i dont agree with the Ascendent thing at all I find it plays a HUGE part- but as you say its the posters thread

my point is his Pisces will happily play along with her so whilst the taurus may be straight up the Pisces ascendent will be problematic

sometimes you can only handle a game in life if you are not in a position to want to be in a relationship so that fills a need at the time as in my case too long a story and possibly the man in question also) - for me it was grief death of parents, lots of stress etc . Mine ended up playing out us living together etc mind you
even though this is a Taurus forum she will have problems with the Pisces ascendent

they lie a lot and live in fantasy land (the fish). They get bored and love to live in a fake world and if they have been through hell going into game playing fantasy land with women is their coping mechanism.

but even with a Pisces you will know the difference between illusion and reality once they are actually into you - the problem is the Pisces part plays games for so long you start to think its reality (I know the game for 8 years) but its complete bs - they cheat a lot lie a lot and will play with you for years even decades until/unless they find what they are looking for BUT they would be on a plane in 5 seconds to see you if you laid down the line and they want you but you need to disappear on them first big time and mean it and put them in their place. taurus you obviously can't put in their place but everyone knows taurus needs to be the one to decide to make the move on their own not because you said so.

I don't think she even should or needs to ask him be it taurus or Pisces in him where she stands- she would do better disappearing completely and if he comes back to her THEN that is when action strikes. She is just baiting him for game at this point. Better off to show pride and walk away - she will get way more respect after having made countless effort to run after him (big turn off for Pisces can't say for taurus but I imagine no chase = same thing). Especially if he is taken which I would put any money on he is. If his Pisces parts are strong he will be back no question on it.

Words are not really cheating to a man and I have found that with Taurus if the other woman is in another country it's a bit like "allowed" cheating to them and you are actually more desirable to them if in a relationship - so if he wasn't REALLY interested in commitment with HER moving wouldn't help the case at all. ??
I've had the version of the first Taurus in the book that went straight for it no hot/cold daily calls texts no guessing etc (because my family had status and money probably) it was awesome to date him I was courted pursued all the childhood photos came just as the book says within 2 weeks etc

But I have a friend/couple he is taurus - wow talk about the second version in the book - hot/cold, has a harem of women on the side ...she knows about it and has to deal with it or he will be out he has said (a supposed open relationship she hates it but pretends she is ok with it as she is so in love with him) - he made that very clear verbally he won't change. Took 5 years they just bought a place together etc so he has committed but he has put her through HELL. If she didn't have money i don't think he would be there but I can't say for sure as she is a great girl. He is very committed to her now - the way the taurus sort of moves into your life so that there is almost no way out after a few years. He also set himself up with security via her means.

Just a comment on the book as per the original title

I agree with above ...as I said with her always going to him - he has to do NOTHING !

how will you know if he is REALLY into you if you don't pull back and see if he makes any effort to physically come to you? Surely it would always be in your mind you make all the effort - how could that not even slightly make you start to feel unsure if not even resentful in a way?

Plus how is he being a man (regardless of his sign) pursuing you? Taurus loves to court a woman he is into and pursue doesn't he - albeit in a lazy way?

They say a taurus shows themselves in his actions - what actions has he done that don't involve you making the effort?

Are you sure he isnt in a relationship now? sort of sounds like it
reading your post (and I'm reading it as someone having my own saga with a Taurus hence why I read the feeds) - what sticks out is that not only was he seeing someone and playing with your emotions on the side when he had the girlfriend - he also never actually came to you when he was supposedly so unhappy with the girl in his house and it was over and into you. If it was as over as he said surely he would have come to you to get some emotional connection etc. To me it sounds like he was trying to make it work with the other girl over you and it just didn't in the end, but I don't think he was perhaps as into you as he said (sorry to say this)

The Taurus I like (or rather liked) is married (I thought getting separated um no) and thinking about leaving after a loong time - decades, and actually left his home and family for over a month (and risked his whole marriage) and went long distance to see another girl that came into the picture (before I sort of came into it all). He basically went after what he wanted (even being married) and got a visa for the country and everything. I know he daily talks to her for hours but I know he won't leave his current situation its like the wife goes to bed and he talks to her for hours after its as clear as day the routine. The thing is he wont break his marriage off for the girl or leave (not yet anyway) as he has somewhat told me he wont leave where he lives.

