SagiSun, AquaRising, LeoMoon, LibraMars+Venus
SagiSun, AquaRising, LeoMoon, LibraMars+Venus

Posted by daron76
You have questions, we'll try to have answers. No question is too strange or taboo.

Describe your ideal woman for:

- a date
- a GF
- a wife

Posted by Iceprincess921
Hello. I know this question might be foolish but I need some thoughts before I start imagining things that aren't there. I met a Capricorn guy and he added me on Facebook. He slowly started talking to me but so far I don't know if he sees me as a friend or something more. Since I have a huge crush on him, I couldn't take it anymore and I decided to give him a hint that I'm interested. I wrote on my Facebook: "I've always thought musician guys are hot compared to normal guys". The Capricorn guy plays guitar so I'm guessing he understood my message. I was a little scared of making a fool of myself and I was expecting the worst after I posted that. A week after, I posted a selfie with a quote that I found on the internet. And he liked my photo!!! I know it's not a big deal but it really took me by surprise because he never likes my photos or selfies. He only comments and likes the other stuff that I post but avoids liking my photos for some reason. So I'm wondering why he did that right after I said musicians are hot. Do you think he tried to give me a sign that he likes me back or that he finds me attractive? Plus, I think if he didn't like me at all he would avoid liking that pictures as he always have. Do you think this means something or am i over thinking everything? I like this guy a lot and I'm dying to know if he likes me back. Any thoughts on this???

It's a good sign, but we would have to know more. Is he one of those people that "likes" pictures a lot?
Do a small gesture back and see if he takes the lead.
Posted by 2Moon
Any Cap looking to build an empire and make some mula? Where are the entrepreneur Caps? lol

I just want to discuss / exchange some ideas

Any rich cap here? How did that happen?

Yes, define your understanding of success.

If it's to make a butter ton of money, imo that's too simple a goal, but here's what I think.

1. If you weren't born rich, work your ass off, save that money and use it as leverage. This is very important. That means sacrificing going out sometimes, buying new butter, vacations etc. Be patient and focused.

2. Be smarter, be better than your competition.

3. Be vigilant, take a good opportunity when you can. Know when to take risks, know how much you can risk!

4. Surround yourself with good and successful people. Learn from them if you can.

5. Give back in some way.

6. Be likable. Stay humble.
Must haves

- a beautiful beach (blue water, white sands etc.)
- good value
- nice hotel and service

Location doesn't matter much though I have been to Cancun and Varadero. If possible, other places with beaches like that would be great!
Hi folks, I need some help for a project.

What's a cool and attention-getting name for an outdoor beachside concession/cafe?

On a friendship level?

In a workplace setting?

Thanks in advance.
Posted by CaramelizedCoffee
Hissy fits, whining, being a general marker

Must say that I agree with this to a certain extent.

- gets extremely nitpicky about everything
- disagreeable
- hypocritical

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What is love for a sag? They always surround themselves with friends, so where is the place for love? How do they differentiate between friendship and love?

I don't sleep with my friends.
Will try making things work if we don't get along.
I'm sorry, my heart goes out to you. Wishing you all the best P-Angel.
So my Cap has been talking about changing careers to one that could take him on the road (touring).
I mentioned that it would be hard to be apart for so long, and suggested we could potentially work together. You know how Saggies love to travel

He actually said yes, and could see me doing a good job of managing him. He even said he would sign an employment contract (pay, title, etc.)

I'm curious to know your experiences of working with your Cap partner? Good..bad..other?

If you're the Cap, what do you think about working with someone you're intimate with? Would you say something like the above if you didn't mean it?

1. Do you take them off social media?

2. Do you throw hardcopies away?

Open to all signs.
Posted by Capricorn91
You sure making people think about these things will make their Friday happy?

That was my way of saying I know it's not light hearted stuff...

For example:


Mid-life or life identity crises

Job loss

Death in the family and friends of the same age dying suddenly

...Happy Friday

Posted by youngali
Have any of you caps ever dated a sagittarius? i seem to see this pairing come together quite often. even from personal experience, i seem to attract a lot of Capricorn men. but usually its a sagittarius female with a cap male.
if so, what was your experience like...

When it's good, it's great. When it's can be hurtful.

Caps and Sag deal with life problems differently. Positive vs Negative viewpoint. He's a stewer, I get over things quite quickly.

It's easy to be with people when things are great in your lives (work, finances, health, etc.) It's when you go through life butter that really shows what your relationship is made of imo.

Sometimes, I feel like we don't get each other's coping style s when the chips are down.

Posted by Lovelyx
Curious to know each ... Thanks

1. Aquarius: low key my soul mate
2. Capricorn ( once get past each other differences)
3. Libra ( peaceful and loving people)

For me, I've only been with earth sign guys.

Three most significant men in my life are literally 1 Cap, 1 Taurus, and 1 Virgo.

I have 1 Scorpio and 1 Cancer guy friend and that's it (no spark with these).
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Wish I could express how much this song means to me.