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Exo: a very ripe olive
Sutekh: rum raisin
Intrigued: flaming martini
Swimming: roasted game
Ian: rainbow trout
Ninjafish: sashimi
Pothead: weed smoke
Wynter: pancakes
Meowscorpii: ripe plum
Watercup: charred BBQ wraps
Xyg: salt water /mussels

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could be..

along with jt

A real life James Tate is 69 yrs old this year born dec 8
Nah, is it your alias?
Truecap: melted peanut butter toast lol

No clue what I just said
Posted by seraph
Let's not post that stuff, spica.

You actually posted it foist remember? Is that you then Seraph?
Lol@eee, t.a

Vb: roast beef with buttered mash potatoes and carrots
Caligula: round eyed steak, medium rare with rocket lettuce
MMM: green smoothie
Theultra:portobello mushroom burger and nail varnish
Sand: coffee ice cream
Aquasnoz: long flat sour gummies
Dimplez: chipotle
Poisson: pink guava/ grapefruit
Misslissa: acorn butter with honey

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Posted by spica
Posted by ianthepisces
feb. 16 1999

What's this date?

probably the day you lost your mind...
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Oh I'm
Glad you reminded me..
I've no clue who/what that is, Seraph that's why I posted it
Let me try

SweetLibra: PinkSugar
Pecheresse: peach or sweet chilli
DeeGee: walnuts? Heh
LibraCusp: bananasauce
Eee: one of those sweet/sour bombs, milkdud
Article: skittle
CapGirl: cupcake with raisins
Seraph: dry Gin with loose leaf green tea
James Tate: wildbeest
Osf: licorice
Ellessque: bittersweet cough syrup, strawberry flavor
Tropical. Sidereal goes by the moon so I see it as the hidden side?
There's a new pore brush thingy in the market. It contains superfine bristles that unclogs pores and prevent sebum accumulation. They also help you save on facial wash as it requires just a bit of product to foam.
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not at all! just to reveal themselves to me! mehehehe! *evil grin*

the rat becomes irrational with his affections for dragons. if u want a man to dote on, spoil u, do everything in his power to grant ur every whim find a rat.

i'm not done with that thread. i thought the binders would have my book by then but no.
I heard that rats make good wives lol
Hey GemJenn the chart you posted is for the chart delineations, its a bit different from chinese horoscopes.. you might want to try a bazi calculator for that. I'm not an expert in this area though.. but what they say about Tiger and Dog, your years match perfectly. However, if there's a clash or two in the hour, day or month pillar, then it's not a likely combination..

clashes would be for opposing signs. Maybe you could list something and I can try my hand at it.
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Hmm I've always seen
Michaelangelo as Sagittarius, Donatello as Aquarius, Raphael as Scorpio and Leonardo as Virgo or Libra

Though your analysis is good, V16
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Michaelangelo is very boisterous in the fun way, and with that nanchucks, I've always thought it was a bit Jupiterian.
Air signs are a bit more "refined" and Leonardo holds the sword.. in tarot, swords are symbols for the air signs.. Leonardo is pretty introspective also, if I recall correctly..

Donatello, though I agree he seems like an Earth sign, I'm biased on this one, cause he reminded me of a classmate during that time who is an Aquarian.. his character is almost similar.. earthy and quiet. Raphael has this sarcastic streak, plus the daggers.. they have to be a Mars sign, but he prolly would have plenty of air, perhaps a Gemini moon...

April.. an aries, because she's born in April?
Splinter.. Scorpio..
Beepop and the other guy I agree with Sutekh on the Ariesness..

It's interesting how you took the Ninja turtles to represent the 4 elements. I never thought of it that way.
Starting on Osho's Meditation and Watchmen.
Hmm, would give this a 50/50 can't say for sure.
Interesting author, has anyone read his books?

Plenty of maths and physics though.. not always up my alley.