Id stop wasting any more time if it were me - if he wanted you he would make it happen and hes just always ghosting - but i'm not a Tarus just an observer of something similar.
the upcoming clipse will sort it out one way or the other anyway
I guess if he asked you to cook - don't go too overboard
cook in an evening dress -i dunno about that sexy casual as a guess
just have nice underwear on "just in case" ...id keep it in the middle because if hes just being friendly you will feel embarrassed
let him lead ...not as a cancer ...but as a man

he should be taking you out so make sure hes not being lazy or not making any effort by going overboard with the cooking thing
do it - i love celebrating success as a cancer its a downer when you have noone to do it with - just let it flow see what happens
Taurus and Cancer are so possible so dont give up on it !
nope - if you go quiet it may have reverse psychology wondering if you are with someone else etc - the space helps us process what we feel for someone truly as opposed to the heat of the moment

as a Cancer I find it annoying when someone tells me they missed me if Im not feeling it like that or if I know it already ...that makes me stubborn as I like to feel my own way out in situations not someone trying to mess with my feelings process - I need it to be my decision
i thought it was a good read also for what its worth

however if your ok with waiting for a taurus man to give you attention once every 3 weeks good luck to you

it actually reinforced my desire to go for a guy who does't pull that baloney and makes you feel special
no contact as in nada, none, block everything dont even look at pictures instagram facebook etc - if you do a full block its actually likely they will come back sniffing in a few months (maybe by then you wont want him)

taking the power back in the situation is the only way to get over it

don't date for the sake of it look on tinder etc

just stay busy with friends and think about everything you didn't want about him and what would be better in someone else - imagine life with someone who can't even get angry how nice it would be and put the energy out for that sort of person - as a cancer i would hate a relationship where i fought all the time
Canver and Aries just isn't a good combination maybe in the beginning its ok and the fire is attractive as cancers like a manly man but I dont think it works well long term unless your Synatry chart has some outstanding attributes. Cancer is all about the way she (especially females) FEELS - we feel our wa ythrough everything and are pretty black and white about it

if something makes us feel god we gravitate to it and vice versa away from

Tinder multiple women stuff is a NO
Ah probably not explained well the way it is we met 15 or so years ago when he was on vacation here connected then disappeared from each other's lives then just reconnected (properly) a few months ago by chance when I was on vacation I'd always had him in my head here and there for reasons like when you think fondly of someone .. I wouldn't sleep with him back then as he was married.

Now it's that he is in a situation where his marriage has fallen apart when we have reconnected and he's not attached .. we both look great for our age I'm over 40 he's a few years older

Anyway he seemed to have turned a little on some good news he got ... i will see how long it lasts he was suddenly very diff out of the blue very strange .. he asked about my day in great detail like "I want to know everything about it" sort of thing as well as about my impending move lots of questions .. then proceeded to tell me he has been googling cancer and Taurus and sent me a big thing about it all and insisted I read it (ugh key to my heart astrology lol) and all mushy stuff ! He had some really good news that day still weird tho

As for what I want.. really I'd just like a nice little romance with him as I know he isn't available to commit properly with the marriage thing - he is so sensual and touchy feely and makes me feel things I forgot existed after the many years of nonsense I went through of men who didn't expose or let me show that side of me (stupid Pisces games especially ugh) .. this one is so special but my cancer can't feel in competition even as a romance it's just how I am. Then I think I would want to go find someone acually available anyway (as I don't want kids no hurry)

Anyway bizarre change !
just that it seems its always about him not really about me a lot of the time or ever that much but im not sure he can see beyond the mess of his life ? may be the taurus in him - so whatever is going to suit his needs in the now (or whoever) because it feels like he is so desperate to not feel the way he does maybe. lets skype soon is getting old !

hes never been single or not in love so whatever he is going through is very foreign to him. Hes definitely had or is having something else but its in another country closer to me that he goes to for work, he hasn't exactly hidden it from me but doesn't talk about it... but I hate the feeling of it I guess that it could develop into something really serious before we get to spend more time together

I don't think anything he says to me or even feels is ingenuine as such but i think every woman wants to feel like they have have some sort of focus on them whoever it is in any situation

I guess i just have to accept this as the dynamic if I choose it

i would kill to be with him in a relationship (not that I know him but on the outside) its just that hes not available to me as it is - hes my crush of 20 years so why I care so much - most lust at first and second sight of my life !

have to leave it to the universe

I am in a flirty messaging situation over a few months with a taurus man which is lovely however I am starting to feel like I am one or more than just me and i am not sure what to do about it. If it's not that - that he is more after attention as such more than me per se.

