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LOL! I'm definitely the 2nd one and guys hate it. They're all like "get to the point already". When they say that, I'll start over
SugarandSpunk - Female bull
Venus in Gemini here so I may be aloof when it comes to being single. However when I'm happily taken, I stay with that one person till I can't take it anymore.

Do you guys ever go back to an ex?

Yes. I always say I don't believe in second chances. However, depending on reasoning for break-up, I end up being a stubborn bull and giving them the chance anyways since I'm still in love with them. If they treetrunk up after that, nothing in the world can save them from me giving them a third chance.

Do you all get over the relationship quickly?

Depends on what they did. IF they cheated, it'll take a shorter amount of time than usual. If there's a rebound that appears in my life, the process will be much faster since it'll be my distraction.

If you broke up with someone but still loved them do you think that it's harder to get over them?

Of course. If I'm the one that did the "breaking up", it will be harder because I'm the one that had to come to the conclusion of breaking up the life investment I had with them. However, if it was for legit reasons and it becomes mutual on both ends, it'll be less painful

How would an ex know that you still wanted them?

Only if they asked me. Otherwise, my pride won't allow them to see me suffer.

Also, how do you know if someone is the 'one' to/for you?

I used to believe in "the one" growing up. I don't so much anymore with what life experience has taught me. I do believe in a life partner and falling in love with that life partner and invest both your lives together, grow old together, succeed together, fail together, being each others rock, etc. And how will I know? I'll know when I love them so much that it hurts and life is just better with them in it.

Glad you're safe!
Hard to handle, yet one of a kind. Tame us right & be loyal AF and we'll spoil you in more ways than one
Better safe than sorry girl. Thanks for the update!
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May: More earthy, bohemian, laid back, despises leadership, would rather work behind the scenes or in the background as a spectator, fights social or injustice causes, materialistic, quiet, methodical. Even tempered. Hedonistic. Venusian. Kind. More prone to be attracted to mutable or cardinal signs.

YEP. You almost got me to a tee. Except for the bohemian part.

I would add sarcastic AF. I've met a few Taurus men born in May and they are like me or worse when it comes to being sarcastic.
stay safe please!
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What if you're a stubborn bull and tried to pop it out and now have a small round scar?

How can I diminish the scar a little so it doesn't show so much?

Unfortunately the only solution would be exfoliate and try Vitamin C serum... I'd do a couple of at home needling sessions and then apply the serum over the top....

It might take a little time but it eventually fades.

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Thanks, I'll give it a try I knew I should've left it alone but I get tempted sometimes. I guess in the meantime, I'll cover it with foundation.
Venus in Gemini here and I am currently in the state of mind where I'm fighting logic with my heart because I think I'm in the very beginning stages of starting to fall in love with my Gemini bf. It's been only 5 months so far that we've been together. Usually it takes me 3-9 months to fall in love depending on the situations. This is a LDR so it's taking longer than my norm of 3 months and this is my first ldr too. I used to avoid being in ldr like a plague in my past but this fella didn't want me as long distance fwb which I thought would be easier for us back in July when this whole thing started. He wanted me to be his gf and his only. Since then, this has been one of the most peaceful relationships I have ever been in. He makes me so feel so smitten it's gross lol. However, I keep using my Taurus logic to battle with my heart. I don't want to ask him if he's anywhere near falling in love with me because I don't want to know. I want this to happen organically on both ends. I see him in 2 1/2 weeks. We talk every single day. Remember, this is the guy who's cousin is my best friend/co-worker. I was already a part of "their" family just because of who I'm best friends with so now I'm even more accepted into his family because I'm his girl. It's like this all is too peaceful and serene to be so real. However, I can't be childish about it so I hold my anxiety in and just play it cool on the outside while my Venus in Gem is driving me off the walls on the inside. FML
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Most confusing: Cap men. Hot & cold, MIA bs

Least confusing: Aries men. They will tell you right then & there that they are feeling you.

Why aries belong to caps😁
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Most confusing: Cap men. Hot & cold, MIA bs

Least confusing: Aries men. They will tell you right then & there that they are feeling you.
What if you're a stubborn bull and tried to pop it out and now have a small round scar?

How can I diminish the scar a little so it doesn't show so much?
Lazy and procrastination are what best describe me. However, when deadlines are due, I get stuff done.
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There is a dedicated group of NYers on the site and we do occasionally meet with each other once we know you are not an axe murderer lol.

I did not know about it
I'm back! And surprisingly enough, during the Thanksgiving holiday, I only ate one normal sized plate that day and was super full. Am I not a Taurus anymore? lol
Will be away from DXP till Monday due to holiday. Have a happy thanksgiving everyone!
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I'm curious to see what y'all like in a person or want in a relationship. What makes the blood pump, the passion run etc.

I think, they want someone who is loyal, consistent and doesn't bring the drama.
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Basically this.

Good cook is like finding a diamond in the rough. However, it's not needed since there's apps to order take out from