SagiSun, AquaRising, LeoMoon, LibraMars+Venus
SagiSun, AquaRising, LeoMoon, LibraMars+Venus

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Hissy fits, whining, being a general marker

Must say that I agree with this to a certain extent.

- gets extremely nitpicky about everything
- disagreeable
- hypocritical

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What is love for a sag? They always surround themselves with friends, so where is the place for love? How do they differentiate between friendship and love?

I don't sleep with my friends.
Will try making things work if we don't get along.
I'm sorry, my heart goes out to you. Wishing you all the best P-Angel.
So my Cap has been talking about changing careers to one that could take him on the road (touring).
I mentioned that it would be hard to be apart for so long, and suggested we could potentially work together. You know how Saggies love to travel

He actually said yes, and could see me doing a good job of managing him. He even said he would sign an employment contract (pay, title, etc.)

I'm curious to know your experiences of working with your Cap partner? Good..bad..other?

If you're the Cap, what do you think about working with someone you're intimate with? Would you say something like the above if you didn't mean it?

1. Do you take them off social media?

2. Do you throw hardcopies away?

Open to all signs.
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You sure making people think about these things will make their Friday happy?

That was my way of saying I know it's not light hearted stuff...

For example:


Mid-life or life identity crises

Job loss

Death in the family and friends of the same age dying suddenly

...Happy Friday

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Have any of you caps ever dated a sagittarius? i seem to see this pairing come together quite often. even from personal experience, i seem to attract a lot of Capricorn men. but usually its a sagittarius female with a cap male.
if so, what was your experience like...

When it's good, it's great. When it's can be hurtful.

Caps and Sag deal with life problems differently. Positive vs Negative viewpoint. He's a stewer, I get over things quite quickly.

It's easy to be with people when things are great in your lives (work, finances, health, etc.) It's when you go through life butter that really shows what your relationship is made of imo.

Sometimes, I feel like we don't get each other's coping style s when the chips are down.

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Curious to know each ... Thanks

1. Aquarius: low key my soul mate
2. Capricorn ( once get past each other differences)
3. Libra ( peaceful and loving people)

For me, I've only been with earth sign guys.

Three most significant men in my life are literally 1 Cap, 1 Taurus, and 1 Virgo.

I have 1 Scorpio and 1 Cancer guy friend and that's it (no spark with these).
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Wish I could express how much this song means to me.
Aries dog, he's quite into doing his own thing but likes to sleep under the covers with us. Likes kisses (us kissing his cheek) but almost never licks anyone. Rare occasion when he does, it's a couple of licks and that's it!
Do they lash out at their partner for petty little things? If they do, what does this mean about how they feel about her?
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This place is flooded with dumped crying people and I have just decided to ask those who had dumped someone after sexy on first date or a year after...

For any reason...

Can you tell the story of why have you dumped your partner. I guess cheating is the only one don't need to be included because it's too obvious.

No real future is the #1 reason for me.

- Not smart or resourceful
- Bad temper
- Destructive habits (drugs, gambling, drinking too much, etc.)
I really don't get why people lower the bar like this with crude and mean comments passed off as a joke. What are you trying to do? Spread negativity? Feel better to put someone down?

Is there any positive in this type of thing?
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Whiners are winners nowadays lol

Ain't that the truth

I totally disagree - yes, they try - but I hate and ignore whiners ... they are truly not winners in my book !
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Good to know that not everyone falls for it!

I think whiners might get the better thing in the short term simply because people want to shut them up, but in the long run, they might not as no one likes a whiner.
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What was your best most successful most awesome relationship like and what sign was it with? I am like deathly attracted to Aries men. I don't deal well with caps. Virgos are control freaks. My mom is a Taurus my dad an Aries. Leo is my best friend forever but keeps me in the friend zone like an dumb ass. Libras I can't stand. Cancers are just my everything lol they don't want me tho. Pisces are emotionally compatible but I think I'm sometimes too direct for them. Gemini-NO. Aquarius can sit at the table. That's it lol
Am I missing any?

Who have u had success with? I'm looking for a life partner that won't bore me to death. Need some tips

What are the correct dates for the scorp-sag cusp?
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it's like he's hiding from me..

whenever he sees me, he tries to avoid me like the black plague. when he's with his friends, he will let his friends come near where i am but he will stay faraway. well he's a friend of my bf and apparently my bf though i was flirting with this cap guy, the cap guy was like 'no way' and he has a gf too. i wasn't flirting with him and he's still with his gf. he deleted me off fb. he acts like he doesn't know me and gives a small smile when he has to.

he even asked my bf if he's looking for someone. but he knows full well me and my bf are back together

i have no feelings for him but i used to have a weird thudding in my chest like i was going to have a heart attack when he was around- i honestly wanted to hide from him, but he just makes me irritated now

Sorry, your post is kind of confusing. How old are you guys? What was your history together?

Yo zunmoonstars it's been one year that you are on dxp, it's enough now put à profile picture
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I've been here longer than 1 year honey

Thank you all for your advice and comments!

It has been helpful for sure to know that others struggle too with this weird ... limitation/feeling. I think at 33, it's holding me back in business/work.

Granted, I think sometimes it can be a great quality to have - balancing everyone's needs. However, it's not conducive to many things in today's competitive world imo.

My solution has been to try and balance my own needs rather than other peoples. I mean, it's great to approach things with a win/win attitude but a firm NO and boundaries is equally important.

(this question was more geared towards work/business, as I don't really have a problem fading away from low-quality people)