Ha my Taurus beau did the same after we reunited 16 years later - right down to the smallest details and it was only one night they are so cute 🖤

I told you it might be the staying the night thing !! ) it's enough to wig anyone who's emotionally healthy out - Particularly if you've been with someone emotionally unavailable in the past which may or not be the case with him (but it can be a warning sign often so I run pronto when I encounter it).

Mines been good I made no effort to reach out to mine at all since I felt iffy and he been in proper contact a few times this week not just messages and hes not been in contact at odd hours (to the other girl) at all from what I see compared to before. For now the routine is definitely is broken on that one but I am far from being ready to be convinced until I have longer to assess and see how he makes an effort with me. I've been a bit busy myself so I'm not hanging around in the hope he texts mind you. I've liked the space in between myself.

He still needs to do more work tho to convince me he's going to give me full attention. I'm not so hearts and mushy stuff now either as I was as I don't feel it like before because of the other girl situation. He needs to earn that back not even in a game way it's literally how I feel about it inside.

I'm not weak either thanks I spent 7 years in a VRRY male dominated industry and I have no issue verbally shutting down a guy when they try to undermine me as a female in this industry. I quite like being able to have a softer side in relationships so I don't mind appearing "weak" as you say to a degree .: actually I've always excelled in various male dominated industries and my Taurus knows this and knows me through that so the chance of him thinking I'm weak isn't really of concern to me as it adds a bit of femininity if anything. He always sends me things off the internet about Cancer and Taurus and how his Aqua ex is a terrible match with Taurus and how perfect Cancers are with Bulls all the things you hate about us ironically (he actually asked me what starsign I was first before we got together !)

So whilst a Taurus female may perceive week don't assume a Taurus man thinks the same ?! All men like strong feminine women - not abrasive brash females.

It would depend what house Venus is transiting to how it affects someone and what natal planets are being affected also

The real only generalised rules are the dos and donts ..ie no new haircuts, new relationships, don't buy something you pay too much for such as stocks, art etc ... Good time to review and reevaluate current relationships, go back to anything ruled by Venus - music art hobbies etc

It would not be surprising to question or think or work through relationships but clarity will appear afterwards (add a shadow period of a few days also either side) I wouldn't be overly concerned (not gospel obviously) of any decisions made relationship wise as they can be reversed easily

Any new relationship/connection formed in this time must have caution attached for the same above reason

Maybe he's seeing someone as well (which to be honest things in bathroom is kinda seeming that way ) but liked you also - but you didn't want to stay the night and it probably felt weird to him. Plus the other issues (For me that's a deal breaker not staying over from my own past issues but I'm not him or a Taurus but I'd probably be very put off a guy that did that if I liked them). So he may have a woman that does do things like that and feels good to him versus someone that seems a bit disconnected or something.

I don't doubt he liked you and probably meant what he said but maybe it just seems or feels a bit not quite right and has gone with the other woman or isn't quite feeling it.

Sometimes it's just uncomortable to have to spell it out when someone backs you in a corner like that as it would be obvious if they didn't answer or they break communication habits again I dunno again I'm not a Taurus, but I'm answering as a fellow Cancer. Sometimes you want to give an answer to someone who puts it out there out of kindness but the way they do it just makes it feel so uncomfortable and icky so leaving it gives the same message and bugs you out less.

I read a great quote around Xmas - remember not getting the message is the same as getting the message.

Gets delayed or you have to move country to find a partner
Doubt she's that into you sorry
So some reverse psychology - if interested she'll wonder where the attention went and start contacting you

if not you have your answer I only barely text people I'm not interested back .. once a week is a lame effort where I'll hope someone gets the message with
Everyone also knows pilots get paid crapola compared to days of old ...like a glorified bus driver now
lol everyone knows pilots are some of the most emotionally dysfunctional commitment phobic people out there

Who cares about career and hiw much you make ... I'm a cancer and work on Wall Street and make a tidy sum it doesn't define who I am though
The Taurus frequency of contact seems to get two different views
I've personally had a Taurus contact me every day several times a day and would talk for hours- first time I ever experienced it from any sign. I had zero doubt in his pursuit but I'm sure that's not the norm
Then I've read on here that if you are in routine or they like you its daily probably at the same time
And then I've read they won't contact you every day