He is going through a separation and having a very hard time with things so unavailable as such, and i am moving country (this is long distance as it is now) so I am not looking for anything where I am.. so it's a nice thing to have for now whilst I have nothing else on the horizon. i like him a LOT the connection is intense (in person) and we had a magical time together. He tells me how messed up his life is now not much detail and I don't probe.

Problem is my nagging gut feeling makes me feel there is more than just me he is seeking romantic attention from and I am not sure what to do about it as it is making me feel a bit "played" and I don't want to make a fool of myself. When I disappear he comes back stronger than ever saying how romantic our time was how he cant wait to see me again and in truth it's hard for me to just think "forget him"as our connection was so strong ..which he tells me all the time and how that's its not just about sex or anything like that and that we really connected

In the grand scheme I guess it doesn't matter as we cant actually see each other for a few months and he is in no way in any situation to be able to give anything to me or have me top of mind, but I do feel there is someone that has his attention more than me, (but I can't say for sure). When I have messaged him he responds instantly he never avoids me or anything but we rarely do more than messaging. A few little things make me think there is someone else tho i am possibly reading into it so cant say for sure.

Biggest issue for me is he has said lets skype so i can see your beautiful face etc but it doesn't happen. This has happened twice now so naturally I am starting to feel a bit weird by it all, and i don't know how to proceed. I did even say "lets do it this time as you always say it but never do it" - but nada - he does get very sidetracked for hours with his work in the zone, but thats no excuse really.

I wouldn't contact him on principal first now and I am happy to be there for him going through such a hard time but I am his lover over his friend firstly, and now my pride has been hurt a bit and I am not sure how to proceed (cancer!)

I like it that he brings out the romantic in me... its been years since a man has been like this to me so this all serves a purpose within me.. but I dont want to make a fool of myself and I have pride. I also wouldn't want to put pressure on him with the way his life is, and as a Taurus the long distance thing also probably would add to everything if he is into someone else too, but that is temporary as I am moving. I have no doubt he feels the way about me he says he does but I don't know how much "game" there is as such. Its probably one of the strongest attractions in my life so im feeling really stuck on it all!

any advice here on how to be with him would be great thanks
Could a Taurus jump head first full
Steam ahead into a new relationship and fall in love with someone fresh from a very long term separation (say 20 plus years) if the old love died and they lived separate lives or would it be more just trying to fill in the void for now ?
I was recently diagnosed at 40

I wish I had been diagnosed a lot earlier luckily I found a career in an industry that it could survive when young

I have to say yoga until I was diagnosed probably saved me (I'm talking 5 times a week vigorous practise of hot yoga but I think any would do)

I'm saying that I've only just started on proper medication and it is a game changer for a actual work and getting things done

I dunno how that happened ?

I have nothing to do with Aries ever

I'll blame Mercury retro or I'm just dumb ?!
This is just a little post for the sake of the exercise

I had a terrible ugly break up with a Taurus male 2 years ago .. the hate I received whilst trying to mend what was broken was truly spiteful and very nasty and it was made very clear I would never hear from him again (l liked his drive at the time and he was very consistent with no games etc it was good when it was good but I realise not romantic enough in hindsight)

Well out of the blue I get the token Xmas message just now with flavour of the fond memories with me ...we texted a bit a lot of stuff which was good was dredged up .. I refused to play into it due to the things that were said to me being a cancer I would never be able to forgive though I did like him more than anyone ever at the time but I was too hurt to get over it and I can get over nearly anything !

We had dinner mostly because I was so sad when it ended I wanted to see how it felt now .. I realised he had an abrasive temperament and that vibe was not what I would have ever wanted ...it was great getting closure but I felt nada.

I write this purely for anyone who is getting the Taurus temper with a fully slammed door in the face .. never say never

I miss my other romantic ethereal touchy feely dreamy Taurus from this year going through his divorce tho ..nothing will ever live up to him (for now) I'm looking forwards to hopefully moving on from that one in the future but it's really interesting the complete contrast in Taurus personalities !