone call
    and cancers are NOT like that

  • oh this is so helpful thank you

    he has a sag ascendent but he gets to travel for work a lot to get that travel part out of the way and we travel a lot together that can have a bit of a mix with traits of venus in aries I am aware ...hes almost 50 so only so one loses a bit of fire getting older and he loves being at home and has a pretty strong Taurus home routine which is lucky and I am prepared to give him a long leash to feel his way through it at the start as we have a lot of old history before we got together properly - otherwise he is very Taurus - mars, mercury, sun and north node.

    he has neptune near the ascendent, but my neptune conjuncts his ascendent also so the dreamy loved up stuff is crazy but also why im cautious rose coloured glassed and all , plus my vertex conjuncts his ascendent within one degree which is the thing you can really feel!

    thanks again i feel a lot more confident reading this !!
  • so me and my bull have been talking about moving in together
    we hit one year this week though a lot was long distance and not really fully committed the whole time- the last 6 months or so upped the ante for us and going away a few times really got us to another level

    he is now talking about the future wanting to move in together get (buy) a house together etc etc
    the thing though is it involves a LOT of change for him - new area, new routine leaving the home he has lived in for a long time, new life without his kids in the home etc. For me it is a matter of "ok if we do that I do plan a" as to my work living situation etc, if we don't I do plan B but there is a point where a firm decision needs to be made in 6 months tops as I have to know what I am doing workwise with the area I love to especially (big city versus out of the city diff jobs etc) .

    i'm concerned/have fears his venus in aries is just going at 1000 miles an hour caught up in being in love and all the crazy things that come with that feeling and he wont actually be able to do it when push comes to shove so im not sure how i am supposed to think as we go along being I have a real time crunch that i dont want to oppose onto him too much (he is aware of the timing and started the whole thing)

    I have voiced this to him and said he needs to drive the whole thing due to my concerns and so i know he is going at a pace and plans he can handle especially as a Taurus with change (he is into astrology so i can mention these things to him like that which helps him a lot)

    is it possible a Taurus with Venus in Aries can get a bit caught up in the excitement of plans but not be able to follow them through ? I know when Taurus makes a decision it is in stone so I'm not sure which one to go with here if that makes sense caution or certainty. if he is leading everything than can i be more ok with it all ? He has given me no reason to doubt its just a huge change for him and feels rather fast but also feels very right like when you know you just know! (i have said to rent to test it out first to be sure and a few other things so that I dont get caught up in it and also freak out his fear of change). We are both in situations where we are making big changes so it is well timed to do it together but im good with it)

    I've proposed we need to go fairly close to where he is (but not same place as i dont want to be in the same town as the ex wife etc) so that he doesn't need to change routine too much, can still spend time with his kids as somewhat normal and am willing to acomodate half way ...

    What is my best procedure here for anyone that has dealt with a Taurus Sun Venus in Aries? do you have experience with not following through grandiose plans that never come off etc and am I right to be cautious ? Thanks in advance we are having a big talk about it later this week so just some clarity how to think here is what I am after.

  • option 1 - live with someone forever in a warm happy home in peace full of love and hugs and nurturing and see a future and make love

    option 2 - have hot sex with drama and know there is no finish line

    Why would you care about my Facebook? That's very odd statement or are you talking about Tachibana - of course not you !! the other salty one
  • wow you know when you can feel someones horrible energy just off the internet cant even imagine how your facebook page reads
  • exactly what you wrote the other way around
    assure us you will never leave we have a terrible fear of abandonment
    make us not have to guess how you are feeling reassure us constantly and make us FEEL amazing and loved

    as i have said many times on the cancer board its all in how you MAKE US FEEL ideally better than anyone else ever before that is the key to our heart

  • would hate to be friends
    with anyone like yourself.
    talking so nasty behind a
    back while claiming love
    and comparing self as if
    you are better than she is.

    the fakeness of a crab, ne.
    jealous, petty, two faced.

    what a stupid comment typical unevolved scorpio - luckily my bestie is an evolved scorpio clearly unlike yourself - ...its just what she comes with but i still love her to death like a sister... its a mere observation we have had one lot of heated exchange words in 15 years so hopefully you have a soul mate best friend like that also... i would give her the world. Me for instance have a bad habit of starting things and not finishing them or being really into something squeezing the last remaining drop out of what I am in to like taking it to extremes, then I become passionate about something else - I have my faults for sure and naturally she sees that and rolls her eyes but says nothing as we are like sisters and love each other for who we are !! My Taurus loves me for my passion about things we share there is no way he would be so into me if I wasnt as passionate about things as I am one thing he has been looking for all his life a woman who shares the same love for something.