Maybe it depends on their job - but I think if any man likes you they would contact you frequently who knows

OP Taurus I like has a few same placements Venus in Aries and Sag ascendant

The Sag ascendant is worth watching out for they love freedom and hate to be tied down! Mine is definitely a free spirit but he's also quite spiritual with Neptune on asc which balances it out a bit. If his Venus is in Aries it means he is possibly having a Venus venus conjunction in retrograde at some point here - I would wait until this is over end of April to look for full clarity on the situation (you can google it to see what it means)

I love what 1977 said though personally I read her stuff the most to learn about Taurus I would feel like I hit the jackpot if that was in reply to my nuances

As far as my bee to honey comment that was work related - personally I'm quite successful with what I do and am very self sufficient financially and all Taurus I have been involved with seem to really gel with that - plus we know you all love the paper !
I'm a very airy crab I used to really find making decisions hard also so I learnt to rely on my immediate gut instinct

I have big empathy for people and can read situations well and hate the idea of anyone being offended or hurt by me or anyone BUT I don't feel certain things the way others do - like I'm not interested in my friends kids nor do I find pets or kids cute and I wouldn't let a friends child stand before my own needs if a situation called for it and don't really have much interest in either. Like I feel nada nothing at things that should be heart warming it's weird. I don't feel sorry for people who make stupid decisions or keep doing stupid things over like a broken record that sort of thing. Stupidity is something I can't stand in people and people who are simple or with no drive drive me mad also and I won't have patience for them as they bore me.

I think I can be a bit selfish sometimes in some things I do (and sometimes that's not necessarily a bad thing) but I'm always able to see another's point of view and stop and think about the situation from their point of view. I would never say something hurtful to someone though and it would eat away at me if I thought I'd hurt someone with words or actions it's so rare though it's not a thing I really ever deal with.

People who lack empathy is one of my most detested traits in a person yet I don't "feel" certain situations the way I should it's weird. It's like I can hear your problem but not feel it. That's becoming a habit within myself now I used to cry all the time now it's pretty rare. I think it's a tool I've developed as self preservation from being screwed over and taken advantage of as s cancer when I was too nice once upon a time.

So much cancer bashing on the Taurus threads (mostly from women) yet Taurus males are drawn to us !

I agree Cancers sort of suck when we are younger in relationships (I'm a sun and ascendent so I am a good candidate to discuss it) BUT as we age and we go through hardships we learn to become very strong and start to deal with things differently - soon the tears and clinginess stops. We will kill you with silence and strength once we master the art of pride for major faux pas.

You won't see tears you just see the power of the block feature or distance and it will blindside a person as we learn to not waste tears on someone who doesn't deserve them.

The feelings as we age sort of learn to exist on a different plane and self protection learns to take place no matter how much we hurt. I'm talking late 30s to get there though we need to go
Through a lot of butter to get there and as much as it's painful it really becomes a blessing in disguise.

Also we have Pluto going through our seventh house so the early Cancers have had that bad boy just over our descendent and he brings all the lessons you need in strength and Taurus men love it to be honest it's almost as we then possess all the Cancer soft parts mixed with strength in relationships. I'd say a lot of the cancer stupid stuff you read are Cancers going through Pluto in the 6th getting ready to cross over bringing the lessons (it's a doozy to experience) but worth it in the end.

We are also very strong in our work and learn to channel the pain into work to not have to feel so much. Quite different to the Taurus way of working from what I've seen. Again Taurus man loves it though like a bee to honey

ha i got clingy on a taurus I really really really liked messaging to much not really letting him lead (as i started doing in the beginning) and i sensed him pull RIGHT back

so i did a fairly full withdrawal unless I knew it was a certain day worthy of any message from a friend. if he was busy and he says lets talk tomorrow I'd refuse to initiate and made a very clear break of the old pattern- now hes like you can message me any time, keep the conversation babe going I miss you so much blah blah ..complete change once I pulled back. No more mushy hearts etc just the odd xxx