    my best friend has none of the scorpio manipulation or bs i mentioned in the following comments she really has her stuff together ive only seen her sting once to someone and they deserved it - she just has muted levels of interest to me but thats cool as she has learnt to love many things i love so a great partner in crime and is solid as a rock. Its a pure observation I suppose you are perfect which is highly doubtful being you spew venom on message boards to strangers. I would hate to see how you are when hurt by a partner a real tongue lashing sting im sure. Bet that attitude is serving you well in life - NOT.

    and the Taurus im completely loved up with told me all the awful manipulative things about his last Scorpio that made him run for the hills that was my comments below. she has been sentenced to solo island ...cya

  • Sounds like there is no intimacy in the relationship reading it might not be reading it right

    Without that it's not going to go anywhere yet anyway ...he's probably not ready or might have some issues (ex maybe or something bigger) beyond just being a Taurus .. a Taurus with issues is a tough nut to crack read that book its a really tough one as the company is great but at the end of the day something will feel missing they say actions not words but words are important too.

    Have to work out if You can feel close to him at all ...can't imagine a water sign on paranoid alert all the time we don't do well with that wouldn't you prefer a more romantic situation or to be more sure that you don't even need to ask 5 months in ?

  • If I'm really into someone (cancer) I couldn't even look at another man not even one text will be sent from my phone to a guy and that is for the man as much as me as I feel it's the ultimate level of respect and my heart that I can give you ... but I have to be really into you otherwise I'm being sensible and keeping my options open. Ultimately I'm looking for someone who gives me that feeling I'm looking for only a few in your life can give you if I'm not getting it it makes it harder and I feel unsure - that can grow but you have to give me space (ideally I want butterflies straight off though). I would leave someone's house if I'm not feeling loved up enough for where I want to be in the situation to see if I miss you as soon as I've left and if I regret leaving then hopefully I can get the butterflies to see you again.

    I would expect a guy to ask me if he has a problem and I would want to do the same the other way around but there had to be an obvious level of connection and right timing viable enough to warrant it. If you say something and she is not ready she may end it pretty soon as the way it would make her feel may not sit well.

    I can't express enough how a cancer is guided by how situations make her feel mess that up and it is doomed !!

    My guy was In contact with an ex and I considered ending it due to how it made me feel we discussed it and resolved the issue and put a stop to it and then I felt much better in the situation and immediately stopped contact with other men as I became more sure - choose your timing well and it can resolve !
  • Drunk thing is so true ! But it's good because it's all real it's like a turnt up version of every day smile)
  • With Gemini placements less focus on chart (entirely) More focus on common interests, passions hobbies mutual things both love to do together imo

    I have a fair bit of Gemini in my chart and unless you are into the same things as me it will never be !
  • My Taurus (I'm a crab) has talked me into falling in love with him - he can't stop telling me
    How much he loves me and how beautiful I am but the best bit is he talks about what he loves that is inside me not just outside like he sees everything everyone else doesn't - the verbal gestures are what has me really gone as Ive never had anyone in my life make me feel like this and have me feeling
    So sure and not have to guess how he feels - as a cancer that is more than I could ask for.

    He shows many other ways also buys me gifts, makes me text him when I'm home so he knows I'm safe, holds my hand won't let me walk
    On the outside of the street all real gentleman stuff. He tells his friends in front of me he loves me and is in love - and he makes me laugh like crazy

    He has a Venus in Aries though but we have a lot of vertex exact contacts and Venus is my chart ruler

    1977 bull - thank you for all your Taurus input particularly the long distance stuff how it doesn't work for them it was so helpful to get to this point I can't believe how on point you are with all your posts.

  • No cancer will put up with a guy pushing you away, creating drama, being ungrateful etc

    I'd say she was at the limit at that last one and you got banished permanently

    We know there are guys out there who don't act like that are kind and appreciative like our friends' partners our male friends etc so why would we put up with bad behaviour from you when we know that's not something that has to be dealt with

    Fire and water generally don't mix well but Leo's seem to be a bit childish or something when it comes to fights (hard to put in words) which makes it worse than a Sag etc

    She will become more and more annoyed the more you try to reach out more than likely - it's like too little too late in our heads - you should have appreciated what you had when you had it and we then go for a more earthy energy next most likely