I almost sensed it was like a game/stubbornness in that i should contact him because I made a light hearted point of the fact he always says he'll contact me next day and never does - so I played right back at his game and got stubborn too on it

i can get very obsessive also as a Cancer and its not good but I also never let it on to the extent it is - i think the Taurus withdrawal is actually helpful to lose a bit of the clinginess actually - and its always right a that point then they come back around

BUT once I lose the obsession I start to not care as much and sort of doesn't feel the same and makes me want to find someone else to be obsessed with - cant win !

i read your post re the married taurus - I have been going/went through the same thing as we speak I've finally gotten past it after 6 months pretty much this week (thanks eclipse). Almost to a T - hes married for 20years been with the woman for 30 he also has something secret with another woman in another country hes been developing for a year and a half when i sort of fell into him randomly 6 months ago - he was also playing me for the last 6 months blah lah could go on no point. He did tell me his marriage was over and I was unaware of the other woman at the time who knows too much of a trust for me once I worked out what was going on - yuk.

I over read into it and also i have rarely had that same sort of connection with someone (we do have a lot of 0 degree vertex connections mind you)

i think its better to just think "whatever is meant to be always finds a way" and not get hung up in the connection - if anything they have always got me in trouble or hadme in fantasy land over the person

let it go over the Taurus as advice - it hurts like a bi**c im a Cancer also - sometimes things just happen (as people on here advised me) and they perhaps happen for other reasons than what you think they are at the time. Cheating Tauruses can be digs I know 3 they will always put their needs before you or your feelings x
its awesome ive had it twice - very hard to compare to other connections

problem is though i think Taurus can appear a little selfish to Cancerian nature always putting their own wants and needs first - that comes in after the initial attraction and they get comfortable (nothing wrong with that its actually quite sensible but Taurus men at least to Cancer women can be a bit like Jeckyl and Hyde sometimes and they just push it a little too far with assessing and following their need for security)

usually the Taurus will win out with their way or the highway attitude - so a Cancer will either put up with it or a fight will ensue - and that's not pretty with many Tauruses - especially to a Cancer

regardless you just have to keep looking for a good one (i.e. not a cheater or Harem keeper as that is just too hurtful to a cancer as we would never do that) or rather hope one finds you

i dont agree with the Ascendent thing at all I find it plays a HUGE part- but as you say its the posters thread

my point is his Pisces will happily play along with her so whilst the taurus may be straight up the Pisces ascendent will be problematic

sometimes you can only handle a game in life if you are not in a position to want to be in a relationship so that fills a need at the time as in my case too long a story and possibly the man in question also) - for me it was grief death of parents, lots of stress etc . Mine ended up playing out us living together etc mind you
even though this is a Taurus forum she will have problems with the Pisces ascendent

they lie a lot and live in fantasy land (the fish). They get bored and love to live in a fake world and if they have been through hell going into game playing fantasy land with women is their coping mechanism.

but even with a Pisces you will know the difference between illusion and reality once they are actually into you - the problem is the Pisces part plays games for so long you start to think its reality (I know the game for 8 years) but its complete bs - they cheat a lot lie a lot and will play with you for years even decades until/unless they find what they are looking for BUT they would be on a plane in 5 seconds to see you if you laid down the line and they want you but you need to disappear on them first big time and mean it and put them in their place. taurus you obviously can't put in their place but everyone knows taurus needs to be the one to decide to make the move on their own not because you said so.

I don't think she even should or needs to ask him be it taurus or Pisces in him where she stands- she would do better disappearing completely and if he comes back to her THEN that is when action strikes. She is just baiting him for game at this point. Better off to show pride and walk away - she will get way more respect after having made countless effort to run after him (big turn off for Pisces can't say for taurus but I imagine no chase = same thing). Especially if he is taken which I would put any money on he is. If his Pisces parts are strong he will be back no question on it.

Words are not really cheating to a man and I have found that with Taurus if the other woman is in another country it's a bit like "allowed" cheating to them and you are actually more desirable to them if in a relationship - so if he wasn't REALLY interested in commitment with HER moving wouldn't help the case at all. ??